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Chapter 1: Truth or Dare?

"Hey, Kyo! There's a party tonight, and everyone's invited," Kakeru said, patting his left shoulder.

Kyo looked at the hand on his shoulder, and then gave a disgusted face to its owner. He shrugged the hand off his shoulder. "Yeah? So what?" he asked, bored, and walked away from him.

"Hey! Kyo! I said everyone's invited. Well, actually, only the tenth and twelve grades are invited, and of course our grade too. Eleventh grade. They were willing to come if the Sohmas are coming too, and I told them all of the Sohmas are coming to the party… Hey! Kyo! Are you listening to me?" Kakeru caught up with Kyo, who was a few feet from him, and he forced him to turn around. "Ah! Oops. Didn't mean to do that."

Kyo glared at him. "And since when do I go to parties?" he growled. "I don't wanna go, okay?" He walked away, and then Tohru appeared from around a corner.

"Oh, hello Kakeru, Kyo!" she greeted them.

"Tohru!" Kakeru came running towards her. "Kyo doesn't want to come to the party tonight!" he whined, tugging at her hand.

Tohru gasped. "But Kyo! Me, Uo and Hana are coming. And Yuki too! Please come! Please!" she begged.

Kyo stopped walking and clenched his fists. "But the damn rat is there!" he screamed and punched the wall next to him, and he made a huge hole in the wall. Tohru shrieked and backed away. "Ah! I'm… I'm sorry." Kyo rubbed his temple, cursing under his breath at the same time. He was going to regret saying this. "Alright! Okay, I'll come."

Tohru sighed, relieved, and Kakeru jumped up and down happily. "Thanks, Kyo!" he said, and ran to a random direction to go to a random place.

Kyo cursed under his breath all the way home, while Tohru talked happily about what they were going to do at the party, and what kind of food there were going to be…

- (At the party that night)

The girls screamed and squealed and shrieked when Kyo, Yuki, Haru and Momiji entered the room fashionably late. The Sohmas are the most popular boys in school. All four of them have their own fan girls and fan boys, except for Kyo and Haru. They don't have fan boys because they look like real men.

The room was really big, and nearly everyone in tenth, eleventh, and twelve grades are there.

A microphone was put on, and Kakeru's voice filled the room. "Hello and a very good evening to y'all!" he boomed. "Now that everyone's here, let's start a game before starting the party. Everyone, everyone, gather and make a big circle. We're going to play truth or dare!"

Kyo sighed and rubbed his temple. "Ah… This is fuck. I wanna sneak out." He went to the nearest door, turned the doorknob, and found it was stuck. "Wha…?"

"No one is allowed to leave without me allowing them to," came Kakeru's voice. "Now, gather around."

Kyo clenched his fists. "Let's make this fast," he mumbled and walked towards the big circle. He squeezed in between Haru and Momiji, and Kakeru was standing in the middle of the circle. Beside him was a big arrow lying on the ground, and Kakeru was spinning it to show that they were going to use this instead of the old fashioned bottle.

"And the rules are changed a bit, too!" he said into the mike. "I spin twice to get two people, one of them choose truth or dare, and I will be the one to ask them questions or make them do dares. Got it? And everyone must take part. Okay, let's spin!"

Everybody cheered as the arrow spin and picked couples. Just the usual truth or dare games. The girls were very disappointed when the arrow didn't land on any of the Sohmas.

Half an hour into the game, the arrow landed on Kyo. The girls looked at him, and they all screamed and shrieked," Me! Me! Make the arrow pick me!"

"Calm down, Kyo. This is just a game," Kyo said to himself, and moved to the middle of the circle and sat down, crossing his legs and closing his eyes. The arrow was spinning again, and it pointed at someone. The girls gasped, and looked at the person the arrow was pointing at.

Yuki was struck. His face was very red, and his mouth was gaping open. "What! Me?" he shouted at Kakeru.

