Sephiroth's Cloud


Hearts in Ice

Cloud hated the entire Ice Continent for two reasons. The first was because it was cold, obviously. The second was because of all the bad memories he had of the place. It was where Aeris was murdered, where Sephiroth awakened, where Meteor was summoned, and where he handed the Black Materia over, dooming everyone. Even now, as he trudged through the snow, the memories began to come back to him.

'I have to make everything right again...,' he thought as he looked up at Meteor, then at Sephiroth, who was still walking ahead. 'I'll avenge Aeris... I'll fix all of my mistakes... I'll kill Sephiroth...'

"We're almost there." The general finally said, turning to face the blond. "Sad isn't it? Just several long miles of tundra, freezing temperatures, and icy mountains to go before we part ways." He smirked.

"Yeah, real sad." Cloud grit his teeth angrily.

Sephiroth chuckled faintly and continued walking. A small sigh escaped his lips as they entered the town, and he glanced over his shoulder at Cloud. 'What is this feeling? Sorrow...? I suppose it is a little sad... knowing that I might have to...'

"What is it?" Cloud blinked. "...You're giving me such a serious look." He never saw Sephiroth with such a grim expression... It was giving him the chills.

"Hm?" He suddenly realized what he was doing and shook his head. "Nothing... just thinking of a hot shower... with you in it." He topped the sly remark off with his usual grin that always made Cloud pissed.

The blond glared. "Just shut up and move!" 'Fucking pervert... I should have known... Sephiroth would never feel sad about anything.'

"Yes, sir." Sephiroth mocked as they walked into the Icicle Inn. He stepped up to the front counter and smiled at the inn keeper. "We'd like a room for the night."

The inn keeper looked down at her book. "Oh... I'm sorry. All of our rooms are booked. The only one that isn't is a single with only one bed." She frowned. "My apologies... You see with that thing in the sky, a lot of people have been fleeing here to take cover..."

"Oh that won't be a problem... right Cloud?" Sephiroth smirked mischievously at the blond.

'Shit...' Cloud looked away, crossing his arms over his chest. "It's not like I have any say in anything you do."

"Great, then we'll take it." Sephiroth handed the gil over to the inn keeper and took the room key. He grabbed the blond's arm and pulled him closer. "Now, as I promised, we can go upstairs and warm up now..."

Cid had no idea how things led to this, but he sure as hell wasn't complaining. He recalled inviting the quiet former-Turk back to his room on the ship. He remembered they talked for some time on his bed, which was surprising because Vincent never seemed to be a conversationalist. After that everything was like a blur; it was like thinking back to a dream. The way things turned out, it had to be a dream.

He had finally lost his self-control and had found his lips seizing Vincent's. He couldn't help it, whenever the other spoke, he could only stare at those pale, perfect lips. At first, he expected the other to pull away and claw his face off with that metal thing on his hand, but to his surprise and relief, that was not the case. When he felt the raven-haired man return the kiss timidly, he was almost positivehe was dreaming.

Now, they sat there, kissing. Cid ran his fingers through his black hair before he moved one hand down, and groped his ass, just like back in Mideel. He pulled Vincent into his lap boldly, unable to regain control of his body.

Finally, Vincent pulled back, his cheeks red and his heart racing. "C-Cid? What was that for?"

"Well... I like you. I mean, I really really really really like you." Cid grinned, trying to look smooth. He was actually embarrassed at what he did when he looked back at it.

Vincent looked away. 'In other words, love?' After Lucrecia died, he never thought he could love anyone ever again... especially not a man. Then again, he never thought he would be awakened from his slumber and meet Cid and the others. He looked back at him and frowned. "How can you? I'm not even human anymore... I'm a monster..."

"Bull shit! You're more human than all the dum bastards I know!" The captain kissed him again.

"Then I really like you too." Vincent smiled faintly and wrapped his arms around his neck. 'Lucrecia... am I allowed to feel happiness again? ...I have a feeling that you'll understand.'

Cid pushed him back on the bed and moved on top of him, kissing him deeply, his tongue slipping through his lips and exploring his warm mouth. Vincent moaned into the kiss as their tongues touched, and pulled off his red cloak. The captain smelt and tasted like tabacco, but Vincent liked it. He liked anything associated with Cid.

