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What Really Happened on the Dominion

Chapter 10

Azrael's Amazing Punishment Part 1

"I think it's about time we thought of a way to get back at Shani for all the shit he's done to us, don't you?" Clotho asked the afternoon three days after Shani had been sent to the brig for the second time…so far.

Orga, who was been doing horribly at one of Clotho's video games, hit pause, and sighed. "Well, actually…I think he's a little misunderstood…"

Clotho stared at him with his mouth wide open, a mixture of confusion and disbelief on his face.

"Pfft…" Orga's face twisted into a stupid smile.

"…Ooohh! HAHAHAHAHA!" Clotho laughed, finally getting the sarcasm.

"Hahaha, oh man, you're right. Let's get that asshole!" Orga said between his laughter.

Little did they know, some one else was also plotting a little revenge over the green-hared jerk.

oOoOThe BridgeOoOo

Natarle tapped her fingers impatiently on the armrest of her captain's chair as she watched Azrael pace back and forth, completely wrapped up in whatever (pathetic crap) he was thinking about.

"Director, what seems to be the stupid problem?" She asked lazily.


"Do to him?" Natarle echoed.

"…DO ABOUT HIM, I MEAN!" Azrael quickly corrected himself, his pace quickening.

"Well, I do agree that something should be done, but it's not like you can just throw him out. After all, he is YOUR little science experiment." Natarle stated with a mocking smirk. "He's your complete responsibility."

"I realize, so would you please help me in dealing some kind of punishment?" He pleaded.

"What do you want me to do?" She asked, seeming mildly interested.

"Brainstorm! Think of some kind of punishment he will absolutely hate!" He said frantically.

Natarle was silent in thought, and Azrael continued his unnerving pacing.

"I have something," she spoke up.

"WHAT?! WHAT IS IT?!" He asked, stopping in his tracks and looking to her hopefully.

"I'm not going to lie. I think sharing a room with you is total hell…" Natarle began.

"As do I…" he interrupted.

"Haha…that's beside the point. This plan, however, does involve punishing all three of our pilots…more or less," she told him.

"Fine! I don't care! Whatever it is, just tell me!" Azrael pleaded.

"Well…I believe that the…events that took place three nights ago were due to Miss Allster coming aboard this ship…I'm assuming the change of sleeping arrangements was a huge upset for our…sensitive pilots. We'd never had such an incident before she'd gotten here," Natarle said.

He nodded. "True…"

"So, I think if we took the boy's privileges to have their own rooms away, we might be able to control them a bit better. Seeing as they seem to hate each other so much, it might just be good for them…a completely hated punishment in other words. Maybe when they see how much they dislike their punishment, they'll realize that they should behave," she explained. "And as an added bonus, if the three of them share a room, that leaves two available rooms. One for Miss Allster and one for one of us."

Azrael's face lit up. "We won't have to share a room anymore?!"

Rolling her eyes, she nodded.

"Then that's our plan! Great thinking, Captain!" He said happily.

"Okay, did he just call me 'Captain'-?...that's weird…" Natarle thought to herself, not so used to the respect.

With Clotho and Orga once again…

"Okay, let's exchange papers and see what we got," Orga said after 20 minutes of the two brainstorming revenge plans against Shani on…construction paper.

Orga passed his green paper to Clotho and Clotho passed his pink paper to Orga.

"Oh my god!" Orga muttered, a mere three seconds later.

"What?" Clotho asked quickly, looking up from his paper.

"All you wrote here was 'kill him' ten times with different objects each time!" Orga shouted. "You moron!"

"Yeah! Well! At least mine are simple! I don't even understand half the words in your stupid plans!" Clotho shot back.

"This isn't working," Orga decided, snatching the green paper out of Clotho's hands and crumpling it up along with the pink paper.

"I still like my ideas…" Clotho murmured.

Orga groaned. "Can you at least try to act smart?"

Before Clotho could even open his mouth to throw something back, the door slid open.

It was none other than…MURUTA AZRAEL!

"Boys! I have something for you to do for me!" Azrael announced rather loudly.

"OH GOD, NO!" Orga cried.

"PLEASE, NO!" Clotho screamed.

"…NO! NOTHING LIKE THAT!" Azrael growled, reddening.