Kyo's eyes shot open the second he heard that voice, and he suddenly stood up. "Him? Him?" Kyo shouted, pointing at Yuki.

"No choice, guys," Kakeru said. "Remember, it's just a game."

Kyo and Yuki clenched their fists, ready to plant it in Kakeru's face, but they tried to remain calm. "Remember, this is just a game," they thought.

They walked towards Kakeru, and avoided looking at each other. "Okay. Pick one. Truth or dare?"

Kyo suddenly froze. "Oh, shit! I forgot this was a truth or dare game!"

Both Kyo and Yuki raked their brains. "If I choose truth, then I must say the truth. Maybe he'll ask who from school I really like most, with the exception of Tohru and Machi," Yuki thought. "If I choose other girls… Well, I don't like the other girls even one bit. God can't I get myself out of this one?"

"Ah… Which to choose? If I choose truth… Oh! I don't know how to play this game!" Kyo thought. "It's just a game, anyway. What harm could there be playing a game with the damn rat?"

"Dare!" the both of them said together. Kyo glared at Yuki, and Yuki just ignored them.

Kakeru looked at them, and then smiled to himself. Everybody was looking at him, waiting for him to make a decision. "Alright, then," he boomed into the microphone. "I must tell you, when I tell you to do the dare, you must do it. No escaping."

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever," Kyo and Yuki mumbled, crossing their arms.

Kakeru laughed to himself. "Alright." He cleared his throat. "I dare you to kiss each other."

Kyo and Yuki froze in their places. The crowd was quiet. No one moved or made a sound.

"What!" both Kyo and Yuki screamed at Kakeru. The crowd started to murmur at each other, and then, slowly, they started to clap and cheered, making them to do the dare.

"I am not going to kiss this… this… pile of filth!" Kyo shouted.

"Like I want to kiss you, anyway, you… you…" Both Kyo and Yuki were practically pointing at each other now, and Kakeru was enjoying every second of it. "Kakeru! I am not going to do this stupid dare! I am not playing this game anymore!"

"Hey! I told you guys you must do the dare, and you promised," Kakeru whined. "Look at Tohru. She's begging you guys to do it."

They turned around and saw Tohru clasping both of her hands against her chest, like praying or something, and she had on puppy dog eyes. They really couldn't resist her. Kyo and Yuki clenched their fists. "Oh… Fine," they mumbled.

The crowd cheered, and Kakeru joined them. "Alright. Because you guys didn't want to do it at first, I must add another dare to this one."

Yuki jerked his head up. "But that's not how to play this game!" he said.

Kakeru tsked. "I told you this is a brand new kind of truth or dare."

"No you did not!"

"Your next dare…" Kakeru continued.

"Kakeru!" both Kyo and Yuki shouted.

"You must lick each other's lips after kissing each other on the lips." Kakeru smirked at seeing their faces. The crowd cheered loudly than before. "And we will put in money in here too! Right, guys?"

The crowd cheered. "Of course. Anything for any guy on guy action!" they heard someone shouted, and Kyo and Yuki blushed, mad.

Kakeru passed around a big basket, telling everyone to put in their money if they want to, and he brought it into the middle of the circle where Kyo and Yuki were. "Whoa!" he exclaimed. "Now this is a whole lot of money, guys! I won't just push this away if I were in your shoes right now."

"Kakeru, I didn't say I wanted to…"

"But you must," Kakeru said, cutting Yuki off. "Alright, let me count this money first."

The crowd looked at him, and then ten minutes later Kakeru finished counting the big basket full of money. "Oh my God! It's a lot more than I thought! Now you guys must do the two dares!"

Yuki and Kyo stared at the money crumpled up in both of Kakeru's hands, and the ones in the basket. "I can buy a lot of seeds and fertilizers with that money," Yuki thought.

"I can buy a lifetime supply of milk with that money!" Kyo thought.

