"Angeal?" Sephiroth was surprised to see his older lover waiting for him when he went to practice, but he smiled in genuine pleasure at the thought he might have a decent sparring partner for once. He understood why Angeal and Zack didn't really like sparring against him, but they were the closest to being his equals with a sword that he'd found so far. Eventually Cloud...no, he wouldn't think about that, not while he was with Angeal - the man seemed really irrational about Cloud sometimes.

"Well? Don't you want to spar with me?" Angeal sounded slightly offended, and Sephiroth blushed as he realised he'd frozen just inside the room.

"Please." He smiled, and prepared for Angeal to attack him. Then he focused on the fight, concentrating as much on drawing the spar out, on keeping as close as he could to Angeal's level, as on trying to win. Eventually he couldn't keep on holding back without Angeal noticing and reacting badly to it so he finished the spar off in a few swift blows.

"Thank you for that." Sephiroth smiled in appreciation as he held his hand out to help Angeal up; this was one area where he liked it that Sephiroth was so freakishly strong. "It's good to have a skilled and willing opponent, instead of being used to punish incompetents." He didn't exactly mind it; he didn't have enough sparring partners to refuse anyone so he tried to teach as well, when he was assigned an opponent, but it wasn't as much fun as this.

"You're welcome. So, has your keeper demanded your company tonight as well?" Sephiroth frowned at the bitterness in Angeal's voice, but he couldn't think of anything to do about it. He belonged to Cloud, and nothing was ever going to change that.

"No, he hasn't said anything. Does that mean you want me?" He couldn't keep the hope from his voice and he consciously relaxed, making his body language as submissive as he could while still looking at Angeal.

"It's been three days. Yes I want you." Angeal took hold of him by the left shoulder, pushing him back against the wall and kissing him, briefly but thoroughly before pulling back, to Sephiroth's displeasure. "We don't have time for anything more now. And you said you wanted us to pretend we weren't fucking you in public." He explained with a laugh, and Sephiroth felt himself blush as he remembered just where they were. He shouldn't have forgotten himself like that, but...he'd hoped this behaviour meant that Angeal had stopped being quite so angry that he belong to Cloud, and it had been a relief. And now...now he was wondering if Angeal had intended this as another way to hurt him, another petty act of cruelty.

"I can't display my relationship with you and Zack when I have to hide my involvement with Cloud. I...it would be cruel to him if I did that. And I can't let people know about him until he hits SOLDIER 1st class." People wouldn't give Cloud the respect he deserved if they thought he'd slept his way to the top, and Sephiroth couldn't do that to his keeper. Angeal laughed at that, and kissed him again, running his hands over Sephiroth's body in rough possessiveness.

"Come to me tonight, no later than seven." There was no room for protest in Angeal's voice, and Sephiroth decided not to bother reminding the man that Cloud had first call on his time; he seriously doubted that his keeper would have time for him tonight anyway.

"As you wish. About our plans to deal with Gregori...you are agreed that we should do our best to get as many of the instructors he's corrupted as we can?"

"It would be a waste of time if we didn't. Does Strife have any more information for us?" Angeal was speaking quietly as they walked to the mess hall together but Sephiroth could still hear a hint of resentment in his voice. He didn't say anything about that, though; he was sure it would just make things worse if he defended his keeper.

"Yes, he was able to name one instructor who didn't follow Gregori's example, SOLDIER 2nd class Jethro. And he said he'll tell us if he thinks of anyone else who was equally decent."

"I don't like relying so much on one source. When Zack gets back we should get him to ask the cadets Gregori was in charge of about this Jethro."

"Because we're both intimidating? You have a point, but I might question Jethro if I get a chance." Either the man had known what sort of attitude Gregori encouraged, and gone against the usual behaviour, or he'd just been oblivious to anything outside his specialisation.


Sephiroth was grateful Cloud hadn't decided he wanted him again that night; in fact when his keeper had contacted him at lunch he'd made it clear he thought it was a good idea for Sephiroth to go to Angeal. Cloud had 'said' something about not wanting to be selfish with Sephiroth's time, but the last three nights being an opportunity too good to pass up, and Sephiroth understood the second part, even if he wasn't quite sure about the first part. It didn't matter though, and he shouldn't be thinking about Cloud when he was with Angeal so he pushed all thoughts of his keeper aside as he knocked on the door.