"Ohhhh, good," Orga muttered.

"Oh, okay," Clotho said with a sigh of relief.

"Grrrr…anyway! What I need you to do is take these keys…" he tossed a pair of keys to Orga "and go and get Andras out of his cell. Okay?"

Orga and Clotho looked at each other, mischievous smiles growing across their faces. "Okay."


"So what exactly is our plan, here?" Clotho asked slowly as the two entered the brig.

Orga shrugged. "I dunno. I guess we just beat him senseless because it's easiest."


"We're at war, idiot! That's all we've been doing!" Orga hissed, smacking him in the back of the head.

"Ow…I meant all of my problems…" Clotho muttered as he rubbed his aching head.

"Ah, here we are!" Orga announced after another minute of walking deeper into the evil place of badness.

Sure enough, there was Shani, sitting in the corner of his cell, head down…strait jacketed.

"Pathetic…" Orga said, shaking his head.

"Hilarious," Clotho said, chuckling.

Putting the keys in the lock, Orga opened the cell door and immediately a horrible creaking noise filled the room.

Clotho covered his ears. "God! IS this the only part of this spaceship that's stuck in the dark ages?!"

"It adds to the feeling of evil…and creepiness," Orga joked once the creaking had stopped. "Come on, rise and shine, beautiful!" He shouted sarcastically to the motionless Shani.

He looked up at the two, teary eyed. Both Clotho and Orga stared, a little taken aback.

"…are you okay?" Orga asked carefully.

He was quiet for a moment before muttering a little 'I'm fine'.

"Okay! He's fine, now let's kick his ass!" Clotho declared happily, walking into the cell, grabbing Shani by the hair and pulling him to his feet.

Shani groaned. "Please leave me alone…"

"…um…come on, Clotho, leave him alone," Orga said slowly.


He looked to him and sure enough he had the puppy dog look going on. He turned back to Clotho.


"Well…uh…" Orga began but Clotho interrupted him.

"Think about all the times he's pissed you off so bad that you just wanted to scream!"

So, that he did while Clotho pulled Shani out of the cell still by his hair.

Apparently it didn't take him too long to think of something Shani had done to make him angry...

"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID THAT! YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Orga screamed suddenly, balling his hand into a fist and punching Shani hard in the face.

Crying out in pain, he hit the floor. With no arms available to break his fall, (due to the strait jacket) the impact knocked the wind out of him. He groaned, sure he was going to pass out.

Clotho and Orga stood over him, smirking down at him menacingly and cracking their knuckles for the beating they were about to unleash all over their helpless comrade.

"My friend…" Orga began "we're gonna make you wish you'd never been born."

oOoOThe BridgeOoOo

"And then I was like, no way! And she was like, yeah! But I was still like, no way! And then, it like, totally was!" Fllay retold the events of her oh-so intriguing life for everyone present on the bridge to hear.

Sighing, Natarle took a gander at how everyone was bearing her…chatter.

Most crew members didn't seem bothered, but a few looked as if they were about to blow a fuse.

As for Azrael…he had his fingers jammed in his ears as his left eye twitched uncontrollably.

Natarle laughed mentally, as in inside her head X3, and decided to wait it out a little longer. This could get interesting!

After five more minutes of her patient waiting, the shit finally hit the fan.

Azrael jumped to his feet and screamed at the top of his lungs "DO YOU EVER STOP TALKING YOU ANNOYING LITTLE WHORE?!"

"WHHHHAAAAAAAAAA!" Fllay sobbed, getting out of her seat and running off the bridge.

"You're so cruel. I was enjoying her story," Natarle said pleasantly.


"I guess so," Natarle replied, beginning to really enjoy herself.

Before anything else could be said, the door slid open and Clotho and Orga entered, dragging an unconscious, heavily bruised and bleeding Shani behind them.

Her good mood packed it's bags for an early vacation.

"Good, god, what on earth happened here?!" Natarle asked quickly, getting out of her seat to go tend to the mess that was poor ol' Shani.

"We've completed the mission, Director Sir!" Clotho said to Azrael, completely ignoring her.

"…well…I never asked you to…ahem…hurt him but…whatever," Azrael replied boredly, sitting back down in his chair.

