-1Chapter 1: Raven's Sorrow

Raven sat alone in her room, reading a book. Outside, the November weather was raging in a storm. She loved storms. Well, normally she did. Right now, she couldn't care less about them. She wasn't even really reading, her eyes were going over the words, but she was taking none of it in. She just kept thinking about her and him. Why on earth did he like her? Why was he all upset about her death… or whatever happened to her. Couldn't he see what she had done to him? Care? Not really. Raven sighed and pushed her depression back into her head. There was no point in being upset, all she would do was upset every one else, and they didn't deserve that. She set her book under her pillow and decided to go to the common room.

She walked in and flopped down on a seat, draping her legs over the arm and covering them with her cape.

"Hey Raven, want some green tea in? Im boiling the kettle right now anyway," Robin's voice floated in from the kitchen.

"Yeah, okay I guess," Raven answered, watching Cyborg play a shoot out game on his new games console. Starfire was sitting up at the dinning table, looking through a catalogue.

"Oh Raven! You have come to sit with us! Would you care to view some new outfits with me?" She asked in her usual, happy and excited voice. The sound vaguely irritated Raven, but Starfire was her friend, so she put up with it.

"No thanks Starfire, Im just going to sit here and chill for a while," she answered, monotone.

Robin walked in and handed her a steaming hot mug of green tea.

"Here you go, watch out, the cup's kinda hot," He warned, sitting up at the table across from Starfire.

"No! No! Yes! Aha!" Cyborg was muttering to himself, his huge hands twisting and turning with the control pad in his hands as he steered through the levels, gaining point after point.

"Has any one seen BeastBoy today?" Robin asked, casting his eyes over the group.

"No," Cyborg said quickly, not even glancing from the T.V screen.

"He hasn't graced me with his presence at all today. I fear he is still upset after what happened to Terra," Starfire said, her large green eyes filled with concern.

"What about you Raven?" Robin enquired, gazing at her over the rim of her cup, which she was holding up to her mouth.

"Why would I have? I've been up in my room all day," Raven said quietly, hating BeastBoy silently.

"Oh okay…" Robin trailed off. There was total silence apart from Cyborg's non-stop muttering and the bangs of his game. Raven sipped her tea quietly and tried to empty her mind. It was hard, but eventually she managed to achieve total blankness apart from her chanting Aserath Metreos Zinthos in her mind. Then, BeastBoy waked in. He was soaked through to the skin and looked as if he had been crying. His normally perked ears were drooped and his eyes cast downwards. No one really knew what to say. He walked over to the couch beside Raven's chair and sat down, his head in his hands.

"I still miss her you guys…" He said, not sounding himself at all.

"Well, usually when a loved one dies, it's hard to move on…" Robin began comforting BeastBoy. Raven's mind was going on overdrive. loved one…. He LOVED her. Yes, like he'll never love me… Raven stood up suddenly.

"Look Im really tiered, Im gonna turn in for the night!" Raven gushed, pulling her hood up to cover her eyes, which were filling up steadily.

"Good Night Friend Raven! I hope your dreams will be filled with joyous events!" Starfire said happily.

"Night," Grunted Cyborg.

"Night Raven," robin said, not looking away from BeastBoy, who said nothing. Raven took off down the corridor to her room with great strides. Once she was in her room, she slid down to the carpet, her back against her door, and sobbed. She pulled her knees up to her chest and rested her fore head on her knees, tears flowing freely down her cheeks. If only the idiot would notice how much he was killing her. She knew that her hiding her feelings wouldn't help. Her feelings… She glanced up to see minor explosions happening around the room. She took a deep breath and tried to control herself. She managed to tame herself so that the was only a vague crackling of black power in the room. She walked over to her bed and fell down onto it. She was still upset, but she was trying to push it down to the back of her mind.