"Come in." That was unusual, but Sephiroth ventured inside obediently, glancing around for his lover. Angeal was lying stretched out on the floor, resting on some of his cushions, naked. "Stay there." Angeal's command stopped him a dozen steps into the room and he watched as Angeal stood up and paced towards him.

"Good." Angeal took hold of Sephiroth's wrist, pulling him up against his chest. "I don't want you to say a word tonight, understood?" Angeal's other hand lifted to rest against Sephiroth's cheek as he spoke, only just letting him nod slightly. Then Angeal's hand shifted to grip Sephiroth's jaw, holding him in position as Angeal kissed him, dominating him effortlessly. He didn't fight it when Angeal started stripping him slowly, but he didn't do anything to help either, since Angeal hadn't told him to do anything and Angeal didn't like it when he showed any initiative in bed.

He shut his eyes and made small sounds of pleasure when Angeal's strong hands lingered on his nipples, or between his legs for a moment, but it came as a surprise when Angeal just pushed him to his knees, instead of ordering him down. Angeal ran his fingers through Sephiroth's hair briefly, before his hand came to cup his cheek almost tenderly, his fingers resting on Sephiroth's throat.

"Open your mouth." He obeyed, letting his lover fuck his throat as hard as he wanted, breathing around Angeal's cock as best he could, and swallowing when Angeal was finished. "Good, that was good." Sephiroth rested his head against Angeal's thigh, a small smile on his lips as the man petted his hair, enjoying the clear approval from his lover, even if he hadn't done anything but allow himself to be used.

Angeal tangled a hand in Sephiroth's hair and pulled him to his feet, kissing him again before pushing him down to lie on the cushions. Sephiroth let his legs fall open as he looked up at his lover, waiting for instructions.

"Stroke yourself, and play with your nipples." Angeal's voice was almost flat, and there wasn't really any expression on his face, leaving Sephiroth almost at a loss about what his lover expected beyond what he'd said. He wrapped his left hand loosely around his cock, stroking slowly as he licked the tips of his right fingers before he circled his left nipple lightly, teasing that way until it formed a little peak. Then he pinched it, hard enough that he knew it was going white, eyes fixed on Angeal as he twisted, enjoying the excitement his lover was finally allowing to show on his face. He licked his fingers again and repeated his actions with his right nipple this time, but Angeal stopped him just as he began to pinch it, kneeling down beside him and grabbing his right wrist.

"Enough." Angeal ran an almost rough hand over his body, and began preparing Sephiroth, quickly, lifting Sephiroth's hand and kissing the inside of his right wrist, running his tongue down over the palm of his hand. Soon enough Angeal lay down on top of him, pushing inside slowly, tweaking his nipples and biting at his throat. He set a fairly slow pace at first, something Sephiroth enjoyed, despite the inevitable pain, but then he speeded up, setting a punishing pace until he climaxed inside Sephiroth. Angeal stayed inside Sephiroth as he slid a hand between their bodies to wrap around Sephiroth's softening cock, stroking him to hardness and then to climax, fucking his mouth with his tongue.

Angeal pulled out, and rolled onto his side, pulling Sephiroth with him, holding him in his arms, almost restrictively. He shut his eyes, relaxing as Angeal stroked his back, one leg still between his own.

"That was good Sephiroth. You can speak now if you want."

"Thank you." But he didn't say anything else, waiting for his lover to decide what they should speak about.


Cloud disarmed Darres just as the free sparring ended, and the man stepped back with a smile.

"You're good. You might actually be up to working with the reaction teams in a couple of weeks." Cloud blinked in surprise at the compliment.

"I...thanks for the compliment sir." Did that mean that their teachers would be asked for their recommendation for their first few assignments? That would make sense; at least at first their teachers would probably know their capacity better than anyone else would.

"You're welcome. Do you still have more moves you need to perfect?" Darres looked at Cloud as he retrieved his sword, and Cloud had to smile at the hinted paranoia.

"A few, yes. And I'll probably be learning more stuff from Zack in my free time; he's been mostly willing to help me."

"Taking advantage of any connections you can make. A good strategy, especially since you're willing to put the work in too." Darres glanced over at Remus, looking almost reluctant. "We're supposed to make the announcement together, so..."

"Yes sir." Cloud didn't get why it seemed the man was almost asking for permission, but he smiled at him anyway as he made his way to the front of the room to stand beside Remus.

"This week we'll be handing your assignments out now, but in the future you need to collect them yourselves, at the same place you collect your messages. The assignments should be available at the beginning of the day before you need to start." Remus made the announcement, handing a three envelopes each to Darres and Lionel before they began circulating, handing the assignments out.

