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Oh, before I forget, I don't own Teen Titans (I so wish I did though, especially Robin, if you know what I mean) LOL. I can so tell that you're laughing Melissa! Anyway, the characters that I do own though are Chris, Mikey, Crow (who is based on Corey), Dark Angel (who is based on Melissa), Sasuke from Naruto (Melissa just had to have this character as her boyfriend. Sigh what are you going to do. Oh, I don't own Naruto either, but like I said, I wish I did.), Super Nova (who is based on Alejandra), and Envy (who is based on Ana). Oh yeah, and Chris' powers and outfit is a lot like Danny Phantom's. Again, I don't own Danny Phantom and again I wish I did.

Okay, so without any further ado, let's get this story started. I hope ya'll like it!

"Hey you kids! Get back here!" Yelled a tubby man shaking his fat balled up fist in the air.

The man was yelling at two teenagers. One was a dark Mexican skinned boy with spiky dark brown hair. He was wearing a dirty white T-Shirt with baggy blue jeans and torn up white K-Swiss shoes.

The other teenager was a girl with very short black hair that went down to her ears. She was wearing an unzipped light-blue sweater that was torn a little from the tip of the sleeves. (Melissa, you know what kind of sweater I'm talking about. Laugh) Under the sweater was a white T-Shirt that was two sizes too big and loose red skater boy shorts with the same shoes the boy next to her had on.

The two teens were both running down the street from Wal-Mart, laughing their heads off waving bags of Hot Cheetos, Mini Oreo cookies, and plastic bottles of Coke they stole.

"You better watch your backs! 'Cause once I see you two boys again, I'm calling the cops!" The tubby clerk yelled.

"Boys!" The teenaged girl yelled almost dropping the junk food she stole.

"Chris, don't. You're giving him time to call the police." The brown haired boy said to his friend as she started walking towards the over-weight clerk.

"In case you haven't noticed man, I'm a girl!" She yelled talking off her sweater, grabbing the back of her shirt and pulling it. "See! I'm a girl! I got boobs and a curvy body!"

The man looked at Chris with an unsatisfied face.

"I don't know. You looked pretty flat-chested to me." He said.

Chris' face suddenly fell as she dropped her snacks and balled up her fist.

"You're dead old man!" She screamed as she charged after the fat clerk, but two arms reached from behind her grabbing her.

"Mikey! Let me go!" Chris yelled squirming like crazy and kicking her feet.

"I'm definitely calling the cops." The clerk said reaching into his jeans pocket and getting his cell phone out.

"Oh crap!" Mikey swore under his breath as he picked up Chris' junk food and tugged on her arm motioning her to run. "Come on! We're gonna get busted if we don't go!"

"No! Just give me five minutes with that over-weight clerk." Chris said as she started walking towards the clerk, but Mikey grabbed her arm as rough as he could and started running.

When Mikey and Chris finally ran out of sight from Wal-Mart, they walked in a dark alley right across a couple of houses.

"What the hell is wrong with you!" Mikey yelled. "You almost got us caught!"

"That pudgy Twinkie called me a guy!" Chris yelled.

"It's not my fault you dress like a dude."

"Whatever man." Chris sighed sitting down on the ground against the wall in the alley with her legs open and her arms resting on her knees. "Hand me some Hot Cheetos."

Mikey handed Chris a bag of Hot Cheetos and just stood there while Chris opened up the bad and started eating.

Chris then noticed that her friend was staring her.

"What?" She asked with chewed up Hot Cheetos in her mouth.

Mikey looked up at Chris' face and then looked back down where he was looking. He gave her a sly smile. "You just can't blame him Chris. No matter how you look at it, you are pretty flat-chested."

Chris' mouth dropped open once more as she threw her bag of Hot Cheetos at Mikey.

"You're sick!" She yelled storming off.

"What do you want me to say? That you got big breast?"


"Then what the hell do you want me to say?"

"Don't say that they're big and don't say I don't have any."

"Okay then. You have nice 'medium sized' breast." He said using air quotes.

"You're sick!" She screamed.

"What did I say!"

"What the hell are you calling them 'nice' for? Do you look at them or something?"

"No!" Mikey yelled blushing. "Well, they're kinda hard to see, so even if I did look at them, I wouldn't—"

"You pervert!" Chris screamed covering her chest and walking off.

Mikey sighed and muttered something that sounded like, "There's no pleasing you."

He then walked further into the dark alley opening a bag of mini Oreo cookies. "Women."

"I heard that!" Chris yelled from the other side of the alley.

"Good!" Mikey yelled.

Well, I hope you guys liked the first chapter. I'll post the second chapter as soon as possible. Here's a little summary of what'll happen next.

When Chris and Mikey are going out to Best Buy to buy a Linkin Park CD, they pass by a High School. How could just a glimps of a High School bring tears, hugs, loving moments, and harsh memories? Read and find out!