'Fuck this is crazy! He actually likes me too!' Cid thought as he began to frantically undo Vincent's pants and belt. The former-Turk spread his legs shyly for him. The captain got the belt loose and just as he started popping off the buttons of the other's pants—

"Cid? Cid are you sleeping? Wake up! We're going to find Cloud now!" Tifa yelled through the metal door, knocking loudly.

"MAN!" The captain growled and punched the wall. "I hate that girl!"


"Don't get your panties in a twist woman! I'm comin'!" The captain sat up and looked down at the other man. "Damn... and it was just getting good too..."

Vincent sighed and sat up slowly. "I know... but we really should find Cloud... At least then, her attention will be focused on him again." He chuckled quietly.

"Yeah... I guess you're right." Cid shrugged and stood up. "Well, let's hurry up and find spiky-ass so we can finish this." He grinned.

Outside, Tifa shook her head and walked away from Cid's room. She headed back to the control room, frowning. "Cid seems in a bad mood for some reason... No wait, he's always in a bad mood..." When she entered the room, she walked over to the front, where the large window was and looked out at it, sighing. They were planning to head to the Crater and see if Sephiroth was there with Cloud. Hopefully, by the time they caught up, Cloud would be okay. She started to worry again. "Cloud... I wonder what he's doing right now..."

"Ahhh! Sephiroth!" Cloud moaned in pleasure as the man above him pounded into him over and over, each time connecting with his sweet spot. He didn't mean to call out his name like that, nor did he want to, but it just slipped out. He remembered that an hour ago, he was freezing in a foot of snow, and now he was burning hot, even with his clothes stripped off.

Sephiroth was above him, holding his legs apart and panting as their flesh slapped together loudly. Before, he had found some rope in the room, that was probably left behind by some mountain-climber, and easily found good use for it. He smirked, admiring the view of the blond's body as it arched in guilty pleasure. "Mmm... say my name again Cloud."

Cloud pulled at his restrains once more, but the general had tied them too tight and securely. When he refused to obey Sephiroth's order, he felt the general's large hand wrap around his throbbing arousal, milking him slowly and languidly. "S-Sephiroth... you b-bastard—ahhh!" His hips thrusted up against the hand, trying to increase friction. His body began to move and react on its own, responding to the other's every touch. Unlike last time, there was no pain; it was as if his muscles knew what to expect now.

The bed creaked beneath their combined weight, obviously not suited for two full grown men. Sephiroth grinned and forced his cock into him harder, his strokes becoming more frenzied. He won another strangled moan from the blond as he violated him for the second time.

"Ahhhh! Gods!" The blond's legs crushed around Sephiroth's waist, unintentionally pulling him closer as he felt that same familiar sensation rush through his body. Cloud cried out in pleasure, unable to hold it in anymore, and shot out all over the other man's hand and chest.

Cloud's muscles clamped around Sephiroth's bulk, forcing the general into an early orgasm. Sephiroth let out a mighty groan, shoving into the younger man's warmth as far as he could before he filled him.

Sephiroth panted and fell against the body beneath him. He kissed his lips passionately before he sat up. As soon as he did, he missed the feeling of Cloud's warm body. "You're getting good at this Cloud." He chuckled.

"..." Too tired to yell at him, Cloud panted quietly and ignored him.

The general found his pants and slipped them on, beginning to feel cold once again. "You know Cloud... this may be the last time we get to be together like this..." He wasn't speaking in his usual mocking tone, nor was he smirking.

Cloud blinked when he stared at him with a blank expression. 'It's that look again... Why is he looking at me like that? Is it because...' "Because after we get to The Crater, things go back to the way they were. I go back to my friends and you to Jenova... After that, we'll stop you."

'Because when you try to stop me... I'll have to kill you...' "We'll see, won't we?" He grinned, masking the concern in his eyes. 'Kill... Cloud?'

"Enough talking, untie me!" The blond squirmed as he regained some strength. He was getting cold in that position... not to mention it made him feel vulnerable.

Sephiroth laid back down beside him and undid his ropes, before pulling him close against himself. "Enjoy the warmth while it lasts. When we leave here, it'll only get colder."

