Summary: Jake is on a crusade to strengthen his relationship with Rose, or at least establish one with her. Meanwhile tensions between the American Dragon and Huntsgirl heighten when a misfortunate event forces them to become allies in the battle field.

Author's Note: So I started watching season 2 episodes from iTunes, and suddenly my desire to write AD:JL fiction was rekindled. I wrote this fic because I really enjoyed the tension between the American Dragon and Huntsgirl and I wish there was more of it. This fic takes place before Jake finds out Rose is Huntsgirl in the first season episode Ski Trip. This fic is unbetaed, so please excuse any grammar fouls.

Disclaimer: I do not own AD:JL nor any of the characters affiliated with the show. This work of fiction is for fan enjoyment only.

On with the fic!


"End of the line dragon!" And it literally was. Jake stood teetering on the edge of a construction beam with a murder of harpies above him and a pack of angry wolves below, snarling and salivating so fiercely leaving Jake to scratch his head and wonder how he had managed to piss them off so badly. It certainly didn't help that the pointy end of a Huntsclan spear was inches away from his throat. Welcome to sucks-ville. Population: the American Dragon.

"Hey, come on baby, can't we work something out?" Of course, Jake being his cavalier self, was trying to sweet talk his way out of the situation. She wasn't buying it.

"I don't make deals with worthless scum."

"Ouch baby, you're killing me," He whined while charading the movements of stabbing himself in the heart and twisting the blade.

"That's kinda the point, dragon,"

Suddenly the spear seemed a lot closer than it was a few seconds ago. Jake needed a plan, and fast, before he became a dragon seekh kabab.

"So what's this thing made out of?" Jake asked, while causally pushing the weapon away with the tip of his claw. "Unicorn horn? Mermaid scales? Maybe a pinch of centaur hoof?"

"Quit stalling, dragon. You wouldn't understand what this thing is made of even if I explained it to you as if you were a two year old," she chuckled at her clever joke. "Don't even think about escaping. I've got you right where I want you, and the Huntsclan will be here any min-"

Her mistake. She took her eyes off of him for only a millisecond, but it was all Jake need to execute his plan. Claw still on her spear, he grasped it quickly, and in one fluid motion pulled the weapon away and swept her feet out from under her with a swift snap of his tail. But the snap was too swift, and Huntsgirl lost her balance, falling off the beam and hurdling towards the barking jaws of the wolves below.

"Awww, man," Jake groaned. Huntsgirl turning into dog food was not part of the plan. Sucking in a deep breath he jumped off the beam after her.

"Yo Hunts-tard!" he shouted down at her mockingly, "Didn't they ever teach you in evil school that gloating with a villainous monologue never ends well for the bad guy?"

"Shut it, lizard breath!" she retorted, trying desperately to grab for her staff still clutched in his claws.

"Nu uh!" he chided her, pulling the staff away, "finders keepers. Besides, shouldn't you be more concerned about falling into that ferrous pack of wolves?" He pointed past her shoulder as she turned her neck to look.

Their free fall was soon coming to an abrupt end, and Huntsgirl just realized what danger she was really in. No staff meant no way out. Period.

"Oh shi-" the words barely escaped her lips before Jake caught hold of her hand, pulling her close and thrusting upwards just in time to narrowly dodge the snapping jaws of the agitated canines.

"Phew," Jake sighed, "that was a close one. You're lucky the fine look'n AmDrag has compassion for all creatures, good or evil and- OWW!"

"Filthy beast, let go of me!" she screamed, clawing and biting at his scaly arm.

"Woman! What is your problem!" he shouted, dropping her harshly to the ground, a little harder than he intended.

"You!" she rebuked childishly, " You're the one who made me fall in the first place! Now give me back my staff!"

"What did I just tell you?" he told her, slightly irritated, "You got cobwebs in the pretty head of yours? This staff is mine now, and if you want it back you gotta pry it from my cold, dead hands."

"That can be arranged, dragon boy," she said wickedly, before leaping towards him in a flying side kick. "HAAAIII – YAAAHHH!"

But Jake was too quick for her, side stepping the blow and wrapping his tail around her ankle, tripping her to the ground.

"What's this," he said mockingly, "did that fall scare all your ninja skills away?"

"EERRRAAAHHHHH!" she screamed. Hunstgirl was mad. Huntsgirl was really mad.

"Yo girl, no need to get your panties in a wad. I was just play'n." he joked, dogging another blow.

"I'll say this one more time, dragon," she said, trying to claim herself down, "give me back my staff!"

"Um, let me think about this," Jake said, pretending to be deep in though, "NO."

"You little-"

"In fact," he cut her off, "I think the best solution is for no one to have the staff," he said, raising the weapon above his head and plunging it toward his knee.

"No! Stop!" but her warning was too late, the staff shattered brilliantly against Jake's knee, sending electrified splinters flying.

Huntsgirl looked aghast. "Now–now you've done it dragon! This is all your fault!"

"Quit whining over your broken staff," he waved her off with his hand, "I'm sure the Huntsclan will give you a brand new-" but before he could finish the sentence he was interrupted by an eardrum-shattering scream.

"What the?" he said confused while trying to cover his pointy dragon ears. He glanced over at a now panicked Huntsgirl, whom was desperately trying to piece back together her broken staff. But her efforts were useless, for a light green and blue swirling fog started to escape from the broken ends of her spear. The temperature dropped dangerously fast as dark, threatening clouds rolled over the sky and swallowed the setting sun. Just as soon as it started, the piercing screaming stopped, leaving Jake and Huntsgirl standing in an eerie, cold silence, backlit by what little light was left peaking through the horizon and treacherous clouds.

"What . . . was that . . ?" Jake asked cautiously. The American Dragon started to think he made a grave mistake.

"That," said Huntsgirl sharply, leaning on her knee to stand up, "was quite possibly the stupidest and worst thing you could have done."

"So on a scale of one to ten, how bad is that?" Jake asked, twiddling his fingers together wishing he was anywhere but here.

"Idiot! Don't try to play this off as some silly mistake! You just released one pissed off banshee from my staff!" She pointed angrily toward her broken weapon.

"Wow, wow, hold up!" Jake said, flailing his arms around, "you mean to tell me that the thing that powers your staff is the tortured soul of a night elf spirit?"


"And the Huntsclan knowingly put these unstable magical creatures into their weapons?"


"And if ever released these specters will prey on the innocent and instill fear in the hearts of all walks of life?" If Jake weren't already a red dragon, his face would be brighter than Rudolph's nose at Christmas.


"Gaaahhhh!" Now it was Jake's turn to be livid. "Are you freak'n kidding me?"

"No," she finally said, "but those details are the least of our worries right now. If we don't catch that banshee soon, the entire city will be in danger, including the magical creatures and the Huntsclan."

"Oh, like I really care about the Huntsclan right now," Jake snapped. He looked over at Huntsgirl again, saw the impassive expression in her eyes and sighed. "Looks like we are going to have to work together if we ever want to catch this thing," he conceded.

"Fine," Huntsgirl agreed, "but after we capture this thing it's back to business as usual."

"Fine by me," he was about to say something snarky but was cut off by another ghastly scream that echoed through the air.

"Looks like we have our work cut out for us," he said, after the chilling shrieks dissipated in the breeze.

Wasting no time, Jake grabbed her hand, hoisting her onto his back and took to the skies.


And there you have it folks, chapter one is complete! On to chapter two!