Sephiroth's Cloud


The Drifted

Jenova... The Crater... Black Materia... Reunion... Sephiroth... Clone... Failed Experiment... Puppet... Those were the only words that entered what was left of Cloud's mind as he handed the black orb to the motionless general, who was encased in what seemed like ice or Mako, perhaps both. He had apologized to everyone, especially Tifa, who had always been so kind to him; even if he wasn't the "real" Cloud. He had recently discovered that he was a failed experiment, a Sephiroth clone without a number, created by Hojo.

At the bottom of the cave, he could hear people calling out to him. He didn't pay attention to them, instead he focused on the light emitting from Sephiroth's body. The whole crater began to shake with an unnatural force as the light swallowed everything in sight. The last thing the blond felt before he passed out was a strong arm that reached out and latched onto his...

The cries of an annoying seagull from above was what stirred the silver-haired man from his sleep. He clenched his black-gloved fist, finding it full of soft sand. 'That's strange... It is as if I'm on a beach...' His Mako, cat-like eyes opened slowly as he lifted his head. He brushed his long silver hair out of his face, and glanced around in confusion. Sure enough, it was a beach, with luscious green fields and forests surrounding it. It was not what the general had expected to see when he woke up... He groaned and looked over his shoulder at the vast ocean. He could make out the icy continent and the snow-topped mountains in the distance, where he was supposed to be.


As he heard the small voice beside him, he suddenly noticed the slight pressure on his arm, and looked over his opposite shoulder. There was his second dilemma... Not only was he marooned on some island, and not safely tucked away in The Crater as he should have been, but now he discovered that his spiky-haired nemesis was there with him, holding weakly onto his arm. He yanked his arm roughly away from the boy and moved away with a glare. "Cloud... You useless puppet, you pulled me into the Lifestream with you, you son of a bitch!" He hissed in anger.

"Uhhh...?" Cloud opened his eyes and stared off into space. His eyes were unfocused and lifeless like a doll's... It was as if he was dreaming, or having a nightmare, but awake at the same time.

Sephiroth arched his slender brow at him then waved a hand in front of the young hero's face. No response. "It seems Cloud, that you have a severe case of Mako poisoning on your hands." A smirk appeared on his soft lips. "Was it too much for you to handle? I guess you shouldn't have plunged into the Lifestream then, huh?" He rose to his feet and kicked sand into Cloud's face spitefully. "Now because of your foolishness, we both are stranded here."

The boy lifted his head up weakly before it slumped back down. He seemed totally oblivious to everything: Sephiroth, his surroundings, and even the sand in his eyes that made them water. He was defenseless and completely vulnerable. Sephiroth realized that and drew his long Masamune sword.

Cruelly, he pressed the cold steel up against the younger man's throat. Cloud didn't even flinch, for he was unable to process anything due to the large dose of Mako he was exposed to. "It would be so easy right now, wouldn't it? I could slice you open, and you wouldn't even know I did it." Sephiroth grinned down at him villainously. "Your mind is somewhere where it cannot even feed your body simple information..."

"Number..." The blond muttered weakly.

"What did you say?" Sephiroth frowned.

"What's... my number...?"

"Number...?" The silver-haired man lifted his black glove slightly to look at the 'I' tattoo on his wrist. All of Hojo's experiments had numbers like his somewhere on their bodies, but only the successful ones... He narrowed his eyes and kicked Cloud square in the face, causing him to roll over in the sand. "You don't have a number. You were a failed experiment," he answered venomously.

Cloud slowly tried to lift himself up, but failed miserably. He turned his head in Sephiroth's direction. "Please... my number... Tell me my number..."

Sephiroth almost laughed at the pathetic sight before him. He returned the Masamune back to its sheath, and crossed his arms over his chest. "Fine. If you insist. Your number is zero." Though zero wasn't technically a number, he figured that the blond wouldn't be able to tell the difference in his state. Hopefully, giving him a number would make him shut up.

Cloud managed to sit up, his head hanging down. He seemed content for now. "Zero... I'm zero..."

The former general shook his head, and looked once more at the tiny mountains in the horizon, before he turned his gaze up at the sky. Abruptly, he grinned and began to laugh uncontrollably. In the sky above, there was a large, red flaming sphere. It was Meteor... It had been successfully summoned, and it would only be a matter of time before it collided with the planet. "Well Cloud, I'm glad you managed to make yourself useful by bringing me the Black Materia. What a good puppet you are..." He glanced at what was left of the younger man.

