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"Uh, G?" Jake called out into the darkness, "Huntsgirl is not getting up," that was when he noticed a small puddle of blood near her head, "and she's bleeding!" Jake screamed, his voice filled with urgency.

Grandpa was immediately at Jake's side, inspecting the wound on Huntsgirl's head. His brow furrowed in worry. "She is not breathing either."

"What? Is- is she dead?" Jake started to wonder when all of this suddenly became ten times more serious. Lao Shi moved in to check her pulse.

"No," he said dryly, detecting a weak pulse, "but she will be if you don't breathe breath back into her."

"You mean mouth-to-mouth resuscitation?" Jake asked. Sure, he had learned how to perform that and CPR in the classroom, but using such a thing in the field was not something he wanted to experience. Grandpa simply nodded.

"Hurry, Young One. Enemy or not, a life is still a life. Dragons do not discriminate between friends or foes when it comes to saving lives." Jake weakly nodded and turned towards his unconscious opponent.

"OK Jake," he thought to himself, "lift back the chin, pinch the nose, and breathe, 1, 2, 3." He repeated the processes several times, almost loosing hope; when suddenly Huntsgirl started to cough.

"Oh yeah!" he shouted in celebration, "No one dies on the AmDrag's watch, uh huh! Who's the dragon? I'm the dragon!" That was when Huntsgirl promptly rolled over and threw up.

"Awww, gross!" If anything, Jake was more surprised then grossed out.

"Yeah kid, that's the part they don't show you in the movies,"

"Fu Dog!" Except it wasn't; it was merely a shimmering projection of a loyal 600 year old shar pei.

"Yo Gramps, what's the hold up? I finally got through to the Night Elf High Counsel, but they refuse to speak to a 'mangy old mutt.' Hurry up, will ya?" Fu Dog said, slightly annoyed.

"Apologies Fu Dog, we ran into a situation. Please whip up a fresh batch of Phoenix Tears Elixir, and bring it to Jake's location immediately," instructed Grandpa.

"Can do! Oh, and what do you want me to say to the 'Haughty-Taughty' Counsel?"

"Tell them I will be with them shortly," After Fu Dog's projection disappeared, Gramps turned back to the still unconscious Huntsgirl. Absent mindedly Jake pulled her face mask back down over her mouth to keep her warm.

"Fear not Jake, injures to the head always look worse than they actually are. I will have Fu Dog bring a potion that will heal the wound, but in the meantime you must put pressure on it to keep her from loosing any more blood," Grandpa stated calmly.

"Right, pressure." Jake tore off a piece of her uniform and placed it on the cut while pressing down with his massive claws. Lao Shi noticed the worried expression across Jake's face.

"Do not worry young one, she will not die. Fu Dog will be here soon." After seeing the creases on Jake's face relax the magnificent Chinese dragon took to the skies.

Jake sighed. There were too many things going through his mind at the moment. He replayed the battle with the banshee over and over in his head. Something was off about the whole situation, but he couldn't quite place a finger on it. If the banshee was currently weak and sticking close to the shadows, then why did she appear high in the skies to attack him? Furthermore, why did she bother attacking Huntsgirl if she was currently too weak to hex humans? It simply did not add up. A small moan escaped Huntsgirl's lips, immediately snapping Jake back to reality.

"Hey," he said softly, trying not to jostle her body. "Can you hear me? How many fingers am I holding up?" Her only response was another moan, as she tried to curl up into a ball to keep warm. Sensing her shivers, Jake made a fire with a quick breath and brought his body closer to hers, using his wings as a make shift blanket. He tried poking her awake so she would answer his question, but her eyes never fully focused on him. The only reply he received was another grunt, possibly a protest to the pain.

Deciding he wasn't going to get much more of a response out of Huntsgirl, Jake let his thoughts wander again. Suddenly it occurred to him that standing out in the open with an unconscious Huntsclan member left him vulnerable to attack. He was a giant target panted red for all the world to see, his only defense were the wispy clouds that meandered across the moon, cloaking him in backlit darkness. "Great," he thought, "Fu Dog and Gramps are gone and I'm the chump who's out here like a sitting duck. Hurry up, Fu Dog, hurry up!" He let out a ragged sigh, evident of his paranoia and fatigue. He heard a faint rustling in the bushes and held his breath, listening intently for any signs of who or what the sounds were coming from.

Jake stiffened as his rhythmic pulse pounded against his eardrums. A half man sized figure stepped out from the shadows.

"Fu!" Jake exhaled, unaware that he was holding his breath for so long. "Am I glad to see you! For a second there I thought you were an entire legion of Huntsclan ready to rain down on me," Jake smiled awkwardly, before realizing what a squeamish little child he was behaving like and quickly decided to snap out of it.

"So do you have the potion," he coughed, deepening his voice.

"Yeah kid. The good news is, your little sweetheart is going to be alright-"

"She's not my girlfriend!" Jake rudely interrupted.

"Wow, down dragon, I didn't say anything about her being your girlfriend . . ." Jake shot him a glance. If only looks could kill.

"As I was saying, the good news is that she will be ok. This potion here," he held up a small flask filled to the brim with a fiery gold, bubbling elixir, "will heal her wound. This one," he presented a small translucent tin containing a neatly folded handkerchief soaked in a glowing green liquid, "will restore her consciousness and heal any concussions she may or may not have. Be careful with this one, it smells like a giant's toe-jam mashed with toad liver oil."