"Cloud, you'll need to stop by supplies to order the gear for your patrol tonight. And don't forget the tents this time." Cloud had the feeling he wasn't going to be allowed to forget about the damned tents for a long time, but he resisted the temptation to roll his eyes as he accepted his assignment from Lionel.

"No sir, I won't." It was just a sweep near Midgar, nothing special, and Cloud folded the paper into his pocket as he replied to his teacher.

"Good." Then Lionel moved on, handing assignments to the rest of the group, with personal comments for each SOLDIER he spoke to. Darres and Remus seemed to have comments for the people they gave their assignments to as well.

"Dismissed." Killian, Damon and Warren went with Cloud to see about supplies, so presumably they were doing patrols as well. After he'd ordered the gear for his patrol Cloud decided to wait for the others to finish and go to eat with them.

"You think anyone got on those reaction teams you were telling us about Cloud?" Cloud had to wonder if Killian realised how insensitive that question was, and he didn't resist the urge to glare at him, pleased to see that Warren and Damon were glaring at the man too.

"Why'd you expect me to know? You can ask what everyone got when we get to dinner." Cloud didn't need to say anything else until they joined the rest of the group at their table.

"So, there's four of us assigned to monster hunting." Warren had a grin on his face as he spoke, and Cloud for one was perfectly happy to let the other man speak for him now. "What did the rest of you get?"

"I'm on guard duty."

"So am I."

"Me too."

"And me." That was Peter, Francois, Matthias and Rupert...so what were Marco and Isaiah assigned to?

"I'm assigned to SOLDIER 2nd class Terrance for a suppression mission in Junon." Isaiah sounded pleased by that, something Cloud couldn't quite understand.

"SOLDIER 2nd class Franklin is leading a suppression mission in Kalm Town, and I'm assigned to him."

"Think it's going to be exciting, facing the rebels?" Peter sounded envious about that and Cloud had the feeling that suppression missions were seen as the plum assignment. He didn't quite agree, since he suspected that leading patrols for monsters was higher responsibility and so better for your career, but he wasn't going to say that.

"Yeah, if we get to face them when we're assigned to the mission." Marco had a point, except...

"You mean the rest of the SOLDIERs assigned to those missions are going to be there for longer?" Cloud had to ask; he might even ask Sephiroth about that tonight.

"I don't know...but my orders read as if I'm supposed to come back to Midgar by myself when I'm setting off as part of a group."

"Mine too." Isaiah smiled at Cloud as he spoke. "So, I guess we won't be working with those 'reaction teams' you told us about."

"Guess our teachers don't think we're up to that yet." He shrugged, resisting the urge to boast about what Darres had told him. "I got the impression that they're the ones who decide what sort of assignments we can be given for the first few weeks."

"That's what one of my room mates said as well yesterday when I mentioned we'd be getting our first real assignments today." It was unusual for anyone but Cloud or Warren to have something to pass on from older SOLDIERs and everyone turned their attention to Francois at that.


Sephiroth stripped off while he waited for Cloud; he was going to ask for something he wasn't sure he had any right to speak about, so he wanted to make sure his keeper was pleased with him. At least it was easier to please Cloud with a surprise than it was to please Angeal, since the blond was always asking him to show 'initiative' in their relationship. He sat on his bed and began brushing his hair out, hoping to be in the shower when Cloud arrived since he didn't want to be too obvious - it wasn't deception, just a way of making Cloud feel good, of pleasing him by showing that Sephiroth didn't have to wait for him to make the first move. Besides he needed to wash his hair anyway after Hojo had insisted he needed another check up today.

He heard Cloud open the door just as he was rinsing the shampoo from his hair and only hesitated for a moment before calling out to him.

"I'm in the shower Cloud. Come and join me if you want."

'That sounds like a good idea.' Cloud sent a sort of mental caress along with his words, and Sephiroth relaxed a bit at that, pleased to know that his lover was in a good mood. There was no point in putting the conditioner in his hair now, so he just waited for Cloud to join him.

"Mmmm. You look good like that." There was an appreciative grin on Cloud's face as he opened the bathroom door, naked, much to Sephiroth's pleasure.

"So do you. I...do you want me to wash your hair while you're in here with me?" Cloud ran his fingers through his hair as he walked forward and got into the shower with Sephiroth.

"That's a good idea; I'm not going to get the chance to for the next four days since I got assigned to monster hunting." Cloud reached up, wrapping his arms around Sephiroth's neck and pulling him down for a kiss. "What about you?"