"Zero..." He mumbled. He held a bloody, broken seashell in one hand. On his wrist, he had carved a '0', attempting to mimic Sephiroth's tattoo with it.

The former general stared in astonishment before he moved over to Cloud, slapping the jagged seashell out of his hand. "You idiot! What do you think you're doing!" He growled.

The blond stared up at him blankly. He didn't even know that he was bleeding. He truly was helpless... too helpless, even for Sephiroth.

The older man looked down at him in thought. "I think I could use you against your friends when our paths eventually cross. They wouldn't do anything to endanger their 'precious' leader..." He chuckled and pulled Cloud up by his blond locks. "Come. We're going to see if there is a town around here..."

Cloud stood on shaky legs briefly before he fell against the larger man. "Ughn..." He groaned faintly.

"I'm going to have to drag you around, aren't I?" Sephiroth narrowed his Mako eyes fiercely and wrapped the blond's arm around his neck, and his own around his waist, as he started walking. The younger one leaned against his body unconsciously, his legs being dragged behind him. 'He's pretty heavy... No, I bet that sword he's carrying around with him is... Without that he'd weigh nothing...' Sephiroth thought to himself silently as he dragged Cloud through the soft beach sand.

Sephiroth heaved a sigh of relief as he saw the tiny town, nestled in the center of the dense forest he had been wandering through for an hour. He looked down at the blond and frowned. "What's wrong Cloud? Are you tired? I bet you are... from all that walking." He growled sarcastically as he lugged the younger man's limp body into the town.

"Hello strangers! Welcome to Mideel!" An old man greeted them as the two approached the entrance. He squinted his eyes to get a better look at the two men. "Oh, what's wrong with that feller?" He pointed his wrinkled finger at Cloud.

"He hit his head." Sephiroth lied to him. He really didn't want to talk to him.

"Ugh..." Cloud lifted his head slightly before it hung limp again.

The elder frowned. "Poor lad... You should take him to the clinic up the hill."

'Might as well, just to get him off me for a bit...' "Thank you. I will." He hurried past the man to avoid further conversation, and walked Cloud towards the small white painted building.

With his free hand, he opened the door and looked around. It was a small clinic with one middle-aged doctor and a younger nurse. The doctor sat at his desk reading as the nurse leaned against a table, filing her nails. Luckily, there didn't seem to be any patients so their actions were somewhat excusable...

Sephiroth cleared his throat to get their attention, making them both jump to life. 'It's what I should expect from ordinary humans...' He thought to himself.

"Oh my." The nurse moved over to them and looked at Cloud, who was mumbling something senseless and inaudible. "Poor dear... What happened to him?"

"He took a spill into the Lifestream." Sephiroth reached under the blond's jaw, and lifted his head up to show them his lifeless expression.

The doctor adjusted his thick glasses and stared in amazement. "He did what! It's a miracle that he's still alive!"

"If you call that 'alive'..." The tall general muttered under his breath.

"Bring him in! Bring him in!" The doctor urged him, then ordered the nurse to bring over a wheel chair. She then helped the poor young man into the chair, and wheeled him into the patient area of the clinic. "I don't know if there's anything we can do for him... He's some place far, far away right now, where we can't reach him..." The doctor looked at Sephiroth sympathetically. He thought that they were friends, and felt sorry the silver-haired man. He had no idea that Sephiroth could care less if Cloud recovered or not. "Anything could happen right now: he may get better on his own, stay the way he is, or die."

Sephiroth shrugged and walked into the adjacent room to look in at Cloud and the nurse. The nurse had managed to get the useless young man into one of the hospital beds. She began to clean and dress the bleeding wound on Cloud's wrist. "How did that happen?"

"He did it to himself." He answered bluntly.

"You poor thing..." She frowned and pulled the covers up to his neck. She sighed heavily and looked over at Sephiroth. "I hope he gets better soon. I'm sure he'll make it; he looks like a fighter." She offered, trying to raise the man's spirit.

The only thing that could cheer Sephiroth up at the moment would be if he had someway to return to The Crater. He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the wall silently. It was good to get Cloud off him for a bit, but he still needed to find a boat.

