Chapter 1: Lipstick troubles

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Pretty Face story- Lipstick troubles

Author notes:
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The night in the fighting arena,the grand finale showdown approached to mark the end of all matches tonight. The last match was most anticipation for the viewer wanted to see because in that match itself included some legendary fighter around the world.

The iconic music played and the following roar of cheers among the crowds. The colored spotlight shone bright into the center of the arena and then slowly, the light beam swings rotatory around the spectators stand randomly, taking the glimpse of the spectator face before it returned back to the arena pits again.

The ringmaster entered the arena pit from the covered red curtain entrance. He wore his usual smart attire, a black tuxedo and a gray top hat to suit him well. He was enjoyed the short moment of the audience excitement. The screams and shouting filled the arena as to the ringmaster was the sweet melody of sensation. He wanted the prolong it but time ran short.

Slowly, he raised his microphone that almost touched his lip. The music die down had gave the signal for the ringmaster to make his preparation match announcement.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the final special event." He announced with his booming voice which intensify the crowd as the cheers grew louder in a minutes. "I know you are ready some blood bashing, bone cracking and …" The ringmaster gave all what he could hype in his speech.

At the behind covered curtain entrance to the arena...

"Come on, I am waiting here. How long with this old geezer will finish his speech" Randoh took a peek from the curtain and watching the old man still giving his long winding intro to the crowd like his teacher could not stop lecturing of 45 minutes without taking a break. It was anguish moment as he recalled in all his high school years. Now he thought those years had it over but repeatedly again today. He continued to peek as the ringmaster walked again and gave some gesture which making crowd to cheer more for his performance which also wanted to make Randoh have an itch to beat the old man after the match over.

After 10 long minutes,

"No further delay, I will introduce the two great fighter will pit each other to the end. Last man standing " The ringmaster pointed his right hand to the curtain and the spotlight follow to the pointed direction. The crowd roared as the curtain slowly rose to reveal the first opponent. "I present to you. Akuma." The ringmaster yelled and the crowd stood on their feet.

Randoh eyes widen and began to sparkle like diamond. "I don't believe… I got the chance to see him in real person..." He said with his tremble voice, not in fear but the excitement broken his composure.

"My perfect opponent" Randoh shouted in his thought as he saw his idol stood majestic next to the ringmaster. He revealing his well build muscles with gray worn karate clothes on it. "I can't beat him. If I managed to touch him a bit. I will be the happy man." His mind wandered off in his wonderland with his bragging right to his friend or rival that he had faced one of the greatest fighters in the world.

"Okay, the next opponent is the champion from Hokkaido Tournament" The ringmaster announced the second fighter intro to the crowd but the cheering from audience slowly dies down into a completely silence. "What the …" Randoh snapped angrily about the crowd letdown after heard the opponent title. "Come on, I am the champion." Randoh cursed the crowd and the ringmaster didn't do the job right enough.

"Haha, I present Randoh Ma…Randoh Ma…" The ringmaster felt nervous because the silence atmosphere that never happen before in his life career. Randoh slapping his own head, thought how stupid was that old geezer tried to call his name properly.

"It is Randoh Masashi," he screamed in silence. The ringmaster scratched his head, unable to figure out the name as he read the card on his hand. "Mr. Akuma could you…" The ringmaster asked but the glared from Akuma red eyes, seemed no interest read out the opponent name.

Randoh slapped his forehead with his hand again and slide down to his chin. He could promised to himself that old geezer would end up in the dumpster later. "I present Randoh Ma…sushi "The ringmaster just simply blur out the name, letting the match began.

Randoh dashed out from his stand place like a mad bull without waiting the spotlight and from the ringmaster signal. It was unbearable to wait in any second delay. "Okay, I am Randoh Masashi. Not Randoh sushi, old man" Randoh walked and yelling at the ringmaster. "Who are you?" The ringmaster asked. "I am Randoh Masashi. Can you see I am standing now" Randoh replied.

"I thought is a guy but you are girl." The ringmaster gave confused looking at Randoh. "What? I…" Randoh shouted but the ringmaster pulled out a mirror from his black tuxedo suit and shines it to Randoh directly. "No," Randoh screamed as the mirror reflection was Yuna face all along.

"But I can fight." Randoh said in desperation to put up a fight with his idol to fulfill his long dream. Akuma shook his head and tried to hold off his laughter. "I am really sorry, little girl. If Sakura or Chun Li, I will put up a match now. You don't look like the girl can fight. A girl with a pretty face." Akuma patted on Randoh head like a little child before leaves her behind and so as the disappointing ringmaster followed behind the legendary fighter . Randoh howled as the embarrassment hitting his head and then laughter from the crowd drowned his voice

Randoh kneeling alone in the dark… "Why happen on me?"

