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This is the full summary; when you are put through pain over and over again what happens? Do you die? No you live. You are reborn. A creature of darkness and sorrow. A seducer of men… a Succubus…


Cold lips press against warm in a final embrace. Salt was the taste on her lips as she raised her head. Puffy brown eyes looked into cloudy pained golden-hazel. Tears slipped over long black lashes as she gripped him tightly.

"Don't leave me! Please don't go!" her whispered voice chocked.

"I have to…," he looked down briefly to avoid her eyes. "I love her." he replied in a soft almost solemn voice.

He pulled away from her. Turning his back to her, he never once gave her a second glance as he left the small clearing. Not at all did he slow his stride or make another noise. It was as if she had ceased to exist to him after those last few moments.

He left her to the darkness.

She stood sobbing, turned, and ran. The forest passed her by. Then she was spinning into a black abyss. Nothing made any sense. Everything was so fuzzy. The sounds were high pitched wines. Suddenly they were gone. All she saw was black.

A soft whispish voice spoke a breathy sound in her ear. "Would you like revenge? To never let another man hurt you again? To have all men bow before your feet. Never again be the one begging?"

"Yes" she managed to choke out before the darkness consumed her. Her eyes rolled back and her ears rang. Needles jumped viciously along her spine and tweezers pinched every inch of her skin. She was sure if she opened her eyes her body would be red and raw. But she couldn't and at the same time she felt none of it either. It was as if someone had hacked half way through her nerves and so she could only feel half the pain.

When you are put through pain over and over again at a man's hands what happens? Do you die? No, you live. You are reborn. A creature of darkness and sorrow. A seducer of men… the very men that would seek to harm you… a being of lust and want, but not love, never love… you become… a Succubus…


Her lashes flutter open to reveal the dark night. The stars twinkled next to a glowing moon. The velvet seemed startlingly closer now like her vision had increased ten fold suddenly. The once pale yellow were now a bright white so pure she almost feared to look at them. The moon screamed her name and called for her to join it in the sky.

She sat up to look around, she was in a glade. Full green trees surrounded her in a wide circle. She saw a sparkle and realized there must be a small lake close by. The lining forest was thick with shadows but no sound reached her ears. Her instincts, which hadn't been very prominent before, were positively screaming now.

'How…' she thought and then she remembered.

Memories of him walking away, turning his back on her. 'He… he left me… and… it's all her fault! That bitch took away the only person I ever really wanted to care! Why couldn't she go for someone else? Hell she could fuck Naraku night and day for all she cared! But why did it have to be Inuyasha?'

"Your awake." stated a calm cold voice. It reminded her of Sesshoumaru and, under normal circumstances, would have made her shiver. These obviously weren't normal circumstances because, she didn't.

Her head shot around to look in the direction the voice was coming from. "Who are you? Who's there?" she asked in a meek voice. Than realizing how pathetic she sounded spoke up. "Show your self!" she was surprised at the soft, gentle but cold voice that apparently was her own.

Her attention however was quickly drawn to the figure that stepped out of the forest. She had chestnut brown hair. Her cat like green eyes went well with the deep shade of her dark pink lips. Said lips were currently lifted in a smirk. She wore a dark green cape with a clasp in the shape of a dagger ran through a heart.

"My name is Genevieve. You may call me Eve if you must for I will be your mentor from this night forward. I must also inform you that I do not hide. Your training will begin shortly." she sneered. As she spoke she walked forward so that now she resided only a few feet away.

To Kagome she looked too beautiful to be human. But her ora was so confusing. It was not that of a Youkai or a human, so… what was she?

"What are you?" she blurted out.

"I, like you, am a succubus." she stated evenly, knowingly, like it was the singularly most obvious thing in the universe.

"A… a succubus… I'm not a succubus." Her voice quivered slightly in shocked awe as she new even while denying the words, they weren't true.

"You are now." she said with a smirk. Gracefully lifting a finger she pointed to the small lake.

Kagome turned and proceeded to do as bid, walked over to the water. What she saw made her gasp. She had long black hair that stopped at her thighs. Dark cerulean blue eyes. Her skin was silky and pale. Her features were sharper and her lips were cherry cut open in the middle and bleeding softly from the inside out. She was curvy and her mind skimmed over the fact that she had a perfect hour glass figure. Her waist was thin and defined; her butt was small and tight. Her breasts looked like they had grown three whole cup sized!