Cloud slowly closed his eyes, and seemed to drift to sleep peacefully. The nurse smiled and opened a window to let some fresh air in for him. "Rest will be good for him. You're welcome to use one of the beds here if you want; you look pretty exhausted yourself." She bowed politely to Sephiroth, before walking out to give them some privacy. 'What a cold looking man that guy is, but he's a very good friend to be helping out that poor boy.' She thought with an oblivious smile.

Once she was gone, Sephiroth strode over to the hospital bed, smirking. "How are you feeling Cloud? Are you at peace right now in your slumber? Dreaming good dreams?" He knelt beside him and moved a gloved hand around Cloud's tender, vulnerable neck. "I bet I could snap it right now, and you wouldn't even make a sound. You would have a quick, painless death," he whispered into his ear sadistically. A part of him still believed that the blond could hear him.

Almost as if he in fact could hear Sephiroth's voice, Cloud's eye-lids twitched and his lips opened slightly. Silver hair spilt over the sides of his face from the man above him; it would have tickled if he could feel it...

Sephiroth moved his gloved thumb around in circles over his throat and chuckled. "I wouldn't grant you such an easy death. When I decide to get rid of you, you will be fully aware." He spoke like a madman as his thumb moved up to brush against Cloud's pale, lower lip. "Now, I need to go out and see if I can find a vessel that can take us back to the Ice Continent. Will you be a good boy and stay put while I'm gone?" He grasped his chin in between his thumb and index finger, and jerked Cloud's head up and down to make it look like he was nodding. "That's what I thought." He chuckled again before he released him and walked out of the room.

"A boat?" An old man arched a bushy brow at the silver-haired stranger in front of him. He was sitting in his rocking chair on his porch, when he overheard this young man asking around for a ship of some sort.

"Yes, I need someway to get to the Icicle Inn overseas." The young stranger frowned. There were a lot of old people in this town...

The old man continued rocking back and forth in his chair. "Only ship in Mideel is mine. She's a fishin' boat though. She's not used fer shippin' people 'round."

Sephiroth wanted to slit this man's throat. The only boat in town belonged to this bum, and now he couldn't even use it? He would have taken it by force, but he knew it would make too big of a scene, so he decided to use a different tactic. "Please sir, my friend is very sick. His last request before he passed out was for me to take him to his mother at the Icicle Inn, so she could take care of him..."

The lie worked as expected. "Ah... poor lad... Well, I guess I could take you two as far as Bone Village... It's pretty close to the shore after all."

'I've still got it.' The general smirked inwardly and nodded at old man. "Thank you. I'm sure he will appreciate it."

"The ship'll be ready to set sail in a few days. Just give me some time to tune her up."

Sephiroth thanked him again and rubbed his temple as he returned to the clinic. He hated these humans and hated dealing with them, but he figured that they would all be gone soon anyway. The Meteor in the sky would assure to that.

When he returned, he found the nurse at Cloud's side, talking to him. Of course, it was a one-sided conversation; Cloud was staring up at the ceiling with a blank expression. The nurse looked over at Sephiroth and smiled. "They say that they can still hear what you're saying. There are many stories of people in a coma waking up that way... They say it helps..."

Sephiroth said nothing and sat down on the bed beside Cloud. The nurse just figured the man was too depressed to talk and decided to leave them again. "I'll let you two rest now. I'm going home, but if you need anything my house is right next door." With that she was gone, once again leaving Cloud at the mercy of the madman.

As she left, Cloud's head turned to the side, in Sephiroth's direction. It was almost creepy. He opened his mouth again weakly, but didn't make a sound. Sephiroth chuckled to himself, as he mentally compared the boy to a fish in a tank: looking at itself in the glass, opening and closing its mouth underwater stupidly.

"Was the nurse right, Cloud? Can you hear me?" With a creak he moved over and onto Cloud's bed. Their combined weight put pressure on the cheap, hospital mattress. Sephiroth took a handful of blond hair with one hand, and moved the other down his chest. "I can feel your heart racing..."

Sephiroth's knees sunk into the mattress on either side of Cloud's body, as he moved closer to him. He cupped his cheek with his large, gloved hand and grinned. "I haven't noticed how much you've grown, since the last time I got to see you up close like this..." He moved Cloud's head to the side, and pressed his lips against his newly exposed neck. "You are at my mercy now, Cloud. I could do anything to you right now..."

