She looked so familar, thought Grissom, almost like a memory from a dream or something. Either way, she wasn't here to see him, but to see Greg.

Not wanting to obsess Gil went back to his case. "The bodies been there for at least 3 weeks." he said to Cathrine, pointing at a pupa.

"Great, so how long has he been dead?" she asked him.

"Can't say, go vist the good doctor and find out. Bugs can only tell you how long he's been some where, not how long he has been dead."

Cathrine took that as her que to leave and went on to the morgue. Grissom kept trying to force the image of Greg's vistor from his mind and was failing miserablely.

Beep Beep Beep 334-906-4325 It was Greg. Wonder what he needs.

"I am amazing." He announced.

"That is yet to be seen, what do you have for me?" Grissom asked.

Greg handed him the blood work on his dead body, "Found it in the database, Erich C. Newman, HVI positive missing for 4 weeks."

Days had past, but still the woman's face could not leave his mind, and here he was staring out into space, seeing her again.

"Greg, I can't see why you do this, its not healthy, being around all this death and crimes." she told him.

"But I love it, it gives me purpose." he told back at her.

"I would feel better if you didn't have this job." she responded

"Mom, look, I don't even get to leave the lab, EVER, seriously Gil won't let me go out in the feild, even if everyone else was dead!" he complainned.

Gil still couldn't figure out why she seemed so familar, like an old friend he had never met, or had he.

27 years earlier...

"I'll love you forever Amy." he told her, while they watched the skyline from a few miles out side of Vegas.

"Promise?" she asked him. He nodded in responce. "Gil? Gil? Grissom?" her voice was becoming more and more like some one else's, Sara's.

"Earth to Grissom, come in Grissom." she was waving a file around, he had fallen asleep at his desk. "Bad dream?"

"Uh, I... I dunno, what's that?" he asked her.

"Its the pictures of the gang attack on Settle St." she handed them to him.

"Thanks." What was that girl's name agian, Amanda? Alex? Amber? Amy? Ap...Wait, Amy that was it.

Greg hadn't had any vistors for weeks now, but she remained in the back recesses of Grissom's mind.

"Greg, I have a question." Gil started.

"Look, I'm sorry I didn't know you wanted the last bagel. I swear I didn't kn..." Gil cut him off.

"No, Greg its not about the bagel, by the way you owe me at least 2 bagels now, intrest. Its about the lady who came to see you a few weeks ago, what's her name?" he asked.

"Mom." he responded.

"No Greg, what's her real name." he asked her.

"Amy Sanders, why?" he looked slightly puzzled.

"Oh, she forgot to sign the guest logue when she came." he told him, it wasn't completely a lie, she hadn't signed in.

"Well if thats all I'm sure I have something I have to be doing." he told him, turned up his iPod and went back to playing air drums.

'Amy Sanders, there is no way.' Grissom thought to himself. She couldn't be the same Amy from so long ago. Could she?

As luck would have it she came in again, but Greg had just stepped out.

This was Grissom's chance, "Mrs Sanders?" he called toward her.

"Ms Sanders, but yes?" she responded.

"My name is Gil Grissom, I've sent Greg out for a moment." he old her.

He face flashed to utter horror and just as suddenly to great anger, "How dare he lie to me, he swore he was never sent out any where." she was fuming.

"No, no, nothing like that, he just went to get some supplies. The delivery service hasn't been doing a steller job recently."

Her face softened a little bit. "What did you say your name was again?"

"Ah Gil Grissom." he said shyly.

"I can't believe it, in all the labs in the world, you two end up in the same one."

"What are you talking about Ms Sanders?"

"Greg, can't you see it? Even just a little bit?"

Grissom had never felt so confused in his life, "See what?"

"Greg is your son." As the words left her mouth Greg walked in the door.

"Mom? Mom what are you talking about?" he demanded.

It had been days, Greg hadn't looked much less spoken a word to anyone. No loud music. No smart ass remarks about various evidence. Nothing, it was as if Greg just stopped being.

Grissom had been acting strangely too, whether or not any one knew it was a diffrent story. He stayed hidden from everyone.

Two weeks had gone by, some one had to say something. Grissom had to say something. But what? -Hi Greg, so you've been working under me for years, oh and by the way appearently I fathered you. Spent your whole life not knowing you were alive, and now don't know if I should promote you to a higher level CSI for fear of your Mom.- 'Yea thats going to go over well.' he though to himself.

"Greg can I talk to you for a sec?" He asked.

Greg didn't move from his computer, "About what?" he said curtly.

"About what your Mother said a couple of weeks ago." 'Yea this is going as well as to be expected.' he thought.

"Doesn't matter." Greg brushed him off.

"I think it does, and if you don't start paying attention I'm going to suspend you." he said violently.

"Thats abuse of authority." he fired back.

"Look, I didn't come to fight with you, so just help me out here. This is what we know, your Mother believes I am your Father. Ther..." Grissom was cut off by Greg tossing a piece of paper at him, "Ok, so DNA proves I'm your Father. Oh God, I have a son."

"Don't sound so excited." he said slightly muffled.

"Greg, this isn't getting us any where."

"Where do you plan on going...Dad." Greg said it with such spite.

