Between two Worlds


Over the next few days the newspapers covered every inch of the Williams disappearance, from the citywide search to the police combing the surrounding countryside looking for her body. They had changed the search from missing person to trying to find her body when they had found her empty backpack in Bridges Park only a few blocks from her house. A few weeks later a detective found the note addressed to Toby Williams and informed the grieved family that it was possible that their daughter had committed suicide. Her Mother, Father and Stepmother refused to believe it and held fast to the idea that their daughter was taken against her will, the note was simply a trick planted by the perpetrator of the crime. So the case went into the unsolved file along with several others involving missing siblings that had vanished without a trace.

Out takes

Chapter three outtakes

"But there was a kitchen back there! And it was filthy! And, and There was garbage and rotting food on the floor and pink elephants dancing because I can't remember the rest of my line!"

The crew breaks out laughing all around


"Hey what are these things?" asked the dull-witted one. "Look. There are a whole bunch of em."

"Panties! And see how nice they fit on your head."

One of the goblins filling in the voice behind the camera comes into view blocking the shot of Sarah. He has on his head an official pair of "Between Two Worlds" Labyrinth boxers on his head.

Everyone breaks out laughing.


The shot focuses on the three goblins where Sarah's under, then it pans in on Jareth. He's wearing a thong on his head. The crew is in stitches from laughter.

"What is wrong with all of you?" he asks the crew "This is the latest thing see? I was Gorge Lucas wearing one of these yesterday."


Jareth is about to hit the gong to start the GGWA match, but instead of using the mallet he picks up one of the goblins next to the mallet and uses it instead.

"Oops. Salright?" he asks the vibrating goblin.


Chapter four outtakes

Jareth is just getting up to leave the GGWA match but slips and falls backwards.

"Oh bugger. That hurts!"


Jareth walks in front of the classroom door. He then turns around and does the canoe, then the elevator.

Sarah has the Camera turn back to her and she is giggling.

"He thinks he's Austin Powers." The extras start to crack up.


The underwear comment (different versions)

She took a pair of the destroyed underwear and held it up so that he could see all the damage. He recognized them from the night before and made a mental note to discipline the three goblins responsible for the vandalism.

1)"Really Sarah aren't you too old for unicorn undies?"

2)"Ah! My virgin eyes!" he covers his eyes with his hands and Sarah bursts out laughing.

3)" I must say I like the color but…No, scratch that. I hate the color. Here." He hands her a Victoria secret catalog. "Find something better." Sarah looks at the catalog in shock then doubles over in laughter.

The screen went black. Sarah and Jareth remembered why they were heading for the attic in the first place. They run through the screen and burst into the attic. xXDFXx is not there. There is only a note.

Hi. You two as you may or may not have noticed the story is over. However if you wish to be part of the sequel you must both return to the Labyrinth at once. Also I am hiding out somewhere inside the castle, so if you still wish to hurt me you will have to find me there.

Sarah and Jareth looked at each other.

Jareth: I'll drive.

Authors Note

Well I did it! The last chapter and the epilogue. Have no fear though the story will go on I hope to have "Trapped Soul" started by the middle of the week. With school starting I will have to take it easy. I would still like to thank everyone who reviewed me. It made me feel welcomed into the Labyrinth fan fiction writing community. Thank you all very much your support has been the world to me.