Well, I know I really have no right to start a new story after I went on about how I'd have no time to update my other one, but this plot has been circling my head for weeks now and if I don't get it out, I'll explode! So, um, just forgive me and enjoy, okay!

Okay, in this story, Naruto and company are like 15-16. There will be probably be spoilers. Sasuke is still part of the village, so it'll be very slightly AU. I'm only at episode 143 and manga chapter 130-ish, so I don't know enough about Naruto's future to try and stay true to the storyline. Soo...please forgive anything that contradicts/is untrue to the original storyline, kay?

More In-Depth Summary: Naruto finds Sakura's diary and he and Sasuke, being guys, decide to read it. Sakura wonders why they are now all jumpy and twitchy around her, and comes up with the BRILLIANT idea that they are...gay. Together. She wastes no time in sharing her conclusion with all who are willing to listen (aka EVERYBODY!).

Meanwhile, Naruto is trying to get Sasuke to help him make Sakura fall in love with him (Naruto), but this new gossip kinda impedes their process. Now, Sasuke is trying to clear his name of this blasphemy as Naruto decides to do everything in his power to dent Sasuke's reputation while keeping his own dignity as intact as possible.

And then Gaara shows up (on "official Kazekage business") and is inadvertently dragged into the whole mess. Chaos ensues.

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Who Says Konoha is Peaceful?

Chapter One: Naruto is a meddler

It was a beautiful, bright afternoon. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and Naruto was swearing up, down, and sideways. Kakashi and Team 7 had spent the past four hours on a ridiculously lame but insanely difficult D-ranked mission armed with only nets and an intense hatred for the guy who put them up to it.

"SHIT! When I see that damn kid again, I am gonna beat his ass so badly, he won't be able to crap for a month! I mean, DAMN! This is ridiculous! Kakashi-sensei, why are we on this lame-ass mission?!" Naruto complained loudly, wiping smelly lake water out of his eyes.

Kakashi sighed wearily. "Well, he is paying us good money to do this...And it is our duty..."

Sasuke pulled a chunk of seaweed out of his hair. "This is so stupid, I'm not even embarrassed to admit that I agree with the dobe." He angrily threw the weeds at a log. "This is retarded."

Four hours ago, the teenage son of a rich landowner had put in for some ninjas to help him out with something. He said he had lost a rare, award-winning goldfish in one of Konoha's lakes. (Actually, the "lake" was more like a swamp...) And yes, there was a large monetary reward for bringing "Splashy" back to his owner.

Ever since then, Team 7 and Kakashi have been swimming around in the opaque, leech-ridden mosquito nest searching for that damn fish.

"I am so gonna kick his ass..." Naruto grumbled before diving back under. His pink-haired comrade nodded.

I"LL HELP! screamed Inner Sakura. TCHA!

Two unsuccessful hours later...

"Hey guys!" called a way-too-cheery voice. The four ninjas looked up to see their client on the bank. He was holding a bag with a brand-new fish in it. "My mom said that Splashy died a week ago and she only told me he escaped so I wouldn't cry. Sorry to put you guys through any trouble!"

Four blank, gaping faces ogled at him.

"I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" Naruto screeched, lunging at the boy. Kakashi grabbed him.

"Now, now, Naruto, it was an honest mistake..." Kakashi said calmly, although inside he kinda wanted to help Naruto dismember the boy. And technically it wasn't even honest, seeing as the kid's mom lied.

"Thanks for understanding!" the boy chirped and made off down the road.

Naruto chucked his net at the kid's head but missed.

The four ninja trudged out of the muck, cursing and using their kunai to remove various leeches from their bodies. Sasuke grumbled darkly as he sliced a couple off his legs. They vaguely reminded him of fangirls.

A few minutes later, they had collected their belongings and dried off. Well, mostly. Naruto hid Sasuke's towel, so naturally there was an exchange of fists, but that was all sorted out eventually (and in a rather uncivilized manner). Kakashi and Sakura decided not to wait for them and started back without them. Sasuke vaguely wondered why Sakura didn't wait for him as was usual, but he couldn't say that he minded.