"What about me?" Sephiroth wasn't quite sure what Cloud was asking him, and he let his confusion show.

"Do you need me to wash your hair, or were you just finishing?"

"Ah." That made more sense; for a moment there he'd thought Cloud was asking what sort of assignment Sephiroth had in the next few days. "I just need to use the conditioner."

"You can wash me first and then I want your mouth once I'm clean." Cloud released him and stepped into the shower, turning to Sephiroth with a smile. He swallowed and nodded, picking up his body wash, unscented, because he hated the way most scented products smelled, far too artificial. Then he began washing Cloud, running his hands over his lover's body, enjoying the hidden strength and wondering if Cloud was going to end up as heavily muscled as Zack and Angeal were, or if he'd grow to be lean and look deceptively slender the way he did now.

Sephiroth found it a bit disturbing that his keeper just let him wash him without doing anything to direct his movements, so he didn't hesitate to go to his knees when Cloud lifted his hands to push at his shoulders. Cloud kissed him briefly on his way down, then pulled back a bit with a gentle smile on his face.

"Am I clean enough for you now?" Cloud petted Sephiroth's hair as he spoke and Sephiroth leaned forward to nuzzle at his groin briefly.

"Yes, please. I want to taste you."

"Go ahead, take it slowly." Cloud stroked Sephiroth's cheek and he shut his eyes to enjoy the sensation, leaning into Cloud's hand for a moment before he wrapped his lips around Cloud's cock. He made a point of moving slowly, obeying Cloud's command, and he ignored the sound of Cloud picking something up, considering it none of his business, right up until he felt Cloud massaging something - presumably the conditioner - into his hair.

He purred at that, enjoying the way Cloud's hands tightened in his hair at the vibrations, then pulled back a bit, moving slowly and scraping Cloud with his teeth ever so slightly.

"Good." Sephiroth felt a mental caress through their bond. "That was inventive, but I don't want you to do that again today." He hummed in agreement around Cloud's cock and kept up his slow teasing movements, impressed by Cloud's self-control in not thrusting.

"I want you to make me come now, then you can get up and rinse your hair." Sephiroth speeded his movements at once, enjoying the fact that Cloud was finally willing to thrust into his mouth, relaxing his throat at that and swallowing his lover's seed. He opened his eyes as he stood up, smiling at the faintly sleepy look on his keeper's face and reaching for the shampoo.

"Might I wash your hair now?"

"Go ahead." Cloud let Sephiroth wash his hair and use the conditioner on it, relaxed enough not to fight the way Sephiroth moved him.

"Just stay where you are for now." Cloud got out of the shower and dried himself off first, then held out a towel for Sephiroth to step into.


Cloud led Sephiroth through into his bedroom and pushed him to sit on the bed, kissing the bared nape of his neck.

"Stay there for a moment." He pulled away and roughly towelled his hair dry before getting the hairdryer and plugging it in. Then he moved to sit behind his lover and freed his hair from the towel it was wrapped in.

"That was a nice surprise, finding you in the shower." He combed through Sephiroth's hair as he spoke and started work on drying it out, noting that his lover seemed oddly disturbed by his words. "Is something wrong Sephiroth?"

"I...it wasn't manipulation to try and please you, to put you in a good mood for the news I have, was it?"

"What? No, of course not." Cloud didn't get why Sephiroth would be worried about manipulating him, especially not in such a minor way, but he wasn't going to hesitate to reassure him. "It's normal to want to please people you care about. I want to make you happy and I'm glad you want to do the same." He leaned forward, wrapping his arms around Sephiroth and nuzzling just behind his ear. "So, what news had you so worried?" He could feel Sephiroth tense just a little in his arms, and used their link to forcibly relax him.

"I...Zack is due back from his mission the day before your patrol finishes."

"And you'll be spending the night he gets back with him and with Angeal. So, do you want to take the chance to have Angeal and Zack show me just how to take care of you if I push too far the evening after I get back?" Because Cloud wasn't sure he'd be up to learning that the night he finished his patrol and this was the first chance they'd had for making sure he knew what his mate needed if Cloud managed to screw up enough to make him go limp and unresponsive again.

"If you want that I can ask Angeal about it and tell you what he says when you get back." Sephiroth's voice was so totally void of emotion that Cloud had to reach through their link, finding such a strong mix of fear, acceptance, pleasure, anticipation, nervousness and hope that he couldn't work out what was the predominant emotion. But he could tell that Sephiroth had something else he wanted to say, and he 'pushed' gently to encourage him to open up. "That isn't what I meant though."

