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Tenten stiffens. God, where has she heard that name before? Kanningu. It's like an icy dagger, plunging into her body. She just can't move.

The shadows and light are dancing together in some terrifyingly spectacular waltz on the walls and the man in front of Neji and Tenten smirks, a smirk that would have sent any non-ninja to the depths of despair.

But remember, these are ninja we're talking about.

And unless we're watching a super-slow Shippuden episode, ninja don't stand there and let people smirk at them.

And remember, Neji and Tenten are considered geniuses in their rank. You just don't smirk at them and live.

No, no, no. So Neji, never failing to surprise us all, he –

smirks back.

Oh no, he didn't.

Oh, yes he did!

Neji spins around in a full 360 degrees circle, blue chakra whirling around him in wisps. Mr. Purple Hair is knocked down, but not for long. By now, Tenten's hands are full of kunai and other weaponry, and both Leaf ninjas are tensed, ready, like they've been for what seems like all their lives.

I'd love to describe to you the enthralling fight that ensued, but nooooooo. Neji and Tenten and the purple hair guy just had to knock up a giant cloud of dust and poison and the like, so I can't. I can tell you, though, it was loud. Louder than the full-volume on your ipod, louder than Asian parents, louder than – can it be? – the fangirls. Oh, yes. Just stay with me here and try to wrap you head around this – louder than the Sasuke/Gaara/Itachi/Kakashi/Shikamaru/Neji/anyone else out there fangirls. I kid you not.

It seems like any other old ninja fight. Each team smirks at the other is copious amounts. Metal dings, chakra whooshes, and there are the familiar smacks of skin hitting skin.

Purple Hair Guy, Tenten realizes, isn't very fast. It's his inhumane strength that's his forte. It is strange, though, to her, that he would have so much might. The way he's built, she thinks, with all that thin, lean muscle! – it's hard to believe. But it's true – he's punching through one of her maces and bending two of her kunai. Her smirk dissolves into a scowl, her teeth tightly clenched, as she watches him knock Neji off his feet.

Behind all the chaos of the fight, an elegantly-dressed man who is quite rotund steps out of the elaborate double doors.

- - - -

Gai stops his searching for a moment and weeps a little weep. "I am so very proud," he sobs. "So very, very proud of my two young blooming students! They have hidden themselves so extraordinarily well!"

"Oh, Gai-sensei!" cries you-know-who.

There has never been a more beautiful sunset.

- - - -

Out of degree 359 of his 360 degree vision, Neji sees a man – a shadow, really – tiptoe past him. Crap, he says to himself. There are more of them coming.

Neji turns his head to watch the man more clearly with his regular vision.

It's just a split second, really, but his concentration is broken. It takes but a fraction of eternity, but Neji lowers his guard and in the next moment finds, to his infinite horror, himself kneeling down on the ground, his chin smashing against the ground and his wrists chained behind him.

Desperately, although he would never admit it, Neji attempts to fling himself up like he had trained himself to do so many times. His body, though, won't cooperate. His head spins behind his eyes and his limbs seem to vibrate with some disconnection of the nerves. There's a foot is stamping on his head, and he can hear the diminishing sounds of Tenten fighting.

Speed like Lee, he muses to himself vaguely before everything fades to black.

- - - -

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