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Chapter 6: Back At Home

They spent the last day in the hospital talking about everything that's happened between them for the last couple of years.

"You know," Kyo said. "We've been fighting for nearly all of our lives. And now, in just a couple of days, look at us."

Yuki sighed dreamily. "I know. If I were to say it to you earlier than our lives wouldn't have been wasted with fighting all the time. And… Thank you for defending me that night."

"What? You mean when that guy said you were a shemale? You're a pure bred man. Why wouldn't I defend one of my own?"

Yuki blushed and looked down at the plate in his hands. "And… How did you knew I ran away?"

At this, Kyo blushed. "Well… I nearly had a heart attack when I realized someone I cared for had something bad happening to them. The time before that, I kept fighting with myself to not think of even liking you, but then I just realized that I really do like you."

They tried to not get in bed, doing it, and the next day, when they were ready to depart, they came to their doctor's office.

Both Kyo and Yuki bowed to him. "Thank you very much for letting us stay for the last three days," Yuki said. "And for taking care of me."

"And also we're very sorry you had to see us," Kyo apologised.

The doctor looked shocked, but he pretended to not know what they were talking about. "Err… You're welcome, and… What are you talking about, Kyo?"

Both Kyo and Yuki grinned. "We know you came in the day before yesterday and saw us in the bathroom."

The doctor blushed. "I… Uh… Well, I wanted to take a look at Yuki, but the door was locked, so I unlocked it and… I'm… sorry?"

Both of them shook the doctor's hand. "It's okay. And thank you so much for letting us stay here again. We'll be going now."

The doctor walked them to the entrance door and waved to them until they couldn't be seen in the distance.

They walked for nearly a week, stopping only to go to the bathroom and buy food and to sleep. They tried to spend little time in every town they passed through. Even though they were aching to just lie in the bushes all day long, the thought of their sweet, soft, big bed made them go on.

Kyo stretched. "Ah. Finally!" his voice rang through the nearly empty street. "A familiar place that I call home."

Yuki smiled. "Yeah…" He looked around, and saw the house that he's been living in for the past couple of years, and tears formed in his eyes.

Kyo looked at him, smiled, and then kissed his cheek. "Now you regretted ever running away?" he whispered in his ear.

Yuki looked at him, and then shook his head. "If I didn't run away we wouldn't have found each other, right? We would just be hiding it among ourselves for the rest of our lives, forever regretting it."

Kyo smiled and wrapped his arms around Yuki's waist. "Well, let me tell you again, Yuki," he whispered and then leaned down close to Yuki's lips. "I love you."

"I love you to." Yuki leaned forward and they kissed under the moonlight, the wind blowing coldly around them.

"Come on. Let's go home."

Yuki giggled. "They'll be surprised to see us at this time, right?"

Kyo smiled and they walked hand in hand inside Shigure's house, quietly opening and closing the door behind them. They peeked into the living room and saw that both Tohru and Shigure were looking really sad, pushing their food around their plates.

Kyo and Yuki stepped into the living room, and Tohru and Shigure looked up, not believing it. They waved a 'hello' to them, and Tohru quickly ran to them, nearly tripping on her own feet. "Yuki! Kyo!" she cried.

"Ah, Honda! Don't hug us! We're very tired right now!" Yuki said, but Tohru didn't care.

She finally reached them, and threw her arms around the both of them. "Oh! You're back! I'm so happy! I thought you guys wouldn't come back… Oh… I'm so happy…" She cried as she hugged the rat and the cat in a tight hug.

Shigure came over and patted Yuki lightly on the head. "Welcome back, Yuki," he said softly. He then turned to Kyo, and scratched the back of the cat's ear. "Thank you for bringing him back, Kyo."

In a few seconds, a cloud of smoke filled the room. Tohru turned around to let Kyo and Yuki dress, and then she turned back to them and gave each a peck on the cheek. "I'm so happy," she whispered, nearly crying again. "We've been waiting for two weeks, without you guys calling or anything."

Yuki smiled at her. "I'm very sorry to run away at the first place, Honda," he apologised. "I'm very sorry to make you worry."

She smiled at him, wiping away her tears. "It's alright now. What's important is you're back, safe and sound."

Shigure smiled at them and spoke up. "We wanted to call the police this morning, but Tohru said she wanted to wait another day, and if you guys didn't show up tomorrow, the police would already be called, and the whole Sohma family would have known."

"But nobody knows we're gone, right?" Kyo asked.

"Ah, both Yuki's and Kyo's fan girls were stalking and threatening me for the past two weeks," Tohru said, giggling. "But thank God Uo and Hana were there to protect me. They were wondering too, but when I couldn't tell them the truth, they didn't spoke of it anymore. And Momiji and Haru asked me too, but I couldn't tell them either. I made up lies about Kyo and Yuki fighting up in the mountains."

Kyo smiled at her and ruffled her hair. "So in short, no one knows, right?"

Tohru smiled and shook her head. Shigure giggled to himself, seeing something. "She was very worried, you know, guys?" he said, but his eyes were on something else.

Both Kyo and Yuki stood up, and then bowed to Tohru. "Gomen nasai, Tohru. We're very sorry to make you worried."

Tohru flailed her arms around. "Ah! It's okay! You… You guys are here now. I felt like a Queen just now, being bowed to."

Both Kyo and Yuki laughed, and then they kneeled in front of her and bowed to her. "We're very sorry, Your Majesty."

The boys laughed when Tohru blushed madly. Shigure cleared his throat, his eyes still fixed on something. They turned to him, and then they also turned to where his eyes were aimed at. Tohru gasped, and Kyo and Yuki just held their hands tighter.

"You guys were kind enough to cover for us while we were gone, so please don't tell anyone about this?" Yuki begged them.

Tohru made a gesture over her lips, like zipping it. "My lips are sealed."

Kyo and Yuki turned to Shigure, and he nodded. "Why can't I keep a secret? It's not a sin to do such a thing."

Kyo and Yuki thanked him, and they sat down around the table. They ate dinner, laughed and joked, and teased about Kyo and Yuki.

"We've changed. Shigure changed. Kyo and Yuki changed. Since that day when they did the dares," Tohru thought, and then laughed at a joke Kyo made up.




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