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The Perfect Ploy


As the came from their high Lust flipped them over and snatched up Sesshoumaru's obi and looping it around his wrists, immobilized him. She wound it around her forearm as she strattled her Lord. Looking into her eyes she pointed first at herself than at him, "Predator, Prey." That was all it took for his sun kissed jewels to turn bloody, primal red.

She bent so her lips touched his ear. "I'm going to ride you." A growl fallowed this statement and the game began anew. One as old as beasts and man, predator and prey.


Things would not be normal on this day. But what was ever normal in the life of a succubus? Certainly not waking up to the most horrible wrenching feeling as though your lungs were being ripped out and your neck was splitting in two. But for Kagome, well that was how her morning started, the morning of a very abnormal day.

"Ahhhhh! Tssssssssshhhtt." Was the garbled scream that pried itself from her throat at dawn.

Her body flailed slightly as she drug herself to her knees. Lust crawled across the room to the floor to ceiling mirror and pushed her hair from her neck. There it was, burning a dark red and slowly deepening into black. A mating mark, as she watched it in utter horror the black of the mark branched out and swirled up like little vines to her right eye where it rapped around to form a crescent moon.

The agony, it was unbearable and now she truly knew why so many succubuses carried such unbridled fear for demons, it felt like a part of her was slowly dieing, or vividly coming to life. A child. No, she couldn't be, that wasn't, NO!

"Fairest what are you doing?" She heard the voice from behind her, Sesshoumaru was awake.

Her head whipped around to see him, eyes still droopy from sleep, hair slightly mused, he was so calm but he didn't know, he had no idea of what he had done. She fled, to the door and down the hallway. She could hear him chasing her.

"Leave me alone, you don't understand the consequences of what you have done." He slowed and she reached her door, Kagome flung it open and swung inside before closing and baring it.

As Sesshoumaru's footsteps faded into the opposite direction she knew he too could hear the tinkling sound of her tears hitting the marble floors.


He didn't know what to do. She had run from him, why? And 'consequences', what 'consequences'? Nothing made since. Lust had been crying, and he had thought he heard a scream, that was what awoke him. What was going on?!?!

Sesshoumaru stormed back to his room to dress properly before starting off to figure out how the hell things had gone wrong and how many things needed to be fixed. This was going to be a long day.

He sat in his room and let his mind wander over everything that happened last night, the answer had to lie there. Lets see…they fucked, they fucked again, and again, and again, and –.

That was it! He marked her. So she was upset that she was claimed? Why? The only problem he could see was that she couldn't return and get another client. That wasn't happening anyway, least of all now. She would become a mate of the western Taiyoukai, his fourth, she would bare him children.

Wait. Children. Was that it? Could succubuses even have children? Would there be mass complications due to mix in breed? Would it even survive? Could it kill her?

He left his room in favor of his father's old study. He hardly ever went in there but the room was well kept. The scrolls were stacked on a shelf wall to wall, floor to ceiling. They were neatly labeled and his eyes scanned quickly over the titles.

Unicorns, Gnomes, Goblins, Wizards, Mirrors, Curses, Spells, Potions, Vampires, Werewolves, Humans, Incubuses, Succubuses…

There. Reaching up he promptly plucked it from the shelf. Opening it to full length on the writing desk he weighted it down before beginning to read.

Succubuses cannot mate instead they place a fang claim upon their lover to show possession or ownership to all of their kind. A fang claim allows other succubus to 'see' the particular succubus on the male…

When mated by demon standards most succubuses die immediately of complications unknown to demons. Some demons are also affected by the mating and, in the most sever case, die. If not they commonly will not or cannot bare children…

A succubus who bares a child not of an incubus rarely lives through a birthing and the child carries with it mutations of one form or another…

Rarely does a non incubus child live more than three winters…

She was scared of his mark, and she had every right to be. She feared a child, and so did he. He needed to talk to her, one way or another. If that meant exploiting his weak point, he would.


The sound of a gentle knock on her door startled Kagome out of her panic for a second, that was much too soft to be Sesshoumaru. It came again fallowed by a soft voice asking for entrance. It was Fang.

"Is Sesshoumaru out there?" She responded.

"No. He just said that you were sad and needed some company. What is wrong Lady Tenrai?" His soft voice rung through the door.

She rose and opened the door to reveal not just Fang but Bane, Bastian, and Fuzen – who was carrying Tsuki. She opened the door wide and let them all in. Fuzen handed her Tsuki and went to lounge on her bed. She cradled Tsuki and started to make little gurgling sounds in response to her coos. Bastian walked over and clung to the bottom of her kimono with lethal little claws.

Bane sat on her open-ended sofa while Fang just stood there and waited for attention. She stopped and thought for a moment, what could she do to keep them all entertained, it was obvious they were bored or they wouldn't be here. Let's see. 'I got it'

She looked down at Bastian before bending over and whispering in her ear. "Why don't you go grab my jade comb and brush Bane's hair, I'm sure if your careful he'll let you play with it." Bastian made an 'oh' sound before nodding excitedly and rushing over to grab he comb then to Bane who looked suspicious and probably would have complained had Lust not moved beside him to scratch lightly behind his ears.