"Can't I even sleep in peace?" Cloud growled weakly as he was pulled into the other's embrace. He struggled a bit, but eventually started to fall asleep. He was still exhausted from sex, and Sephiroth's body was so soft and warm... After several minutes, his head lolled to the side against the other man's chest.

Sephiroth chuckled faintly and ran his fingers through the blond's hair. 'Cloud... if you and I didn't live on this wretched planet... Would we be...?' He brushed the thought aside as he closed his eyes, falling to sleep as well.

The next morning, they woke extra early and set out. They had only started up the large mountain when the freezing winds started to get to Cloud. He started lagging behind Sephiroth and stumbled along the narrow mountain trail.

The older man turned to him. "I warned you." He reached into his cloak and pulled out the blanket from the inn. "Figured you'd be needing this sooner or later." He handed it to him with a grin.

Cloud snatched it from him and wrapped it around himself, shivering. "You should've told me earlier." He frowned.

"You're welcome." Sephiroth snickered and continued up the icy path.

"...Thank you..." Cloud sighed, giving in. He saw a surprised look on the general's face. Obviously he wasn't expecting him to say it. "What about you?"

"What about me?"

"Aren't you cold too?" The blond frowned. Sephiroth was probably much colder... with his chest exposed and all. Of course, he knew the 'Proud General Sephiroth' would ever admit that.

"Me? Cold?" Sephiroth gave a short laugh and looked over his shoulder at him. "Freezing." He looked back ahead. "But it's nothing compared to being encased in frozen Mako for five years as my clones wondered around causing mischief and chaos." A smirk appeared on his cruel lips. "Besides... if you get frost bite, your body will be less sensitive."

Cloud clenched his first around the blanket. "I thought you said last night was it."

'I said it "may be" it not it "was".' Sephiroth sighed quietly. "Keep it anyway..."

They continued walking, both seeming uneasy. As they reached a higher altitude, Cloud began to think to himself. 'Why is he acting like this? He's looking out for me... It's like he cares...' He stared at the general as he walked, not paying attention to how narrow the path got as they continued forward. As he took another step, his foot landed on the edge of the snowy path. The ice suddenly gave-way under his weight and broke off.

Cloud felt his heart stop and his stomach fall as he lost his balance; the blanket sliding off his body and floating gracefully off the cliff. Time seemed to slow down as he fell backwards. His arm reached out, his fingers groping the air to find something to grab onto, but there was nothing. 'I'm gonna die.'

"Cloud!" Sephiroth whipped around, lightening fast, snatching his wrist with his strong hand. He was pulled down by the blond's weight and landed on his knees, but he refused to let go.

Holding on for dear life, Cloud stared up into the other man's eyes, astonished. His legs dangled from under him, trying to dig into the side of the mountain. Hesitantly, he glanced down at the bottom. It was a long way down...

Using his other arm, Sephiroth wrapped it around Cloud's waist, pulling him back on the ledge. Once the blond was safe, he released him and sighed in relief. He leaned against the side of the mountain.

Cloud sat on the icy ground trembling. He looked down at the hand that Sephiroth had grabbed, and saw blood smeared on it. He realized that his wound must have opened up when he grabbed him. 'Why?' His eyes grew hot. "Why did you catch me again!"

"Same reason why I caught you the first time." Sephiroth looked at him. "I didn't want you to fall."

Cloud rubbed his eyes, trying to keep them dry. "I could have pulled you down with me... like last time."

"I didn't think of that." Sephiroth shrugged.

Tears began to spill down his cheeks, but he tried to hide them. "Look at me... I'm pathetic and weak... but everyone always relies on me. Everyone thinks, 'Cloud will handle it', 'leave it to Cloud', 'Cloud will protect us'... It's too much... I'm only one person!" He held his hand over his face. "Zack was... the only one ever to ever protect me, but he died because of it." His other hand dug into the snow. "Then there's you, who killed Aeris,... who burnt down my hometown,... and who's trying to destroy the planet... I hate you... but you saved me..."


"You saved me, but I have to kill you... Then you'll be dead just like Zack!" Cloud shuddered. "Why does everyone who protects me have to die? Why couldn't you be on our side?"

"Cloud..." Sephiroth sighed and moved closer. He wrapped his arms around the blond, pulling him close. "You look so pathetic right now..." His fingers brushed through his hair. 'Why are you acting this way? What happened to that hard outer shell?'

