Between Two Worlds

This is my first Labyrinth Fanfiction so please be kind

The usual disclaimer: I own nothing! It all belongs the Jim Henson and his company. I am simply playing around with these characters in this sick and twisted brain of mine.

This story takes place right after the movie ends.

Chapter One

Aboveground – (Saturday night/Sunday really early)

The victory party seemed to go on and on for hours during which time Sarah nor any of her friends paid any attention to the noise or amount of destruction that they were causing to her room. Time it seemed had stopped for the happy party and would not resume again until the group was good and ready to allow it. Sarah was unsure when some of her guests began to fade away into the walls but when it was over only Sir Didymus, Ludo and Hoggle were left standing in her destroyed room Sarah knew that the party was over and it was time to return to reality. Looking around at the mess Sarah collapsed onto her bed and yawned. "Um Sarah" began Hoggle "we have'ta go now" he said walking over and patting Sarah on the knee. "What about the mess?" she whined rubbing her eyes with her hands. She was so tired, she didn't even want to look at the clock to see what time it was, all she knew was that it was early in the morning. "Mess? What mess?" asked the dwarf in mock innocence "The huge one we just made" Sarah answered with a small tinge of annoyance in her voice. "Really" said Hoggle in a sarcastic tone. "Yes really…" Sarah didn't finish the rest of her sentence. The room was clean! Not a picture out of place, nor was there a speck of confetti on the floor. "Hoggle how?" Sarah turned to speak to her friends but they were gone. "Hoggle? Ludo? Didymus? Where are you?" she looked behind the bed and out in the hall. She quickly ran to the mirror and called them but there was no reply. "That is so odd where are they?" Sarah glanced over at her alarm clock and had to do a double take. It was only 12:30 but it felt like she had been partying for hours. Sarah shook her head in disbelief. "Maybe they can only stay for a short time," she said at last, the next time she called them she would have to ask about that but for the moment, she yawned. She realized that she had been awake for thirteen and a half hours, plus the party on top of that. She was dead tired and her bed was calling to her.

She shrugged out of her jeans and shirt and pulled on her unicorn nightie that went down to her knees.

"Sleep" she pleaded to the air, her bed was calling to her and she would not deny it nor the pleasures that rest would bring her.

"Thank God it's Sunday tomorrow and I can sleep in a little."


Outside of Sarah William's bedroom window sitting in the branch of a tree was the Goblin King Jareth. He had watched the victory party with little interest, as he knew that Sarah's newfound happiness would not last. He had averted his eyes while she changed into her nightclothes and hoped that there were no late night joggers out at this hour. He shuddered to think if anyone saw him and accused him of being a peeping tom. He might admit to having a few small flaws in his character but the one thing he was not was a pervert. Once he heard her hit the bed he returned his gaze to the lighted window and watched as it faded to black. He sighed sadly and leaned back into the tree trunk.

"Sarah why did you defy me?" he asked the air softly, as if afraid that his whispers would wake her,

"If you had only obeyed me and given up like the others had you would have been spared what is to come, I fear any new dreams you may have now will be lost" He felt a shiver run through him as the wind picked up strength and whipped his cape and hair about. He could hear it now, the calling. He could feel it under his skin and running through his veins, it was the urge to fly home.

"Home" he said softly but he could not hear his own words for the wind was roaring in his ears. He stood up on the swaying tree branch, which should not have been able to hold a man of his weight, and spread out his arms. His human form blew away in a flurry of white feathers and the owl took off into the night.



Beep, Beep, Beep, BEEP !


The sound of Sarah's fist hitting her alarm clock filled the room, and the resonating silence was broken by her muffled whine of.

"Why did I forget to turn off my alarm clock?" She was asleep again within a minute but her snooze alarm went off 6 minutes later and at that point Sarah was officially awake. She lay there for a moment trying to remember what had happened yesterday, and trying to figure out whether or not she had dreamed the whole thing up. She sat up slowly and looked around to see if there were any signs that she might have been left to prove to herself that it had not all been a dream. She got up and walked to her vanity table and sat down taking up her brush and trying with all her might to get rid of her bed head.

"Hoggle I need you." she said to the mirror after finishing her hair, but nothing happened.

"Well now I feel stupid" She went to grab her Labyrinth book and found it was gone. She looked around for her other things and they were gone too.

'No not gone' she thought a she opened her drawer 'I put them away, if I had dreamed it all then everything would still be out! Then why isn't Hoggle answering me?' she pondered this as she walked out her bedroom door. Were she not preoccupied with her thoughts she might have noticed the small furry goblin disappear under her bed.

Sarah greeted everyone. Irene was pouring coffee and her father was trying in vain to feed Toby his Cheerios.

"Good morning everyone"

"Morning" answered her father; Irene sipped her coffee and did not reply.

"I thought you would be sleeping in this morning Sarah," said her father "You looked really tired last night when we came home."

"I had trouble sleeping last night" she lied "that was quite a wind storm we had too"

"What windstorm?" asked Irene " I didn't hear anything at all last night, did you?" She looked over at her husband.

He looked up at his wife and daughter for they had put him on the spot.

"I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow so I couldn't say if I heard anything, you know me I sleep like a log once I'm out" He shrugged his shoulders to Sarah and went back to Toby glad to be out of the line of fire.

