Author's Notes: Yep, a series of romantic, quickie oneshot/drabbles. That's an original idea… Heh. Anyway, this is Sasha/Milla. This takes place during the time his brain is missing.

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Sasha took a deep breath.

The cube was a little bit off, now that he didn't have an astral projection. It felt horribly wrong to be looking at it from above; being unable to move anything or do anything but look. He couldn't even breathe properly. His cube, his secure little sanction, was quiet as ever. It floated like a planet, he thought miserably, a planet from which he was now banned.

But it was still his.

So far, he had been able to access only parts of his cube. When one had no astral projection, things were harder. It was his own mind, though, so he had to find out if it was in working order. The basic Shooting Gallery worked perfectly. Deeper parts of his mind were locked up for now. After a while, he gave up trying to open them. Which, sadly, left him with nothing to do but sit and try to maintain some brain activity.

He tried not to think about his body, lying unconscious or worse, somewhere unknown…

Sasha had already had the initial surge of panic, his claustrophobia rushing up to meet him in new ways as he screamed. But even screaming was mental, not physical. After a while he'd realized that his body was immobile. There was nothing to be done about that; so he went into his mental world.

A new wave of horror greeted him – he didn't have an astral projection anymore. All he was, was a voice. And he could move a few things if he strained himself. That was it. Oh, how he longed to have Agent Vodello here. She would have found a bright side, or a solution, or something. If there was any good to being a voice in his own mind with no power, Agent Vodello would pinpoint it.

Sasha took another deep breath. It was peaceful here, quiet.

And in the quiet, one thought rang through his mind: Was Milla okay? Whatever had gotten him could have gotten her. She was always by his side… They were two halves of a whole. He was typically the one who took the offensive. So if he was gone, then her chances of being in this situation were high. He couldn't even do the math. He was just terrified.

At first, when he met her, she'd been a bit too much. Too loud, and too happy for him. He felt as though he'd been paired with a shallow freak of nature. But as days turned into weeks and weeks became monthes, he began to appreciate her light heartedness. Her smile brightened him after a long mission. Her hug made him dizzy. Back then, he'd made excuses. Her smile was simply illuminated by the light because of the angle she'd had her face turned. Her hug would knock the breath out of anyone.

But in the quiet of his mind, every thought was unavoidably loud and clear.

He loved her.