By the time Naruto and Sasuke started home, the aforementioned two were way ahead. It was then Naruto found it.

Sakura's diary.

It was lying innocently on the side of the road, a tiny pink thing with sparkly hearts on the cover.

It must have fallen out of her backpack, Naruto thought to himself. He stopped to pick it up.

"Should I? Shouldn't I?" Naruto wondered out loud, an evil grin on his face.

Of course, temptation is sweet, so Naruto plopped himself down next to a tree and started to read...

Sasuke noticed Naruto was no longer behind him, so he doubled back to find the blond sniggering under a tree. Sasuke noticed the pink book and girly handwriting right away, and was instantly curious.

"What's up, dobe?" he asked nonchalantly,

Naruto snapped the book shut and hid it under his arm. He smirked up at his teammate. "Do you wanna know what I found?" he asked eagerly.

Sasuke did, but after Naruto said that of course he couldn't admit it.

"No." Sasuke looked off to the side. "I couldn't care less," he lied.

Naruto grumbled. "Not even a little?"


"Then why did you come back?"

Sasuke thought fast and smirked. "It's getting dark. Can't go leaving an idiot like you to fend for himself, you might get eaten by wolves."

Naruto glared. "Well fine. I wasn't gonna tell you anyway. I can take care of myself, so go away."

"Fine. I will." Sasuke hopped to a different tree and disappeared.

Naruto scowled and opened the diary again. But when he noticed a presence a few seconds later, he whirled around to find Sasuke above him and trying to read over his shoulder.

"AH-HAH!" Naruto cried triumphantly, whipping the book away. "I KNEW IT! YOU WANT TO KNOW!"

Sasuke hmph'd and looked sideways again. "So what if I do?"

Naruto gave a sly smile. "Well, you could ask me..."

Black eyes rolled in exasperation. "Fine. What're you reading?"

Naruto's sly smile widened.

"Sakura's diary."

"AUGH!" Sakura screamed in distress. "I CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE!"

"What're you looking for?" Ino asked, watching as her friend tore apart her room.

"My diary! It's GONE!" Sakura shrieked. "If anyone finds out what I've wrote in there, I'll be RUINED!"

Ino slid off Sakura's bed as the pink-haired girl started to rip through the sheets. "Oh please. I bet all you do in that silly thing is gush about Sasuke. I bet you even recorded every dream you've had of him since the academy days."

"Oh, come on! I'm not THAT shallow. Sasuke isn't the ONLY thing I think about," Sakura grumped. "Besides, I've only had that diary for a few months; my old one got ruined when it went through the wash."

Ino wrinkled her nose. "Speaking of wash, you need one. You smell horrible! What on earth did you do today?"

"Oh," Sasuke said. He seemed disappointed. "That's it?"

Naruto gaped at him. "What d'ya mean, 'That's it?'? This is a DIARY! Girls write their deepest, most intimate secret thoughts in them! You don't think that's interesting?"

Sasuke shrugged. "Not if it's Sakura's. I bet all she does is gush about me."

Naruto looked back down at the diary. "Actually, I've read two pages and she doesn't even mention you."

Sasuke's ears perked.

"Buuuut if you aren't interested, then beat it. I'm trying to read," Naruto flipped it open and refound his page. Which shouldn't have been too difficult, seeing as he'd only read two of them.

Suddenly, Sasuke was sitting on the ground next to him. Naruto raised an eyebrow at him.

"I've never read a girl's diary before," Sasuke said, looking wide-eyed at the pink book. Then he smirked. "And I am not letting you have all the fun, dobe."

Naruto grinned back. "That's what I thought."

A short, sweet first chapter. Anybody like? Shall I continue? I know it was kinda slow, but it'll really pick up soon. I promise!