"Nasty." Jake shook his head in disgust.

"No kidding kid." Fu uncorked the flask and let the fizzling liquid gush over onto Huntsgirl's midsection.

"Why are you doing that Fu? Shouldn't you be applying the medicine directly to her wound?" Jake questioned Fu Dog's methods.

"Just wait." Jake watched on in wonder as the veins in her body started to glow, illuminating all the cuts and bruises on her skin. Some were from this battle, others were from previous skirmishes. At that moment, Jake started to realize that regardless of her strength, skills and borrowed magic, Huntsgirl was human. She bleeds like a human, feels pain like a human, and is fragile just like any other human whom Jake interacts with. However, regardless her weaknesses, Jake started to realize just how hard Huntsgirl trains to win despite all the odds against her.

In a blink of an eye the wounds evaporated into the darkness. Stuck deep in thought, Jake barely heard Fu Dog's explanation on how the amazing potion worked. "The bad new is, now her entire body is completely healed. The potion treats all wounds on humans that were inflicted by magical creatures."

"Then why did you use this potion?" Jake questioned.

"It's the only potion that fully heals wounds on humans," Fu Dog explained, "In a case like this, the wound looked pretty serious, and I didn't want to take any chances, even if she is the enemy."

Somewhat satisfied with Fu Dog's explanation, Jake chose not to question the talking canine any further on the matter.

"So what do we do with her now? As much as I'd like to, we can't leave her here." Jake sat down on the edge of the water fountain, his tail twitching expectantly.

"That's what this little number is for," Fu Dog said while presenting the tin. "The Phoenix Tears Elixir is a two part potion. The first part heals all the wounds, like what I did just now. The second part wipes away any memory of magical creature association. But we don't want to do that to Huntsgirl because she knows all about us and her information is valuable to finding the banshee. So I brought along the Essence of Putrid. This will wake her up from the deep sleep that the Phoenix Tears put her in. The only side effect is that she will be very groggy for at least 24 hours."

"Great, no help from her tomorrow," Jake pouted while crossing his arms.

"Well, better than her being dead," Fu Dog reminded him. "Anyway kid, we best leave her here for the Hunts clan to pick up without them blaming us for the attack."

"Wait a minute Fu. What if someone else finds her first, or worse, the banshee comes back? We can't just leave her out in the open like this." For once Jake was pushing past his lack of sleep, crankiness, and hatred for the Hunts clan and showing general compassion for the now helpless teenage ninja. Fu Dog simply sighed.

"Yeah, you're right kid, but taking her back to the Huntsclan ain't gonna be easy."

Jake scratched his chin in concentration. "I got it!" he exclaimed triumphantly, "I'll take her and fly over central park and the city skyline. The Huntsclan will be sure to spot me, and when they do, they will signal for me to meet them somewhere."

"I hope you know what you are doing kid," Fu Dog said, the need for reassurance clear on his face.

"The AmDrag always knows what he his doing." A smile as bright as day flashed across Jake's face as he scooped up the fragile Huntsgirl into his arms and leapt above the treetops.

He circled over Central Park a few times, only drawing attention from joyous gnomes and a few pixies that had been out partying way past their bed times. Deciding he wasn't going to receive a response from the Huntsclan by flying over the luscious green, Jake migrated over to the dazzling lights of civilization.

Feeling nearly weightless, Huntsgirl struggled to open her eyes. She felt a cold breeze whistle past her, making her shiver and wanting to snuggle closer to the warm body that seemed so close, yet so far away. A tiny moan slipped through her lips as she tried to wriggle closer to the source of heat. Through her convoluted thought process she swore it felt as though Jake was holding her close, holding her safe, but why him? Jake had nothing to do with the magical community; he was simply a boy from school that she was harboring a small crush on. Perhaps that was where the thoughts where coming from, but she couldn't shake the feeling that the person holding her was someone familiar. The intriguing thoughts evaporated away as she calmly fell back asleep.

A small spear whizzed past Jake's face, too close to be considered accidental. After pinpointing the location of the attacker, Jake descended quickly and landed on one of the many dimly lit New York skyscrapers.

"What did you do to her?" It wasn't a question.

"Nothing," Jake retorted, "the Banshee did this to her, the one that you so cleverly placed inside her staff." Jake dared not move his stare off the glowing red eyes of the Huntsclan leader. With a simple flick of his tail he tossed over the translucent tin to one of the vigilant ninjas. "Dab it under her nose," he instructed them, "it will pull her out of unconsciousness, but it will leave her groggy and unable to move much for the next 24 hours."

"Hurry up then," Huntsmaster commanded, his iniquitous voice tearing at Jake's sensitive dragon ears.

Jake moved to put her down but hesitated. For some reason he felt irresponsible for handing back this weak, defenseless girl to the menacing power of the Huntsclan. Pushing those strange thoughts to the back of his brain he sucked in a quick breath and gently laid her limp body on the ground, all the while charged spears were steadily aimed at his head. He stood up, glaring at his adversaries and wondering if they were stupid enough to actually try and capture him at this moment.

"This is far from over, dragon," Huntsmaster seethed as he withdrew his weapon. Contrary to his character, Jake said nothing. He merely nodded in reply and dropped of the towering edge, his only concern focused on Huntsgirl's safety.


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