"Maybe we should talk later. Come round after work? Got it?" Gil decieded to make it more definate rather then an invation.

Greg rolled his eyes and agreed.

Grissom left work a little early in order to ready his apartment for company. The door knocked. "Enter."

Greg walked through the door and sat on the sofa.

"Good to see you." Grissom said.

"Can't say the feeling is shared." Greg said.

"Look, I can understand your mad, but its getting a little old, and by a little I mean a lot." Greg grabbed the nearest small object and threw it at Grissom's head. He missed, but just barely, "Hey! I'm not going to take this, not from one of my CSIs and certianly not from my son." Greg could see the fire in his eyes.

"I'm sorry," he mumbled.

"Well that's at least getting us some where." Grissom said, "Now if we can get threw dinner it will be an act of God."

They ate in an unpleasant, still silence. Greg left the table and turned on the news. "Greg, I don't know what your mother taught you, but you should put your dishes away when you are done with them."

"Look, stop trying to be Daddy. Genetics, thats all that links us together, well that and work but whatever." the contempt he had in his voice was over powering.

Gil was extreamly close to giving up on having any relationship with Greg, his work as a CSI had gone down dramatically, and his attitude was even worse.

"Grissom. You've got to do something about Greg, he is becoming unbareable." Cathrine told him.

Grissom had been watching a small black spider crawling on the window. "Grissom? Did you hear me?"

"What yea, Greg pain in the ass got it." he said. Gil raised from his seat and went to see Greg, "You, 2 weeks, get out of here." he said to him.

Greg grabbed all his stuff and went out the door. "Well that was a little more extream then I was expecting." Cathrine said from behind him.

Grissom jumped a little, "Do you think I was too harsh on him?" Cathrine looked at Gil as if he had grown another head, "Cathrine, Greg's well, he's my son."

"What? How? Hu?" she was dumbfounded.

"Yea, I know, I found out about a month ago."

"So thats why you two have been acting diffrent recently. I'm sorry, I had no idea." she told him. "Give you some free advice?" Gil nodded, "Go after him."

Gil turned on his heel and ran after Greg, "Greg! Greg! Stop! Gregory Andrew Sanders you stop right now!" That stopped him.

"What do you want? Wanna suspend me even longer? Maybe add another 2 weeks, and tell me I can't leave my room?"

'God, he is difficult.' Gil thought, "No, I wanted to apologize. Come on, give me another chance, better yet, just give me a chance period."

"Why?" Greg demanded.

"Because if nothing else I am your father, whether you like it or not your my son."

"What do you want then? What are you asking of me?"

"Come with me, we'll go away for a few days, get to know one another. Get in all that bonding we missed out on." Grissom's face hd grismiced, 'Am I really saying this? If he doesn't already hate me I'm sure this is sealling the deal.'

"Fine, where to?" he asked.

For the first time sence he found out about Greg, Gil smiled, "Any where you want to go. As long as its at the beach."

"The beach it is." Greg said.

The pair looked rather strange checking into the hotel, but they were there and trying so that was good enough, or at least Grissom hoped so.

They sat together and tried really hard to enjoy themselves but Greg was being as difficult as ever. By the second night Grissom was over it, "Fine, stay in the hotel, pout, and carry-on like a two year old. I'm not dealing with it." With that Grissom slammed the door and went into town.

On his cell phone he called Amy, "Listen Amy, its Gil...Yea, I can't deal with Greg...No he is just acting like a baby...I dunno, you've been his mother longer then I've been his father...Well what do I do?...Your kidding me right?...Well you're the professional...Yea, good talking to you to...Good-bye." He closed the phone and walked back to the hotel.

"Greg your mother said to tell you you're grounded." Gil still hasn't figured out how he managed to say that with out laughing.

"Thats stupid, I'm 26 years old. And you're a fool for saying such a thing." Greg said, but when he caught that flash in Grissom's eye is quickly changed his tune.

'This is stupid, but whatever, ok, so Mom says I'm grounded, well we are going back in a couple of days, I can last til we get back to Vegas. Please God, don't let any one find out.' Greg thought to himself, "What exactly did she say?" he asked.

"She said and I quote, 'Tell him he is grounded and make sure you follow through, no tv, beer, or general fun.'"

"Well that just sucks," Greg looked at Grissom's expression, "You're not seriously considering this are you?"

Grissom nodded, "I'm not stupid enough to go agiasnt your mother no matter how old you are."

The next two days went by really slowly for both Gil and Greg. Greg sat around moping, while Grissom watched lots of TV inbetween making sure Greg didn't have any fun as his mother had ordered.

The plane ride home was uneasily quite, until Grissom gave in, "You can come back to work tomorrow you know."

"I know."

"I'm sorry the weekend was ruined."

"I know."

"I'm proud of you."

"For what?" this was the first time in a while Greg even looked slightly interested.

"You're an amazing guy Greg, and be it really late I'm the luckiest guy in the world, not only do I get to work with my son, but he is the greatest lab rat I have."

"Thanks, you know, I always wondered who my Dad was, but I never suspected it would be some one I was around every day for years."

"Well, its not as if it didn't come as a great shock to me either."

With a slight chuckle, "Yea, I guess so. Well see you at work."