She bobbed Tsuki up and down a few times before nestling her on one of her extraordinarily large pillows. She grabbed a thick piece of pocky before returning to Tsuki and popping it in her mouth. That done she looked to Fuzen. "Have you ever worn a corset before?" She questioned, Fuzen's eyes got big and she shook her head. "Do you want to try?" She nodded vividly jumping up to stand in front of her.

"Fang," He looked up at her with his big eyes and she could see in them that he expected to get brushed off. "Would you like to be my helper?" His whole face lit up and that was all the answer he needed. "Let's get started then."

We walked over to the closet and picked out a silver corset from her wardrobe. Then we grabbed an ebony dress which we laid out on the bed. Lust grabbed a silted silver sheer gown to go over the top of it and we began.

We stripped her down before donning her in the corset. Kagome grabbed the strings and began to lace it up. Tight, tighter, tighter, tighter, and Fuzen gasped. "I can't breath!" He hand clutched to her chest and she sucked in air.

"Really? Then it's working." She laughed lightly at that and removed her hand as Lust pulled once more before finishing. She glanced down Fang who was rustling through her dressing table drawers for god knew what, he was smiling, his fangs didn't peek out for you could see them root to tip. It wasn't a smile, it was a grin, and it was beautiful. So she really could careless what he was doing with her things for what reason.

She walked back to her bed and picked up the dress while Fuzen admired herself in the mirror. Bane called from across the room to her his head was lounged back and his eyes were shut. Bastian was still avidly running the comb up and down through his hair.

"Are you going to mate Lord Sesshoumaru?" His question caught her off guard, she had forgotten all about that, but of course they wouldn't know what had happened earlier.

"I…I suppose I already am. Why?" She inquired.

"Well I wanted to know if you would be staying." She smiled at this.

"Yes I had planned on staying. But I don't really know anymore." Fang looked sad at this. It looked like he might cry.

"But…I wanted another sibling." Fang's voice cracked slightly as he spoke. It was breaking her heart to see him like that.

"Well you may just get your wish. But that doesn't mean it's a good thing." She replied. They all looked confused, but what did she expect? A big chorus of 'oh, I get it', not likely. "You will understand later." She intoned.

"You know Lord Sesshoumaru will protect and take care of you no matter what. So will we, you do know that, don't you Lady Tenrai?" Fuzen questioned rather forcefully.

Lust simply smiled in response and moved to finish dressing Fuzen. "So Fuzen, I have been informed you are to be betrothed. To whom does this honor go?" Fuzen blushed and shook her head.

"I don't know. It's still undecided, Lord Sesshoumaru has been very busy lately and hasn't had time to pick." She met her eyes in the mirror and then looked to Fang. He nodded giving her a look that said 'why don't you pick Fuzen's mate for him?'

"What if I ask Sesshoumaru if I can pick for you?" She smiled at everyone's gasps though she new it was more from saying their Lords name informally than anything else as far as the others went. Fuzen looked like she would jump for joy.

"Would you?" Lust just nodded and returned to the bed for the last time to grab the sheer gown before peeking at Tsuki.

Tsuki had fallen asleep but was still sucking on the last of her pocky, she was so cute. She turned and started to arrange the sheer on Fuzen's frame delicately. She stepped back, finished so Fuzen could admire herself. It was only then that she heard Fang stop shuffling. He stood there beside Fuzen holding out to her a silver and black fan, owww! So he was adorable and brilliant, Lust hadn't even thought of that.

Fuzen had just accepted it when they all heard a knock on the door. "Excuse me Lady Tenrai but dinner is served and the Master has invited several of Lady Fuzen's suitors!" The poor maid sounded so stressed.

"Wonderful! I've just finished dressing Fuzen for such an occasion." The maid gave a sigh of relief and she realized that she must have come there to dress Fuzen herself.

Fuzen was looking at her wide eyed like she thought Lust crazy. "I can't were this!" Kagome just laughed.

"Of course you can. Those close are far from indecent. That is customary on the continents, if not a little extravagant." Fuzen gave her a look before smiling, to dinner it was then. She was positive this was all some ploy by Sesshoumaru to get her out of her room but in this way, she didn't really mind.

She walked over and picked up Tsuki who was woken by the knock before turning to the others. Bastian had finished doing Banes hair and it fell like a curtain in the back with strands looped slightly hanging off the shoulders. Bastian went to clutch to Lust's side again and Fang stood off to the side again. Another knock signaled the answer to her newest dilemma.

"May I come in? I would like my youngest daughter back." Ketsueki's voice entered the room shortly before her body at Lust's allowance. She handed Tsuki to her and directed Bastian to cling to Bane. She walked over to Fang and without a second thought or hesitation stooped down and picked him up. She placed him on her hip before starting out the door with the rest at her heels.

Fang froze for a moment before snuggling into her neck. He really was tattoi, and for him, she would get through this. Dinner is served.


Obi – Sash

Taiyoukai – Demon Lord

Tenrai – Divine

Ketsueki - Blood

Tsuki – Moon

Fuzen - Evil

Tattoi – Precious

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