A/N: what if Lily and James weren't killed on that fateful Halloween night? What if Sirius somehow got back from the veil in the Department of Mysteries?

This follows everything that has happened in all 6 books except, that Lily, James, and Sirius are alive.

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Chapter 1

"James, shouldn't we tell him now that he is out of school?" Lily Potter asked her husband.

"No not yet. We have to tell Remus first. He will know how to approach this without us being caught. It'll be wonderful to se them again" James Potter told his wife.

"Shobby!" he called to his House Elf.

There was a pop.

"Yes Master Potter?" the little elf asked.

"Could you please go to Remus Lupin and tell him to come here?" James asked the little elf.

"Yes sir"

With that there was another pop.

Remus Lupin was in his study reading a book, when he heard a pop.

He looked up from his book to see a House Elf standing in front of him.

"Mr. Lupin must go to Potter Mansion at once. Master Potter sent me"

With that, the elf left.

Harry wants to see me? Why didn't he just send an owl? When did he get a House Elf? Remus thought to himself.

Although he was skeptical Remus apparated to Potter Mansion.

When he got there, the living room was exactly how he remembered it.

Where's Harry? Remus thought.

All was silent.

Then someone came around the corner from the hallway.

"Hello Moony" the person said.

"J…J...J...JAMES!" Remus was extremely surprised.

Then someone else came from behind the sub-wall.

"Hello Remus" the other person said.

"L...L...L...LILY!" Remus was in total shock now.

"Yes Remus it is us. No we are not ghosts. We can explain. Please sit down" Lily said.

She motioned for Remus to sit on a couch.

Lily and James sat down on a couch opposite Remus.

"Voldemort didn't kill us that night. It is very hard to explain" James started.

"Well we will explain more if Harry is here. So can you get Harry and bring him back here?" Lily said.

"Of course. Although I would really like to know more" Remus replied.

"If you bring Harry here, we will tell you. There is one more thing. Sirius is here too. When he went through the veil in the Department of Mysteries, he got out, somehow. We don't know how but he did" James said.

"Where is he?" Remus asked.

"He's in his room trying to fix his mirror. You know the two-way mirror we invented. Harry has the other one" James responded.

"Shobby!" Lily called to the elf.

"Yes Mistress Potter?"

"Could you get Sirius for us, please?" Lily asked.

"Yes, ma'am"

The elf left with a pop.

But soon returned with Sirius looking much better than the last time Remus saw him.

He was much healthier. He had more fat on him. He looked happier too. Sirius wasn't wearing the same ratty torn clothes. He wore normal clothes.

"Hey Remus" Sirius greeted.

"Sirius!" Remus was in shock all over again.

Remus couldn't help himself anymore. He hugged his 3 friends.

"It is so wonderful to see you all! But ho is th9is all possible?" Remus said and asked as he let go.

"Please get Harry and we'll explain more" James said.

"Alright" Remus said.

With that, he apparated to a park near the Dursley's house.

He didn't want to bring suspicion to himself, since he was a wizard and the inhabitants of this street are muggles.

He knocked on the Dursley's door and it was fortunate that Harry opened it.

"Remus what are you doing here?" Harry asked his former teacher and friend.

"You have to come to Potter Mansion straight away. Your parents and Sirius are alive!" Remus replied.

"What! They are alive! How is that possible?" Harry screamed.

"They said they will explain once you are there" Remus answered.

"Hold on I'll get my things" Harry raced upstairs, packed his things quickly, got Hedwig and raced back downstairs in 10 seconds flat.

"What are you yelling at boy!" Vernon Dursley screamed at his nephew.

"I'm leaving and will never return unless for a very important reason. Goodbye" with that, Remus apparated Harry to see his parents and Sirius.

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