Cloud reached through Sephiroth's hair to stroke his back until he stopped trembling, projecting calm and love through their link, because he couldn't figure out what had made him so worried.

"Why don't you tell me what you meant then? I won't be angry with you, I promise." He went back to combing out and drying Sephiroth's hair until his lover felt secure enough to explain what he wanted to say. It was almost dry when Sephiroth finally spoke to him, instead of half starting to say something and switching the words to simple sounds, unhappy at first, but almost purring before he managed to complete a full word.

"You like Zack a lot, and he likes you. I know that he thinks you're attractive..."

"And I think he's attractive too. Are you suggesting that you'd like a threesome with me and Zack instead of with Angeal and Zack?" Sephiroth's hair was dry enough now, and Cloud put the hairdryer down, coming to straddle his legs instead.

"I know it isn't my place to suggest something like that, but...Zack doesn't resent it that I'm yours, and he has expressed an interest in you-"

"Hush." Cloud followed that up with a quick kiss, resting one hand on Sephiroth's cheek. "It's an interesting idea, and I think I like it. I wouldn't have suggested it, but if you think he'd be willing you can ask him when he gets back." He pushed at Sephiroth's chest then, and his lover obediently lay back, a smile on his face and in his eyes as he looked up at Cloud.

"Thank you. I-is there a day you'd prefer for this threesome?" From the way Sephiroth said that Cloud got the feeling that his lover did have a specific day in mind and he hesitated before answering.

"Not the night after I watch you with him and Angeal. I'm not sure if I'll want you then, but if I do I won't want to share you." Because if he wanted Sephiroth then it would be because seeing his mate with two other men had made him jealous. Cloud could see the speculation in Sephiroth's eyes at his words, speculation and pleasure.

"What about the day you come back from your patrol then?" Cloud laughed in surprise, then immediately had to soothe the hurt in Sephiroth's eyes with a hungry kiss as he lay down on his lover's chest.

'I'm not laughing at you. It's just...you obviously want to make sure I don't have time to change my mind.'

'And that is funny, I...understand.' Sephiroth began kissing back then, the hurt gone from his eyes, almost purring into Cloud's mouth as he lifted his hands to rest on Cloud's hips. 'But I don't want Zack to have the chance to reconsider or back out either.'

Cloud pulled back from Sephiroth, smiling at him and letting his approval echo through their link as he stroked the side of Sephiroth's face.

"Good point." Cloud didn't think that Zack would agree and then change his mind, but if it was something that bothered Sephiroth then he wasn't going to object to whatever would make him feel better. Besides, it would be something to look forward to a bit, having Zack as well as Sephiroth. "But I don't want to talk any more about Zack now. Just lie back and let me play with you."

"Yes Cloud." Sephiroth's smile was beautiful and he shut his eyes as he lowered his hands and tilted his head back with a breathtaking show of trust. Cloud bent to kiss his exposed throat and then he started to kiss his way down his mate's body, stroking his flanks as he moved towards the navel, biting lightly at each nipple as he moved past them. He licked an inward spiral around Sephiroth's navel, ending by slipping his tongue into the navel for a second before moving down again, this time aiming for Sephiroth's groin and nudging his lover's legs open as he moved.

He licked up along the underside of Sephiroth's cock, and settled down between his legs to suck him nice and slowly, planning on giving him something to remember. He deliberately kept his movements slow, teasing, and scraped his teeth against Sephiroth's cock the first time he felt his lover starting to climax, then kept on going until Sephiroth began to beg. This time when he could sense that Sephiroth was nearing climax he didn't try to stop him, instead pulling back just as his lover came, shutting his eyes as Sephiroth's seed spattered his face. Once Sephiroth had caught his breath Cloud moved back to lie on his back beside his lover, and then pulling him on top of him.

"Cloud?" Sephiroth sounded a bit unhappy, and Cloud didn't like that, so he stroked his back soothingly.

"I want you to lick my face clean. That will be easier with you like this. Don't worry about anything else." He could feel that Sephiroth was happy with those instructions, and he shut his eyes, letting his lover clean him up, starting with small, almost tentative, strokes of his tongue, growing more confident when Cloud made approving noises. Once he was finished Cloud pulled Sephiroth up against him, and began thrusting against his belly, enjoying the friction without having to bother with preparing him. Afterwards he left Sephiroth reluctantly, knowing it would raise questions they couldn't afford to have raised if he stayed that night.


