Come Back to Me

By: Merusa


Hermione grimaced. Tomorrow morning, they would leave for Tom's hideout. Tom… a half-smile appeared on her face. Harry had referred to Voldemort as such for so long now that she did the same without realizing it. "You were right, 'Mione," he'd said fiercely, "Fear of the name increases fear of the thing itself."

An abrupt knock at the door interrupted her thoughts. The trio had been living in a formerly closed wing of Hogwarts since Christmas, and she could only recall a single time when there had been an unexpected visitor. Hagrid… She shook herself. Very few people knew where they were, and it would have to be important for them to come without owling first. Only the trio knew the password. She walked to the door, wand ready, and threw it open. Oddly, she wasn't surprised when she saw who had come calling.


Ginny smiled humorously at the tip of Hermione's wand. "Just me, 'Mione. I need to see Harry."

"Who opened the Chamber of Secrets?"

Ginny grimaced. "I did. Well, I was possessed, but I did. Can I come in now?"

Hermione lowered her wand and allowed Ginny to come in. "Tonks told you its tomorrow." It wasn't a question.

"Yes, and I can't let him go without…" she trailed off.

Hermione nodded grimly. "Ron's in bed already, he won't bother you." She pointed at the door that lead to Harry's bedroom. "He's in there. I'll be in with Ron if you need me." She retreated, leaving Ginny alone facing Harry's door. Without bothering to knock- Harry would have heard them talking- she walked in.

Her heart caught in her throat when he turned to her. Though they both were living in the castle, she hadn't seen him in months. He had insisted that it was just too dangerous for her. He had gotten thinner; the bags under his eyes had become more pronounced. Softly, he spoke. "Hi."

She swallowed. "Hello."

"Tonks told you."

Her lips twitched. "Everyone seems to be guessing that tonight." She waited for him to speak, to tell her to leave, that it was too dangerous, but he didn't. He simply walked closer to her, and looked down at her.

"You won't let me come."

"No," he said, "I won't."

"You know that," she paused searching for words, "I'll- I'll be there anyway."

He frowned. "Gin-"

"I know." She cut him off. "I don't mean like that." She lifted a hand and brushed the fringe away from his eyes. She cupped his cheek, never dropping eye contact. "I love you, Harry," his eyes widened slightly, "and because of that, I will always be with you."

A swish of air came from his mouth as he exhaled. He rested forehead on hers. "Merlin, Gin…"

"And after you kick his sorry arse," she whispered (he snorted), "You'll come back to me. And I'll smile, and give you some chocolate, and that will be the end of that."

He laughed then, softly. She kissed him. He pulled away immediately. "Gin, I might not be coming back. I don't want-"

"You will," she said fiercely, "I know you will." She kissed him, and this time, he didn't pull away.


The Next Day

She wouldn't think. She kept her hands busy, and just kept moving. She needed to keep busy so she would not dwell on the fact that she still had heard nothing, that despite the casualties that were pouring in, she had not seen that head full of messy black hair-


She froze. Slowly, she turned on the spot. Her heart leapt into her throat as soon as she saw bright green eyes.

He'd come back to her.