I do not own Inuyasha , Fullmetal Alchemist or Bleach..If I did I whouldn't be here.. oh the years I just set it to X becasue in Alegbra X is a varible. So the Story takes place in 20XX. Neither the past, present, or future. This is my first Inuyasha and Bleach crossover. This is mainly inspired by Samurai Champloo. I usinf The events of Fullmetal Alchemist as a basis for the story.

Inuyasaha X Bleach Episode 1: The Phantom Alchemist.

Time: 194X
At a ruins of what use to be an underground city of long ago. A man in a trench coat was walking. Then he went to a buliding. Then there was some people drawing a circle.

"Is it complete?" The man said as he approched the men.

"Yes sir" The other man stood up. "We we'll be able go to the other side.

"Good." the man said. "After the events long ago...I will get a new philospher stone from the other side. hahahahaha. I will soon have the Shikon Jewel"

Clash of the Zangetsu and Tessaiga: Episode I The Alchemist Mance

Setting 20XX (In our world)

Place: Our world Tokyo. Although it may seem peaceful at a glance..The common people are going about their daily lives. Not knowing what's happing going to happen to them. This time is the Heisei period. This story is about two heroes that met..by chance lets say.

At the town of Karakura just a hop away from Beika, Haido and Hinata to the South.. There has been strange sightings in that part of Tokyo. Like the invisable monsters called hollows and the Men in Black called Shinigami.

We met one of our heroes named Ichigo Kurosaki. Our hero is a Shinigami or a death god. The way he got his power was when a Shinigami named Rukia Kuchiki. After taking injuries from the hollow. She gave her power to Ichigo and he became a Shinigami.

At the Karakura High. The teacher was teaching the class as usual. Ichigo was at his desk. Then a hollow appeared in the schools courtyard.

"Teacher" Ichigo called out. "May I please use the bathroom."

The teacher looked at him annoyed. "You have two minutes"

"Thanks, that's all I need" Ichigo stepped out of the class and transfromed into a shinigami. Armed with his Zangetsu went out to fight the Hollow.

Meanwhile in the Feudal era. A red blur past through the forest. Then it was followed by a giant cat with two people and a little fox demon riding on top.

"Inuyasha slow down." The girl in the black suit called out. "We can't keep up."

"Yeah" A little fox demon chirped. "Kilala is getting tired."

"No use Shippo." The monk called out. "He won't listen."

At the end of the forest. The demon was out in the open. Then Inuyasha came out with his Tessaiga. Then the demon craked his hands.

"It will a a pleasure to kill a half bread like you." The Demon said as he grew bigger.

"Bring it on" Inuyasha said as his tessaiga was powering up...

Present time:

The hollow had attacked Ichigo, Ichigo dodged it. Then as he was going to attack the mask. But the hollow had threw him down. Ichigo cursed himself. Then he powered himself, the hollow stepped back and chared at him. Then Ichigo jumped up and sliced through the hollow. Thne he felt that someone was watching him from the rooftops. He turned around but the person was gone.

"Hey Ichigo" A voice called out. It was Renji in his shell.

"Hey what are you doing here?" Ichigo yelled at him. "Again."

"Well, I like to see what was going on here." Renji replyed.

"Well I got it undercontrol." Ichigo snorted as he returned to his body.

"Yeah, I whould of defeated the hollow in no time." Renji snorted.

"What was that"Ichigo siad as another agument was about to start.

back in the Feudal Era. THe demon was about to attack the demon, but he dodged the attack. Then as he was about swing at Inuyasha. Inuyasha has used his blacklash wave. Then THe demon was cut into ribbons.

"Piece of cake." Inuyasha sheathed his sword. Then bits of the demon was about attack Inuyasha then an arrow came and killed him dead. From afar. It was Kagome...girl from the future.

"I got him." Kagome cheered.

"I chould of handled it" Inuyasha jeered and he glared at her.

"As if." Kagome looked at Inuyasha. "He was about kill you from behind."

Then the others came. sango and Miroku got off to see if Kaomge and Inuyasha were alright.

"Inuyasha" THey both went to Inuyasha and Kagome. Miroku went to see the remains of the demon. Then the rest follows him.

"What's worng?" The others looked at Miroku.

"Something about this demon." Miroku looked at the remains. "I can't put my finger on"

"It's dead" Inuyasha said as he walked off. "We killed it so leave it."

THe other followed Inuyasha. Then someone in the shadows was watching them. Then his cell phone rings. He picks it up.

"Target aquired". The man said. "Kagome Higurashi...yes sir I'm coming back to the present time."

Then a Flash of light appeared and the man disappeared to the present. Who was he and how did he came ot the fuedal era?