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I smiled down at him. He was helpless. The threat I had given him was lingering in his mind. I controlled him because of it. It was amusing to see him like this. Beaten. I had always hated him, always wanted to kill him, destroy him, but I wanted him. I wanted him to obey, to submit to me and me alone. He was mine now. Yes, yes so very helpless.

I slowly began to strip those pretty little clothes off his perfect body. They disgusted me. The colours. Red, green, and yellow. They seemed too happy. Too free. I took off the belt and cape, the boots and much more until he was skin. The last was the mask. I had always wondered what eyes laid behind it. Brown, blue, hazel, green? It was almost exciting to me when I peeled it off. But his eyes were shut tight. He didn't want me to see. Why? I controlled him now. I wanted to see. I purred in his ear, reminding him of the threat once more. Slowly they opened. They were an intoxicating blue. It was hard to glance away from them. They were beautiful. Humoured brimmed me when he looked away uncomfortably. He had no mask to shield his feelings anymore. He was revealed. Exposed. Naked.

Oh how I hated him, his perfection. His purity. I smirked to myself as I remembered that I was about to taste one and take away another. I kissed down his body. It was lean, so muscular. That of an acrobat. He squirmed under my touch. He hated it, he feared it, and nothing pleased me more than to make him feel these emotions. He let out a small whine as I met his lips. Deeply exploring the insides of his mouth. He didn't do the same, didn't kiss back, but that made it sweeter. My hands traveled and he started to shake slightly in fear. Our lips parted and I started to caress him. He bit his lip tightly to hold in a moan, not wanting me to hear him. He didn't want to show that he was beaten, that he was all mine. Though, when beads of sweat started to form on his upper lip, his forehead, he gave up on being silent. Even through the pleasure he pulled away from me, wanting me to stop, but I didn't release him. I pinned his body down more. His blue eyes shut tight. Jet black hair stuck against his forehead from the heat of his body.

I toyed with him for some time. When I finally stopped he was right on the edge. He screamed when I entered then tried to silenced himself, the yell releasing in a muffled cry. His face washed with pain. He bucked up against me. He wanted me out. Then, an odd shudder passed over his face. He hated himself for this. For submitting to me. For letting this happen.

"You will never win against me." I whispered in his ear. "I am superior." His shook with those words and I brushed my hand over his closed eyes "Where is your purity now? Where is your rebellious heroic little soul?" He didn't answer and soon I finished with him. His acrobatic body had arched gracefully before he was spent. Sitting on the edge of the bed I took to looking at him, turned on his side, his blue eyes vacant. I smirked. "Such a good boy." He cringed at the words. Then, I left him there to feel empty. I had taken away his purity. His innocence. And I was quite happy about it.