This was inspired by Metal Gear Solid, phone calls at the end of the credits.

A phone rings, Then someone picked it it. That person was Envy.

"Well Greed had hacked in to the Seireitei network...yes I know I dealt with him...I don't know who he was walking for..I know ma'am...He sent the data before I chould have a chance to get it out of him..Don't worry as soon as i told them who I was working for he pissed in his pants...Don't worry Seireitei took care of them and the Japanese government seized Eckhart assets. So this will be a trump card for future negotiations. The company is time has come. Yes Miss Beams I'll keep you informed

He hangs up. Then he dails some numbers

"Yes, It's me, They have accomplished their mission...Yes the base was destroyed by Aizen and the others before the Shinigami can get theirs hands on it...oh I have something that might intrest you..a certain battle data of someone. Someone intresting...he's in the same area as you. With him you might have chance...but wait awhile..I think Greed had send the Japanese goverment something...I'll look into it...The story I told them was a one knew that I was a triple agent. Of..course I'm always at at you desposal even though I'm not a vizard..."

"Mr. Hirako."