"Zack?" Sephiroth let the question in his voice tell Zack that this wasn't going to be related to the verbal report he'd just given.

"What is it Seph?" Zack rested one hand on his arm, almost reassuringly.

"I...you've said you were interested in Cloud before...and he likes the idea, so...would you care to join me with him tomorrow night?"

"You're serious." Sephiroth stiffened a bit at the near disbelief in Zack's voice, and he began speaking again, almost falling over his words in an effort to calm him. "I'm sorry, I know you are, just...it's a bit of a shock you know? Cloud's not going to be possessive or jealous about inviting me into bed with the two of you? I don't want to cause any trouble for you."

"He won't mind. He likes you, and he said he thinks you're attractive. He..." Sephiroth knew he was blushing as he spoke. "He's usually pretty gentle with me, no question about who's in charge, but...he hasn't tied me up yet and...sex isn't play with him the way it is with you, but it isn't some sort of fight the way Angeal sometimes makes it." Looking back Sephiroth knew that even when Cloud had allowed him those little bits of control, like pulling Sephiroth on top of him and making him panic a little bit, Cloud had still been in charge and he'd known it down to his bone.

"And you want this too?" Zack sounded almost as if he thought Cloud might be forcing Sephiroth into the offer.

"I...it was my idea, but Cloud agreed and said I should ask you."

"All right then. I guess you'd rather not mention this to Angeal?"

"He knows I'll be with Cloud tomorrow, but I don't want to give him extra reason to be jealous." Sephiroth smiled at Zack and stood, ready to leave his office.

"I'll be discreet then." Zack let Sephiroth lead him to Angeal's quarters without objecting, and submitted to Angeal's kiss easily. Then Sephiroth reached for Zack, glancing at Angeal for permission to kiss their lover. He let his hands rest at the small of Zack's back, and then Angeal came up behind him, wrapping his arms around the two of them and kissing Sephiroth on the temple.

"It's good to have you back, in case Sephiroth forgot to tell you that." Zack pulled back from their kiss just enough for Sephiroth to see his grin and brace himself.

"Well, he didn't say anything from when we left his office until we got here."

"Ah, then I think he deserves a spanking for that. Don't you Zack?" Sephiroth relaxed in Angeal's arms, recognising the teasing tone in his voice and ready to let him do what he wanted.

"Yes, I guess he does." Zack pulled away from him, and Sephiroth didn't fight it as Angeal pulled his hands behind his back, pinning his wrists together with one hand.

"Why don't you undress Sephiroth while I hold him for you, and then you can do the honours?"

"You mean that?" Sephiroth could hear the disbelief in Zack's voice, even as his younger lover began unfastening his belts, knowing better than to disobey Angeal. And Sephiroth quickly shut his eyes, hiding his eagerness to see just how Zack would administer a spanking.

"It might be an interesting change."

"On the subject of changes...do you both remember how Cloud wanted you to teach him how to take care of me after pushing me to my limits?"

"Yeah. I thought it was sweet that he was worried about you." Zack's hands were at Sephiroth's pants now, pulling them down around his legs.

"Or about his incompetence doing damage to his property." Sephiroth wanted to flinch at the darkness in Angeal's voice, the hint of scorn, for both him and for Cloud, and of jealousy, among other things. "Pity he never followed up on that. I'd have loved to teach him a thing about how to treat you." Sephiroth shivered at that, eyes flying open as Angeal wrapped his free arm around his body, pinning Sephiroth's arms in place, but comforting him too. He hadn't realised until now that Angeal had considered Sephiroth to be his property, right up until Hojo and the ShinRa executive board had given him to Cloud.

"It was never exactly possible; Cloud's schedule has been anything but predictable until now. You two haven't been available when he was since he joined up with the rest of the new SOLDIERs 3rd class, and you wouldn't have wanted to take me to Hojo's labs for that...I couldn't have relaxed there."

"I couldn't either." Zack's words were a comfort, even if he wasn't sure Angeal would agree "But...I figured with so much time passing he'd decided he didn't need our advice. Was I wrong?"

"Cloud said that you could demonstrate how to take care of me after pushing me to unresponsiveness the day after tomorrow, if you were willing?"

"Oh yes." There was a dark satisfaction in Angeal's voice as he released Sephiroth and roughly stripped his coat from him. "But don't think this gets you out of that spanking you earned."