Chapter 9

"L—L—Lily? This can't be happening. You were k—k—killed. Dbdzbmrjfbd……" Petunia was speechless because Petunia fainted.

Harry had the look of joy on his face. You could see even Lily had a small smile on her face.

Harry and Lily both touched Petunia and apparated her to Godric's Hollow.

They sat Petunia up in the living room and sat down themselves.

Lily pointed her wand at Petunia and spoke 'Ennervate'.

Petunia woke up immediately.

"Where am I? Oh no, no, no, no, no. This one of your tricks isn't it Potter? Let me go!" Petunia was freaking out.

"We are not letting you go until you listen. I'm quite surprised at you Petunia. Don't you dare call my son Potter again. It's Harry or Harry Potter. Now what happened to you Petunia? We used to have so much fun together. Was it because I got a Hogwarts letter and you didn't, or was it because mum and dad paid more attention to me and were more proud of me, or was it because you were just a jealous little sister? How dare you treat Harry this way? You knew what those letters from Dumbledore meant and yet you still treated Harry horribly! That was very, very, low, and even for you. What do you have to say for yourself?" Lily was happy to see her sister but extremely angry with her.

"I admit I was angry with you for getting praise from mum and dad all the time no matter what you did. No matter how well I did in school, you were always the one talked about because you were the witch in the family. I am sorry for how I treated Harry. I guess he was just my outlet on how jealous I was of you. I didn't deserve to be happy all this time. You did. Possibly the only thing I do deserve is perhaps the explanation to how you are here" Petunia was actually crying.

"No you don't deserve anything, even if you are my sister. But I will tell you anyway because it's what I intended to do" Lily said.

Lily then explained what happened and Petunia was yet again speechless.

Petunia was about to speak but Harry cut her off.

"No, I don't think you deserve to say anything. Not after what you put me through. This information that mum told you is very important. You can't tell anyone. Do you understand?" Harry said, quite angry.

Petunia only nodded her head.

"I'm sorry Harry. There is nothing I can do to repent for what I did" Petunia lowered her head.

"No there isn't. I can't accept your apology right now. I will eventually, maybe, but not now" Harry said.

Petunia nodded her head again.

"We best get you back. They will all be wondering where you've been" Lily said.

Lily took Petunia by the arm and apparated them back. Harry apparated back as well.

They apparated to the side of the house so nobody saw them.

Petunia was a little wobbly after that way of travel. She didn't like it but recovered quickly and entered the crowd of guests in her backyard.

Lily and Harry didn't even bother to say goodbye, so they left.

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