Well, let's finish it. You didn't think it ended with such a depressing time, did you? I hope not. Here's the real ending. For some reason, I was not feeling the words today. Forgive me if it sounds worse than usual.

(The chosen one awakens)

Sweat beads studded her dark skin; a shriek of pain echoed throughout the birthing chamber. "Agh…Din…help me…"

"Sh!" Titani commanded, taking a look at the progress. "You're doing well, the head is visible. Keep pushing and you will bring another Gerudo into the world." She turned to the queen, whom was grasping her daughter's hand for provided support.

"I do not…need your help, Titani." Even through all these years, Mirami retained her spite towards the woman. "I don't need it…" Before she could continue, a contraction seized her, and she cried in dismay.

"Your…your highness? I found out why Herishu was not here…to witness his daughter's birth…" A sentry hesitantly approached the tender situation.

"Yes, and why?" The queen barked, she was annoyed that her daughter was not progressing faster. It had taken her years to find another man worthy of her daughter's seed, and when she did, it had meant waiting for months until the pregnancy began to form.

"He is dead."

The queen straightened, and looked towards the nervous guard. "You're sure? How?"

"There was…a knife in his back. It seems he killed himself…"

The queen turned to face her daughter, who bit her lip as yet another sharp contraction took hold of her body. "Yes…he killed himself…or was killed."

"I did not love him…" Mirami admitted in a strangled gasp, gripping the sides of the stone bed as she gave the final push.

Titani slowly cupped a towel over the baby as a squalling racket filled the whole room. "I…I don't believe it…" She offered the infant to Mirami, who gladly took her baby…her baby boy. "It's the prophecy…the male."

"Male?" The queen repeated, as shocked as all the rest near the room. Whispers began to fly from one ear to another; she blinked back a few tears. "You have given birth to the future king of the Gerudo…" She surveyed the small babe.

He was strong, even she could tell that. His fists were clenched together as he continued to wail, his skin was a deep olive color, contrasting the tuft of fiery hair that was evident on his forehead. "He is our heir…certainly you'll name him after your husband…Herishu Cortuen."

Mirami slowly shook her head, letting her head rest against the pillow in a deep, weak sigh. "No…" her voice was hardly audible, she was obviously dying… "I never had a husband…"

"My queen, she has lost too much blood. She will not survive." Titani stated, blinking in a serious manner. "We shall name the king after her husband."

"No…" Mirami felt her strength slipping away like a fall leaf on the breeze. "His name is Dragmire…."

The queen and Titani exchanged a look, one knowing, and the other unsure. "Dragmire?" the queen asked.

"Yes…" Mirami softly smiled, her gentle eyes numbing down. "His name is…Dragmire."

"You would name your son after Dorf?" Titani hissed; her eyes aflame. "That pitiful slave?" Even through the years, she had not forgotten…Titani was surprised, but she was also very angry.

"Dorf…no…" Mirami repeated, turning to face Titani. "His name is Ganondorf….Ganondorf Dragmire…" She lifted his head to her lips, and implanted a loving kiss on her son's head. "He shall be known as the 'powerful weakling'…He will do great things, and he will be well-known. He will make his father proud…when he is old enough, give him Marikir's cape and sword…he will use them well, as…he did." With this final raspy request, she let her hand fall, slipping into the permanent sleep of death.

Her mother nodded in regret, turning to Titani. "It will be as she has said. Ganondorf Dragmire will be the king, and he will be taught our ways…but he must never know. Never reveal to him who his father was…that he was…a Hylian."

"It shall be as you have said, my queen…" Titani stated, jealousy re-entering her heart. She had never known, and would never know, the love that Mirami and Marikir had shared. One day, though she didn't realize it, she would be destroyed by the heir of Marikir, and experience the same treachery she had inflicted on others. Even then, she showed a look of distaste…for she knew they were sharing it now.