"I know I do, but I don't care." He rubbed his eyes, resting his head against the other man's chest. "It's not like you'll tell anyone. I've been humiliated by you so many times... this is nothing."

Sephiroth closed his eyes. "Do you still want to kill me?"

The blond looked up at him, and for a moment, he looked as if he was still a sixteen-year old boy. "It's not so much like I want to anymore; it's more like I have to... Unless of course, you want to switch sides..."

What surprised Cloud, was that Sephiroth seemed to take this proposal into consideration for a second, before he shook his head slowly. "You know I can't... It's too late to turn back now..." 'Not after I killed that girl and everything... I doubt you or your friends would ever forgive something like that.'

"Yeah... I know..." Cloud frowned, enjoying the warmth of being so close to Sephiroth. "A-anyway... Thank you... for not letting me fall this time."

He gave a short chuckle. "You are welcome..." 'Cloud... that little cadet inside you... never truly disappeared... He's still in there.'

For the rest of the journey, the two walked slowly. Cloud remained close behind Sephiroth, just in case there were anymore weak spots on the path. In a few hours, they had reached The Crater. It was just as Cloud remembered it, save for the obnoxiously bright barrier that engulfed it.

"What is that...?" Cloud moved closer to the light.

Sephiroth grabbed his hand and pulled him back. "Don't touch it. It'll fling you back like a rag doll. It's a barrier that only I can enter..."

The blond moved away, frowning. "Well... I guess this is it then... This is goodbye..." He refused to look the other man in the eyes, not wanting him to see any hint of regret.

"The next time we meet... one of us is going to die..." Sephiroth looked at him with that same, serious look.

"Yeah..." Cloud clenched his fists, slowly looking up at him.

A smirk appeared on the general's face. "Do you want to come with me? You and I both can become one with the planet..." He offered him his hand.

"I would... if it only concerned me, but it doesn't... This concerns the whole planet and every living thing on it." Cloud stared a hole into that hand before Sephiroth withdrew it.

"I didn't think so." Sephiroth chuckled softly. "Well... I'm sure it won't take long for your friends to find you..." He closed the distance between them swiftly, wrapping his arms around the other's waist, and pressing their bodies together. He caught Cloud's chin in between his fingers and kissed him on the lips.

A thought entered Cloud's mind, that after this, Sephiroth would never touch him again. That in a matter of time, he would be gone forever.There was a certain loneliness to that thought... 'It'll be okay... if I just kiss him once...' Hesitantly, he kissed him back, and for the first time, he realized how soft the general's lips felt.

At first, Sephiroth was surprised, but quickly accepted the blond's affections. His tongue pushed past Cloud's lips with little resistance. He smirked, feeling the other cling to him as their tongues brushed against each others'. Soon, their mouths began crushing together passionately as both men grew more desperate.

Sephiroth was the first to pull away, though he was reluctant. "I have to go Cloud." He stepped back towards the barrier. "Don't get yourself killed before we get our fight."

"I won't." Cloud watched him slip through the barrier and disappear. He ran his fingers over his lips; he could still feel pressure where he had been kissed.


Cloud's blood froze in his veins when he heard his name being called. He whirled around and stared at Vincent and Cid who were looking just as astonished as he was. 'Maybe they didn't see...' He watched Cid's cigarette slip from his open lips and land in the snow. '...Maybe they did.

"What... the... fuck was that!" The captain yelled.

"Don't tell anyone!" Cloud shot back. He knew it was pointless to lie his way out of the situation. He was just glad Tifa or Barret didn't see...

Vincent nodded. "...We won't."

"The HELL we won't!" Cid turned to Vincent, fuming. "The planet's in danger and this little fuck is messing around with the bastard who's the cause of all this!"

"Cid..." The former-Turk took the captain's hand and held it, looking him in the eye. "Please." He already knew exactly how to work Cid.

The captain rubbed his forehead. "Ahh... shit... okay."

Cloud walked past them. "This isn't going to change anything, got it? I'm going to break that barrier and kill him..."

When he returned to The Highwind with Cid and Vincent, everyone was glad to see him, but he wasn't exactly happy to see them. He ignored them and went to his room on the ship, feeling sick to his stomach. He pretended to sleep, listening to his friends whisper amongst themselves. Luckily, neither Cid nor Vincent said anything about what they saw, for that he was grateful.