He chuckled darkly as he pulled the sheets off the blond's body. He seized Cloud's partially opened lips with his own, kissing them hard. Hungrily, Sephiroth slipped his tongue into his mouth, tasting him. He rubbed their tongues together, slightly disappointed that the younger man couldn't respond. If Cloud was awake right now, he'd be kicking and screaming at him.

The general broke the kiss and removed Cloud's large belt, getting it out of the way, before he lifted up his shirt. Cool, leather gloves moved down his smooth chest to pinch his nipples, making them erect. Cloud made a small sound as Sephiroth undid his baggy pants. "I wonder if you can feel pleasure... Either way, I'll still enjoy shaming your body."

He spread Cloud's legs apart and pulled his arousal out of his pants. "Let's find out..." His leather-covered fingers curled around his shaft, before he slowly began to stroke him. Sephiroth grinned, feeling him grow hard from his touch. "How does it feel?"

"Uh..." Cloud breathed out quietly, his eyes closing half-way.

"That is what I thought." Sephiroth smirked as continued to work Cloud to full erection. Hungrily, he moved lower, kissing and nipping down his stomach until he reached his cock. His tongue lashed out over the tip, collecting the first pearls of precum as they poured out. As he tasted him, he could hear Cloud moan faintly from his actions. It seemed his body could still respond to some extent.

Sephiroth took the tip of his arousal into his hot mouth, licking and sucking teasingly, as he held Cloud's legs apart with both hands. Greedily, he swallowed more of him, sucking harder, as the blond beneath him let out another strained cry of pleasure. He pulled back slightly, running his tongue up and down Cloud's length, before he took him back into his mouth.

Cloud's breathing quickened as his hips arched, as if it was out of reflex. His fingers clenched the bed sheets in ecstasy. Sephiroth bobbed his head up and down, as he engulfed as much of his throbbing cock as he could. He gripped the blond's hips to keep him from bucking, his eyes slitting shut.

"A-ah!" Cloud cried out abruptly, his body tensing as he spilt himself into the other man's eager mouth. Sephiroth swallowed every last drop, then pulled away to lick him clean.

He looked up at the blond and chuckled as he sat up. "Did you enjoy that?" He stroked Cloud's cheek, watching him drift back to sleep. "I bet you did." Sephiroth grinned as he fixed up the younger man's clothing, and pulled the sheets back over his body. He kissed him once more before he sat up. "Good night, Cloud." He was a bit disappointed that he fell asleep, but he figured that he would have plenty of time to finish the job later.

'It will be more interesting to take you when you're aware,' he thought with a smirk as he slid off Cloud's bed and returned to his own. He stripped down to his black pants, placing the rest of his clothing and his sword under the bed, before he laid back on the mattress. Sephiroth wrapped the covers over himself and took one last glance at Cloud, chuckling quietly before he closed his eyes and fell to sleep as well.

"Cloud..." Tifa muttered as she looked out the window of The Highwind. It was seven days since the incident at The Crater, and still no sign of Cloud. She had been asleep those past seven days in the Shinra lab. When she awoke, she found that Cloud was gone, that The Crater was encased in a strange barrier, that Sephiroth managed to summon Meteor, the WEAPONS were out running amuck, and she and Barret were about to be publicly executed.

She managed to escape the gas chambers while WEAPON attacked Junon. Once she was out, she was picked up by the team's new airship, The Highwind. Together, the team agreed to find Cloud, and find out what happened to him. So far, their only lead was of a place called Mideel, north of the Icicle Inn.

"Don't worry Tifa, we'll find him." Red XIII looked at her with his good eye, his tail lashing back and forth.

"Yeah, I know." She crossed her arms over her chest, looking out at the vast ocean and the tiny island they were approaching.

"Captain, we've arrived! Permission to land?" The amateur pilot called from his control panel.

"Damn right we land!" Cid hollered back to him.

"Yes sir!" He yelped, still not used to Cid's temper and attitude.

"Do you think he's really here...?" Vincent glanced over at Cid as he spoke in his usual, calm voice.

"The hell should I know?" He shrugged. "He better be here! If he's not, I don't know where else to—pilot what the fuck are you doin'? Don't land in the forest! Land on the fucking beach you idiot!"

"Eek! Y-yes Captain!" The pilot whined as he tried frantically to land the ship properly. Cid could be really intimidating...