Greed gripped them as they thought of what they can do with the money, the dares forgotten. "Ten thousand dollars!" Kakeru shouted, and Kyo and Yuki gasped. Their eyes twinkled as they eyed the money. "So will you guys do the dares?"

The money suddenly disappeared from their minds, and the dares made their way in. "I am not going to kiss him!" the two of them shouted, suddenly.

Kakeru waved the money at them. "Five thousand for Yuki, five thousand for Kyo. If you guys do the dares."

Yuki thought deeper. "I can buy a lot of seeds and fertilizers, and maybe my own land. Wait. There's no land that cheap. Well, I'll buy a small one, bigger than the one I have at home. But… Kissing him? That's not worth it for a… couple of… thousands of dollars…"

"I want that money. Period. But kissing the rat? I'd rather turn to a frog, thank you. But…"

Kakeru kissed the money, and Yuki and Kyo growled quietly. "God! He's manipulating us! Grr…"

"Alright! I'll do it!" Kyo turned to Yuki, and Yuki turned to Kyo. "What did you just say, you damn rat?"

"You said it too, you baka neko."

"I don't want to kiss you, but I want that money."

"Yeah? For what? A lifetime supply of milk?"

Kyo glared at him, not able to reply to that. "Well, I did want a lifetime supply of milk," Kyo thought.

"Hah. I was right. Five thousand dollar's not enough for even two years." Yuki smirked.

"Yeah, well… Your… seeds and fertilizers that you're going to buy will eventually finish, anyway."

Fire shot from Yuki's eyes. "At least I grow that for the people under the roof that I live in. Unlike milk, which are just for stupid you."

"Why you…"

"Hey!" Kakeru shouted, and the whole room shook. "Are you guys going to do the dares or not?"

Kyo and Yuki glared at Kakeru, and then tried to calm down. "Agh! Do this for the milk that will soon be in your stomach, stupid cat," Yuki growled at Kyo.

"And you. You do this for your stupid seeds and fertilizers," Kyo growled back at him. "Alright. We're going to do this, Kakeru. But hand in the money first."

"Na-ah. You guys do it first, and after you guys do it, you can take it from me, and you can leave if you want to." Kyo and Yuki gave him a death glare.


They stood for a while, looking down at the floor. The room turned quiet in a matter of seconds. Kyo cleared his throat, and looked up at Yuki, and Yuki did the same.

They glared angrily at each other, and then Yuki nodded. Both of them closed their eyes and leaned in.

Their lips slowly touched, and they shivered at it, but didn't back away. They pressed in closer, and then, at the same time, both of them opened their mouth and their tongues slithered out.

They jumped when their tongues touched, and currents ran through their body, electrifying them. They tried to lick each other's lips, but the other's tongue was in the way.

Yuki's and Kyo's eyes shot open, and they turned to Kakeru. "You did that on purpose!" Yuki shouted at him. "You knew when we try to lick each other's lips, our tongues will be there too!"

Kakeru laughed. "You first timers got it now, eh?" he chuckled.

Kyo advanced towards him. "Why you…!" Kakeru ran into the crowd, but Kyo didn't want to catch him. "You bastard!"

The crowd cheered, and Kyo and Yuki realized they really did it. They blushed and headed to the basket, and took their share that Kakeru put aside for them.

"I'm going home!" Kyo headed to the door, and he was out like the wind. He spitted on the sidewalk, and then wiped his mouth and tongue with his shirt. "God that's disgusting."

Yuki stayed behind. He didn't want to go home because Kyo was going there too, and he doesn't want to meet with the first person that he kissed. "Geez." He gargled, like, a million times in the bathroom.

That night, Kyo heard Yuki and Tohru came back at around twelve midnight. "And there's school tomorrow," he thought, and then snorted. "Like I care, anyway. I'm not going out of this room."

He turned to face the windowsill. The moon was shining brightly that night, and so was someone's spirit, although he or she doesn't know it.



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