'There's only one way out of this...' He stared up at his ceiling silently.

It was several days later that Diamond WEAPON, one of the monsters that was awakened by the planet, attacked Midgar and Shinra. Shinra's Cannon, Sister Ray, tore a hole through the beast and broke apart Sephiroth's barrier with pure Mako. After defeating Shinra, and stopping The WEAPONS, the team headed to the Crater to take on Sephiroth.

"Will you be okay?" Vincent muttered to Cloud before they entered.

"We'll find out..." The blond drew his sword.

Deep in the Crater, they found Jenova and defeated her before taking on Sephiroth. At first, it was a group battle between everyone and a twisted angelic version of the general. Cloud kept to his promise, attacking relentlessly without remorse.

Finally, after several battles, Cloud separated from Tifa and the others and found himself drifting through The Crater. Finally, he was alone in the darkness with Sephiroth. He held his sword, approaching him. "Sephiroth..."

"I've been waiting, Cloud." Sephiroth smirked at him, his bare chest glistened in the dark. "I suppose it's Judgment Day for one of us, isn't it?"

The blond grit his teeth. "Sephiroth... I'm going to kill you... and then I'm going to kill myself..."

Sephiroth tilted his head. "Do you really mean that? You would really want to die with me? Well, I'm sorry to disappoint, but I don't plan on returning to the Life Stream just yet." He drew his sword as well.

They charged each other, swords clashing. They fought seriously, with the intention to kill. Suddenly, Sephiroth landed a blow, slashing Cloud across the chest. His eyes widened when he saw the blond's body fall back and hit the ground. Sephiroth stared in horror as Cloud rolled onto his side and laid there motionlessly. "Cloud?" He rushed over to the younger man, kneeling down beside him. For the first time in years, he actually felt fear. What if he seriously injured him or worse?

As Sephiroth attempted to pull him into his arms, Cloud sprung to life and plunged his sword into his stomach. At first, he felt numb, until he looked down at the blond's sword spearing straight through him, then the pain hit him at full force. "That was... very under-handed of you Cloud... Good job..." He managed a weak grin as blood began to spill down the side of his mouth.

Cloud flinched, but continued to stare into the general's eyes. "Sephiroth..." He grabbed the Masamune, which was still in the other's hand and brought it to his chest. "Hurry up and kill me. I... can't do it myself."

"No." Sephiroth tossed the sword away from them with his last ounce of strength.

"Why! I said I wanted to die with you!" Cloud sat up and allowed Sephiroth to fall back in his arms.

"Die? Do you really think I'm going to die...?" He chuckled quietly. "Well I have news for you... I can never die Cloud... The Life Stream... won't accept someone like me..."

Cloud wiped the blood from Sephiroth's mouth, his eyes watering. As he stared down at him, his own tears spilt onto the general cheeks. "Fuck... Why couldn't you just kill me?"

"I guess... you haven't figured it out yet, huh? Well... you are just as dense as you look..." Sephiroth's eyes grew heavy. "Just don't... do anything reckless... while I'm gone... If I... find out that anyone... touched you... I'll kill them... Understand...?"

He nodded sadly. "Y-yeah..."

"Good... boy..." Sephiroth smiled faintly before he shakily raised his hand to the blond's cheek, wiping away his tears. "You'll always be mine... Cloud..." His eyes slowly closed and his body glowed briefly before it disappeared in a shot of light. The only thing left was a black feather, which Cloud scooped up and held close to his heart.

He did it. The planet was saved thanks to him. Holy was free to emerge from the planet and destroy Meteor, but the victor was still bitter-sweet for Cloud. He sat in the dark, covered in Sephiroth's blood, tears flowing freely. Soon, his friends rescued him from center of The Crater and brought him back to the ship.

Unfortunately, Aeris's spell, Holy was unsuccessful. The Meteor was already too close to the planet and began to collide with Midgar. Just when all hope seemed to be lost, the planet came through on its own by shooting the Life Stream into Meteor, just like a cannon. As Cloud watched the spectacle from The Highwind, he hid the feather delicately in his pocket.