When Sephiroth awoke, he once again found himself in a strange bed in a strange environment. Slowly, he sat up and rubbed his forehead sleepily, looking around at his surroundings. It had been a week since he first arrived with Cloud. Everyday, he went out to see if the damn old fisherman was finished with his boat, and everyday it was still under construction.

He looked over at Cloud, who was sleeping peacefully. The wound on his wrist had healed nicely, but he still didn't recover from the Mako poisoning.

Each day, Sephiroth would go out on long walks, killing monsters to relieve his frustration. Every night he returned late, when the nurse and doctor were both home, sleeping. Some nights, he was so bored, he even talked to Cloud, who still stared blankly at the ceiling until he eventually fell asleep. For some reason, after the first night in the clinic, Sephiroth didn't touch him again. Perhaps it was too easy to take advantage of the blond while he was still poisoned.

A breeze from an open window made his silver hair blow freely. As he moved over to shut it, he saw something unexpected, his jaw dropping. That girl Tifa and two men, who he assumed were friends of Cloud's were outside, talking to some villagers. Sephiroth jerked away from the window and listened in on them carefully.

"Excuse me, I heard you talking about a 'pokey-headed' guy..." Tifa looked at the old couple with hopeful brown eyes.

"Yes, he and this other man washed up on shore here. They've been staying at the clinic..." The old woman answered.

Tifa frowned. "What did the other man look like?"

"He was a real serious lookin' fellow who wore a black cape." The old man squinted at her.

The brunette's eyes widened and she turned to Cid and Vincent. "Did you hear that?"

"No shit we heard that! We were standin' right next to you!" Cid snapped at her, lighting a cigarette in his mouth.

Vincent frowned. "That sounds like Sephiroth... I hope Cloud's all right..."

"I hope so too..." Tifa sighed then looked back at the old couple. "Um, where is this clinic?"

"Up the hill." The old woman pointed.

Tifa thanked them and began to walk there with Vincent and Cid. When they were gone, the old man looked at his wife and whispered. "Dear, do you think that girl's breasts were real?"

"In my day they never came that big. At least not on skinny girls like that one." The old woman shook her head, looking appalled.

Sephiroth leapt out of bed and got dressed quickly. He jumped on Cloud's bed, grabbing the collar of his shirt and shaking him until his eyes opened. "Time to go." He pulled the useless blond out of bed then looked over at the window again.

He saw Tifa and the others walking to the front door of the clinic. "Damn..." That counted that exit out; he needed to find another one. Spotting one of the open windows, he dragged Cloud over to it.

Sephiroth heard Tifa enter the clinic and thought desperately how to get the blond outside. Thinking quickly, he suddenly picked him up and threw him out the window, before he climbed out and joined him.

Cloud groaned in discomfort as he hit the ground. He was yanked up by the shirt as Sephiroth grabbed him, and dragged him along like when they first arrived in the town.

Sephiroth knew they had to leave now. He needed to find the old fisherman and see if the boat was ready. If it wasn't, he decided he would kill him and take it, regardless if it was finished or not. Luckily, he soon spotted the old man on his porch and called out to him.

The old fisherman arched his brow at him. "Aye...?"

"The boat, is it ready?" The silver-haired man lugged Cloud over to him and waited for an answer impatiently.

"Aye, she's ready... Why?"

Sephiroth narrowed his eyes. "May we... leave now? It has been a week..."

"Uh... who are you again?"

He grit his teeth to keep himself from exploding with rage. "I'm the man who needed to use your boat. You said that you would take us to Bone Village..." 'It's not like I am an easy face to forget...' He growled faintly in annoyance.

"Hmm...? Oh yeah! Now I remember! Ship's at the beach, ready to go. Follow me and I'll take you to her." The old man sat up and hopped off his deck.

Sephiroth sighed in relief as he followed the fisherman to the woods. Before he left the town, he looked up at the Meteor in the sky, drawing ever closer to the planet. "When that comes down, I will fuse with the planet as it tries to heal itself... and I will become a god..."

"Uh..." Cloud muttered weakly, trying to lift his head up.

He smirked and cupped the blond's chin, helping him look up at the sky with him. "That's right... and you won't be able to stop me... After all, you can't even walk on your own." Sephiroth chuckled and disappeared into the woods with him.

'Judgment Day is near, Cloud... It's only a matter of time.'

To Be Continued...

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