Natarle growled with rage. "You…beat him up?!" She shouted at the two boys.

They were silent for a minute.

"No, he fell," Clotho replied finally.

Orga slapped him in the back of the head. "Idiot."

"You're both idiots!" Natarle scolded them. "Do you ever stop fighting?!"

"What a stupid question," Azrael said lazily from his chair, uninterested in the whole matter.

"UGH! YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR THIS TIME!" Natarle screamed.

The two seemed to shrink back in fear.

"YOU COULD HAVE KILLED HIM! I MEAN, ACTUALLY LOOK HIM!" She went on, pointing to where the motionless Shani lay.

They looked, and for a minute she actually believed they were thinking about what they had done…that is until Clotho got the guts to speak again.

"He'll be fine."

Orga nodded.

"Okay! That's it! You know, I was feeling a little uneasy about handing this punishment down onto all three of you, but now I know it's certainly for the best," Natarle said, storing her full-fledged anger away for later.

"Huh? A punishment?" Clotho asked quickly.

"What kind of punishment?" Orga asked curiously.

"I'll let the Director explain that to you, because right now, I have to drag- err…take Andras to the infirmary," she answered, grabbing Shani by the collar of his shirt and proceeding to…well, drag him to the infirmary.

As she left, Azrael explained to Orga and Clotho with a mean little smirk, their punishment.

oOoO9:00PM that night in Fllay and Orga's room…OoOo

"I can't believe this!! It's too good to be true!! You've got to be kidding me!!" Fllay chirped happily as she watched Orga pack his things, getting ready to be moved to his new room.

"…no…it's all true…" he replied through clenched teeth. He seriously wanted to hurt her right about now.

"AH! I'm so glad! You're finally leaving me alone! What a glorious day!" She giggled, throwing herself down on her bunk and hugging her pillow gleefully.

With his few belongings packed, Orga headed for the door. Before he left, he had one last thing to say.

"I wonder if anybody will miss you when you disappear…"

"What?" She asked, sitting up quickly. All cheer had disappeared from her face and was replaced with confusion.

"What?" Orga echoed before heading out the door, a little smirk on his face.

"Huh?" Fllay said to herself, confused.


Out in the hall, Orga met up with his two just as equally looking pissed off buddies and the crew member that would be leading them to their new room. He tried not to laugh at the indeed, poor state of Shani. It was a miracle he was even walking, in his humble opinion.

"God, Shani! Did you get hit by a train?!" He teased.

Clotho laughed loudly and offered his thoughts as well… "He looks like a mummy! Ahahahaha!"

Shani rolled his eyes in annoyance. What else could he do?

"Follow me, please," the crew member spoke up as he began on his way down the hall.

They followed.

"So, where exactly is this room?" Clotho asked with a bored yawn.

"Oh, it's the one towards the back that smells like rats and is always colder than all the other rooms on the ship for no apparent reason," the crew member answered, keeping his eyes forward.

"What?!" Orga shouted. "You're telling me every day after I risk my life fighting to keep this ship in one piece, I have to go to bed in a room I'm gonna freeze my ass off in, have rats crawling all over me and…I'll be stuck with these two losers?!"

"Yeah, that would pretty much sum it up," the crew member answered. "But look on the bright side. You haven't been doing any fighting- with the enemy- lately."

"…dude, this is bullshit," Clotho groaned.

"I guess maybe we should start…behaving ourselves," Orga thought aloud.

"No, don't say that, because that would mean we're learning our lesson and that's just for quitters," Shani finally spoke. "We're supposed to be the best damn ass-pains we can be."

Clotho and Orga looked over their shoulders at him and smirked.

"That's an interesting thing to say," Orga said.

"Well, here we are," the crew member interrupted their little chat as they stopped outside of the beaten up looking door to their new room. He punched a code in on the door's panel and it slid open.

"…Sir, can we have the code so we can get out when we need to?" Clotho asked as sweetly as he could.

"No. You're not allowed to wander at night. We'll open the door for you in the morning, no earlier than 6:00am," the crew member answered monotonously.

"Damn…" Clotho muttered.

"Now in you go."

The three boys entered cautiously and took a gander at their new sleeping quarters.