2 Years Later...

Cloud parked his bike, Fenrir in the ruins of Midgar and dismounted, grabbing his sword. He spotted the young silver-haired boy standing on a building above and frowned.

"Brother! I'm with her at last." Kadaj said with his innocent voice. He was holding the box containing Jenova's head.

"So what's gonna happen now?" Cloud looked up at him.

The boy tilted his head, giggling quietly. He looked back down at the metallic box before answering, "Mother's going to tell me."

Cloud felt the wind blow gently. He reached up and pulled a necklace out of his shirt. Attached to that necklace, was a black feather. "I guess a remnant wouldn't really know..." He muttered, brushing his fingers over the soft feather.

Kadaj's face fell. "So what if I'm a puppet?" His fist glowed. "Once upon a time... you were too!" He smirked, blasting Cloud with a beam of light.

'I was so much more to him than a puppet.' Cloud grit his teeth and dodged the light before going after Kadaj, their swords clashing together violently. Their fight escalated to the top of the old buildings.

Suddenly, Cloud knocked Kadaj off with a powerful swing. The boy grabbed the edge of a building, holding himself up with one hand as his sword fell down to the ground with a clank. Kadaj drew a nervous breath as the blond landed in front of him.

Gritting his teeth, Kadaj threw the box into the air. The top opened and a green fluid poured out. Grabbing the edge of the building with two hands, he threw himself into the air and caught the box, holding it close. He took the liquid into his hands, dropping the box, and sipped it. His body plummeted down to a nearby ledge as Cloud jumped down after him. Wincing, he landed on the ledge and slowly rose to his feet just as Cloud came down upon him with his sword.

Cloud suddenly felt his assault blocked as a sword appeared under his own. When he turned back to look at the boy, he saw an entirely new face. It was a very familiar and beautiful face, that only he and he alone was able to see up close and even touch. Those powerful, piercing eyes opened and stared deep into his own, and his soft, perfect lips opened smoothly to say, "It's been awhile, Cloud."

Cloud immediately dropped his sword, his eyes widening. "Sephiroth..."

"Didn't I tell you, I wouldn't die?" Sephiroth smirked and dropped his Masamune. "I should punish you for that little trick you pulled on me in the Crater..."

The blond threw his arms around his neck, his body pressing tightly against Sephiroth's as he kissed his lips. He fell against the other man and rested his head against his chest. "Bastard... Two fucking years of peace and now this..." His voice cracked as he felt his eyes sting.

"Peace is boring." Sephiroth chuckled, his strong arms coiling around his waist. "Besides... didn't you miss me?"

"You have no idea..." Cloud blushed faintly.

Sephiroth kissed him and grinned. "Well I would have came earlier if only that boy took action sooner. "By the way... have you been good?"

"I haven't returned any phone calls for a while, go out on long rides whenever Tifa gets too close, adopted some orphans so that she can never try to get intimate, and I push everyone away with my cold exterior... Yes, I've been 'good'."

"Good... then maybe I won't punish you after all..." Sephiroth ran a hand through his blond locks playfully.

Cloud rested his head against his chest. "I... I was broken until now..."

"What are you trying to say?"

"...That I'm happy." Cloud smiled.

Sephiroth stared in shock. 'He smiled... Hell froze over...' "This better not be another trick." He frowned. "You're going to stab me again, aren't you?"

"I might... if you still plan to crash a giant flaming ball into the planet again..." Cloud said smoothly as he twirled a lock of the general's hair.

"For two years I've thought about what to do when I came back... My choices were you, or becoming a god and pleasing my mother..."

"And you chose...?"

"Last time I chose becoming a god, I got impaled by a sword. This time, I'll play it safe and pick you." He stroked his cheek. "You can keep me a secret, right?"

Cloud shrugged. "I've kept you a secret for two years. I'm sure I can manage forever... Besides... It's about time I start living for myself." They kissed again deeply.

Sephiroth grinned to himself. He rather liked the idea of being Cloud's secret boyfriend. He may have hated the planet and its creatures, but the world didn't seem so bad with Cloud on it... Cloud... that scared little cadet... that useless puppet, that lifeless shell, that brave warrior, that beautiful, loving young man, who was the hero of the entire planet... was now his forever.

Sephiroth looked up at the sky as he held Cloud in his arms securely. 'You will always be my Cloud...'

The End

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