"Well I don't sleep like a log," stated Irene. She looked at Sarah as though she were hiding something. Sarah looked back and did not give under the weight of the stare.

"Well since you are up and it is a nice day" began her father "Why don't you head outside, take Toby with you" Sarah actually smiled at her father. She was glade for the distraction and the opportunity to spend time with Toby. She had only just realized how special he was to her and she did not want to waste another moment where she could spend time with him.

Sarah lifted Toby out of his high chair and headed for the door.

"Since your going to be out there" began Irene "Why don't you weed the garden?" To Irene's surprise Sarah turned her head and said.

"OK" and continued outside.


Outside in the back yard Sarah attached Toby to his baby leash, they didn't have a fence for the back of the house yet so Toby had to be tied to a tree. His leash was next to Merlin's. Sarah worked her way around the side of the house and when she had only the front yard to do she went back for Toby and brought him to the front. Once more she hooked him up to the baby leash and went to work on the front flowerbeds and the flowers around the shrubbery. She was half way finished her task when something white caught her attention. It was inside one of the bushes, she reached in and pulled out a handful of large white feathers. Each feather was at least 30 cm long (A/N that's one foot for you American readers.)

"Hey there Sarah what are you up to?" Sarah turned her attention away from the feathers to the person speaking to her; it was the neighbor from across the street out walking his dog.

"Hi Mark, I was just pulling weeds"

"Oh well that's good, good that your helping your parents out with things like that, say what cha got there?" he pointed to the feathers in her hand.

"Just some feathers, I found them caught in the bush there," she pointed to where she had found them.

"Hey do mind if I take a look, you know I am into ornithology maybe I can tell you a bit about them?" Sarah walked down the lawn to where Mark was on the sidewalk and handed him one of the feathers.

"Hold Darcy for me would ya?" She took the leash and Mark took one of the feathers and examined it. After a few moments of silence Mark handed it back to her and scratched his head, Sarah handed the leash back.

"You know if it were not for the size I would swear up and down it was an owl feather, but I've never heard of any getting that big" Sarah looked at the rest of the feathers in her hand.

"Not much of a mystery. You should be able to solve it" Sarah's heart stopped. She whipped her head up to look at her neighbor.

"What did you say?" she asked with a quiver of fear in her voice.

"I said it sure is a mystery, say are you okay? You look like you just saw a ghost"

She looked at Mark for a second and then seemed to relax.

"I'm fine I'm sorry I though…um that is thanks for the info"

"Anytime" he waved to her and then proceeded with his walk. Once he was out of ear shot Sarah walked back to where Toby was she wiggled her finger in her ear to make sure that nothing was stuck in there.

She knelt down so she was at eye level with her baby brother.

"Did you hear him too Toby? Or am I hearing things?" Toby didn't answer and Sarah had not expected him to.

"For a moment there Mark sounded like Jareth" she said softly.



Jareth lounged upon his throne and lazily swirled four crystals in his hand, the bottom three showed him nothing, but the top one showed him that which he had the most interest in seeing, Sarah Williams. He had only been watching her for a few minutes when she had stumbled upon the remnants of his transformation while weeding around in her stepmother's garden. It was strange that she had found the feathers for he was a being of the underground a Sidhe and not part of her world, yet she had found something of his.

'maybe it has begun?' he thought. When Sarah had shown the feathers to you bird wise neighbor the look of puzzlement on his face had made Jareth laugh. The human was dumbfounded. However Jareth could see that Sarah was in the cusp of an answer to what the feathers meant.

"Hahaha Really it's not much of a mystery you should be able to solve it Sarah"

"What did you say?"

Jareth was startled had she answered him?

He then heard the other human's reply and a wave of both relief and disappointment swept over him. He watched as the two parted but then Sarah made a remark to her brother which made Jareth's heart leap into his brain.

"For a moment there Mark sounded like Jareth" Sarah said gently to Toby.

Jareth took the crystal from the top of the pile and let the rest vanish into space. He took the one showing Sarah and squeezed it until it no longer existed.

"She did hear me, this is not all a coincidence" Her hearing his voice and finding something not of her world all in the span of a few minutes was not something that happened everyday. In fact it had never happened, she could hear him and he had not willed it! She had found his transformation remnant, which was an impossibility AND shown it to another. There was only one reason.

" So it has started already" he said it as though it were a statement. He walked up a few steps to look out the window at the labyrinth. The wind had picked up once more and was roaring around his castle. Then suddenly he saw it. A wall of dust was rising from the outer walls and growing thicker and taller until it blotted out the distant mountains and surrounding his kingdom. Within the span of a few minutes the entirety of the labyrinth was covered with the blinding dust. It was also moving towards his city.

"Captain!" he yelled. A stout Goblin about four feet high ran to him and saluted

"Yes your Majesty?"

"Have the gates locked and sealed with magic and tell everyone to stay indoors as much as possible. No one is allowed out of the city for any reason do you understand?" The Captain bowed and sped off to perform his task. Jareth turned his gaze back to the wall of dust coming closer to him. He shook is head and tisked.

"You must really want her badly" The labyrinth was now blocked from view because the dust was now thicker then mud.

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