"It really is cold in here!" Orga complained.

"There's no lights!" Clotho complained.

"THERE'S ONLY ONE BED!" Shani screamed.

"WHAT?!" Clotho and Orga asked in disbelief.

To their misfortune, it was indeed true. All three stared at a loss for words at how much this really did suck.

"I best be going. Good luck with that," the crew member said in an overly cheery voice from the hall. He pushed a button on the panel and the door slid closed.

In the darkness, they were silent for a good minute.

"Well, this sucks the big one," Orga remarked quietly.

"…THIS IS SHANI'S FAULT!" Clotho declared.

"Yeah! Your little game the other night was the straw that broke the camel's back!" Orga immediately joined in on Clotho's game of 'blame Shani for all our bad choices'.

"Ever thought beating the crap out of me was the straw that broke the camel's back?" Shani retorted.

"If you weren't such a fucking jerk, we wouldn't have to beat the crap out of you!" Orga growled, swinging his fist blindly at where he thought Shani was standing.

"OW!" Clotho cried, falling to the floor, his face in his hands. "ORGA! YOU HIT ME!"

"Sorry, thought you were Shani," he muttered sheepishly, helping him up.

Clotho groaned and rubbed his nose. "Okay, I'll let that slide just this once."

"You two are idiots…" Shani huffed.

"Oh, and what would make you any better?" Orga hissed.

"Fuck you. If it pisses you off so much then why don't you do something to fix it? Like acting your age?" Shani growled.

"YOU'RE ONE TO TALK!" Orga shouted, shocked he had the nerve to even say that.

"Well…you know, sometimes I think that we act this way just so we have something to do. It's a game, am I right?" Shani shot back but then stopped to think about what he'd just said. Maybe speaking his mind wasn't so good in this particular situation… "Uh…just nevermind what I said."

He threw his bag down to the floor and pulled his music player from his pocket. He just wanted to drown the two out.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa…back it up!" Orga said quickly.

Shani, who was about to turn on his music, stopped and sighed, completely annoyed at this point. "What?"

"That's…actually a pretty accurate way of putting it…" he remarked thoughtfully.

Shani paused to think, confused about what he was hearing. "You're agreeing with me?"

"Sure, you're right, you know. It really is a game," Orga answered with a little shrug. "Right, Clotho?"

"Uh…right…" Clotho answered slowly. He hadn't even been listening to a word they were saying, but instead feeling around the room for some form of light.

"So…we're gonna keep on playing?" Shani asked cautiously.

Orga chuckled. "Of course. It wouldn't be any fun any other way."

Shani smiled. Maybe they weren't so bad after all... … ..."Hey!" he cried when a bright light shone in his face.

"Oh, sorry," came Clotho's voice "I found a flashlight!"

"And I think I saw Shani smiling for once!" Orga teased.

"I wasn't!" he shouted, embarrassed that he'd seen.

Clotho laughed. "Shani was happy, then we went and ruined it!" he sang retardedly.

"You two better shut up…or I'm gonna get you both!" He threatened pathetically.

"No…you won't," Orga said slyly.

"What makes you so sure?" Shani asked, smirking.

"…Clotho, turn the light off."


Just like that, the room was pitch black again.

Shani squinted, trying to pick up some movement.


"OW! ORGA! STOP HITTING ME!" Clotho screamed suddenly.

"Sorry, thought you were Shani again."


"How about we just lay off the fighting for the rest of the night?" Shani suggested, interrupting his threat.

Orga grabbed the flashlight out of Clotho's hands and turned it on so the room was no longer dark.

"Wait, if we aren't fighting, then we're arguing, and when we argue, THEN we fight!" Clotho pointed out.

"I have an idea," Orga said. "How about we…tell ghost stories and stay up alllll night?"

"You mean like a slumber party?" Shani asked.

"NO! Girls do that! I don't want to be gay!" Clotho shouted as if the mere thought of it threatened to devour his soul.

"God, Clotho! Stop saying 'gay'! You bring it up every fucking day!" Orga yelled at him.

"Soooooorry!" he muttered, crossing his arms.

"Hey, as long as we don't call it a slumber party, do you think it would be okay?" Shani asked.

They shrugged. "Sure, why not?"

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