Which unknown to her, they had.

Her mind was spinning the only thought she could form into words was "What do I do now?"

Genevieve laughed lightly to this. "You will come with me to train you of course, or were you not listening when I previously stated this? Then on the next solstice you will dance to form your rank," A smile was tugging on Eve's lips by the end, it was dark and she was beginning to wonder what all was in store for this 'training'.

"Dance for a rank? Me? I can't dance!" She all but screamed.

"Yes. You will dance and lure men in. Don't worry dear I'll teach you how but it tends to come naturally. Then you will leave to go into the forest. The men that come to you are ready for you to take there souls. The amount of souls you get helps to determine your rank."

"Oh… I see," She asked suddenly feeling insecure of herself. "When do we start?"

"Now!" Eve exclaimed holding out her hand.


It was to be months before the solstice or so I had thought. In reality the solstice was right around the corner. I had imagined the training to be hard but the pain was unbelievable. I had expected lessons on there culture. This was not what I got. Oh yes I was taught that too. But the real training left me far more drained.

"Yes Kagome that's it. Now hold that position for the next seventeen hours." Genevieve instructed.

Hold the position. Hold the position I was on the ball of my right foot. My back was arched in an almost perfect ninety degree angle. My left foot stuck straight up in the air with my foot bent and toes curled ballet style. My left arm stuck out behind me with my wrist bent and my fingers out stretched. My right arm stuck out from me diagonally and my hand positioned to catch a rain drop in the middle of my palm. And I was supposed to hold it!

Not like I didn't do this on a regular basis but would you enjoy holding this position for seventeen hours while singing!?! Yes people, while singing! She left that little detail out. When were dance we use our voice to help us lure. This was surely murder! The only problem was, I wouldn't die. Slowly the time ticked by. Four hours…nine hours…eleven hours…thirteen hours…then finally there stood her teacher. "Thank God" I said letting the position fall.

"Wonderful" she said handing me water. My voice had taken a lot of beating these last couple months, but this was extreme. Though, I was surprised that it only barely cracked. It had to be another Succubus thing. Actually all in all I was starting to like this whole immortality and eternal beauty thing. I chugged the water and sat down.

"Up" she said and I mentally groaned. "New position."

'Oh god,' I thought. 'Not again!' I almost cried at the next position.

This position was a one handed cartwheel. However the cartwheel stopped half way. My left arm was stretched up my finger out like I was reaching for my toes. My left leg crossed my right making a four. This little part, not like I already wasn't, through me off balance. Oh yeah, I liked this position much better.

"You will hold this position for one hundred sixty-three hours." she spoke briskly as she walked away. Then I did cry, for about two seconds because you can't cry and sing at the same time. Well okay you can, but it sounds horrible. And from what I know about my teacher, she would likely come back and double my time.

Time trickled like a stream. Fuck that. It was a fucking facet that was dripping and making horrible echoing sounds. I screamed in my head. It seemed like days passed and I was shocked to realize that they had. Finally she was here and I was begging to not have another position.

"Good now go rest and we leave tomorrow night. In three days time is the winter solstice." I jumped up and danced at this, yes! It was finally over. Now all I had to do was dance, sing, gather souls, and receive my name and position.

I lay down at the base of a tree and was out… as soon as my mind got over the fact that because we are talking about Genevieve there would be drills and yet more training on the way there.


90 days have passed since Kagome was turned. It is the night of the winter solstice.

I stood in my room dressing in the outfit I would dance in. It was a black leather corset with leather ribbons fluttering about my waist. Black leather ruffled pleated school girl style skirt about my hips. Fishnet stockings that stopped at mid-thigh, and black heeled shoes that had leather straps lacing up to just below her knee. Finally a black choker toped it off with a red garnet tear drop that hung in the hallow of her throat.

Securing the clasp of a blue crescent moon that held together the cloak around my shoulders. The cloak was a gift from the western Taiyoukai. The silk was like rippling water over my white skin. With one last glance in the mirror I pivoted, and turned away walking into the night. I approached the dancers who were entertaining the guests. I was about to become the true star of the show.

A smirk on my lips I entered the crowd and came to stand in the middle of the dancers circle. Unclipping my cloak I through it aside held my hands up as if I was about to pray. I rose onto the balls of my feet. And danced…

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