"Hey, wake up" Dr. Manabe shook her shoulder as he found Yuna sleeping on the sofa again with the game pad controller in Yuna hand. Seem she exhausted from playing long hours of street fighter game. The doctor seemed understood Yuna current situation. A tough guy like Randoh had given a girl face was kind humiliation and mind bent tortured. Like a tiger head attached the body of a cute lamb and persevered for a year now.

Since Randoh life had being a roller coaster ride, Dr Manabe decided to gave something special to the man, A mask of his actual face which better constructed to last longer than a normal design of it. The ultimate gift from the doctor to his favorite patient. Letting Randoh become his usual self for a time being.

"Hey Yuna, I got a surprise for you." Dr. Manabe liked to call Yuna, instead Randoh. It kind of cute name for a girl, not a boy. He shook Yuna shoulder again, wanted to show the surprise gift, but in return the doctor received a surprise gift from Yuna, a fist coming flying toward his face, sending him flying crashing to the table and then somersault in midair.

"What is going on?" Yuna woke up by a trail of commotion loud noise. She looked in such confusion state when she saw the doctor room became a mess as if someone had gone rampage. The papers and the broken glass were scattered on the floor and there was also a small bonfire burning something on the table. "Hey Doc. What are you doing on…?" Yuna didn't how to describe as she looked at the doctor stick on the cupboard like a flatten lizard.

After hours of cleaning. "Please build another mask for me. I need it so badly" Yuna begging for her life to obtain another new mask. The doctor shook his head in refuse and fumed about his kindness took an ungrateful beating from Yuna. "I will do anything to become myself again." Yuna asked, grabbed and shook the doctor's collar shirt like her usual way to get her things done.

She wanted become Randoh again so she able to walk the street without other guy looking at her with the pervert stares on her body or sometime on her legs . The last time, she almost make two guys entered in the state of coma as they attempted bugging Yuna in the street for a night date.

"Anything that I want? Yuna" the doctor smiled, as he waited Yuna saying those word would make his life brighter. "No more crazy invention of yours and no more acting as your girlfriend." Yuna quickly said. The funny thing for Yuna was always remembered about the doctor suits swim invention went wrong and the part that helped the doctor to chase away from a stalker which a beautiful girl had weird crush with doctors

"Okay, here is your mask." The doctor placed a black rubber ball that badly shaped on the glass table that supposed to be Randoh Mask. "Ah, what prototype that you wanted me to test this time." Yuna surrendered to please the doctor.

Writer note Randoh (male) is Yuna (Female). Sorry about confusing character

The next morning,

Yuna reached alone at the school entrance in earlier today without Rina tagging along which was always their usual routine to school.

She thought that to gave herself a bit space which able to help her dilemma issues as how long that this identity could hold. Rina real sister would be back in a year later as she promised to become a beautician. That mean she would never be close to her again after that.

"Yuna-san" the voices came from the back. Yuna slapping her head again, knowing who they are. The bozos came again to bug Yuna again, Endoh Tekuya. Tamura Shiyuuji and Kinoshita Takahiro. Those guys were persistent type of bunch to please Yuna.

"Come lets us to escort you." They ran along and started acting as the bodyguard scenario again, pushing other people away from any attempt of close contact with Yuna. "Stop please, I have a rough day." Yuna asked them to leave her alone with a polite tone. She had slight bad mood today and liked to punch someone like the hanging sandbag.

"Then we are here as your bodyguard. Make your day better." They said, as they pushed other student away, creating more attraction that shouldn't Yuna plan tried to be alone.

Yuna felt uneasy for a while and tilted her head, avoiding from other student staring at her like some kind of mafia boss. "Guys, if you don't stop now, you are become that person who need a bodyguard soon after the school days over." Yuna grinned with an evil smile.

"Okay Yuna-san. We are leaving now. Call us if needed" They got the sign and ran away like chickens as they could sense some trouble brewing ahead.

"Who need from them?" Natsuo suddenly came from behind and grabbed on Yuna's arm. "Morning" Natsuo greeted with a smile. Yuna looked away, thought her trouble just disappears awhile ago and another trouble appeared again. "Morning Randoh" Natsuo whispered on Yuna ears, sending her jumping as she heard Natsuo calling her real name. "Hey, you promised not call me that name." Yuna whispered.

"I was check on you. Seeing is Randoh or Yuna inside there" Natsuo whispered, busy poking Yuna's arm. "Hey, you are wearing a lipstick. Light red color" Natsuo noticed quickly and started to laugh. She could imagined Randoh wearing a lipstick to school. How funny is it? "Well, Could I have a kiss" Natsuo giggled, showing her lips to Yuna. "No, I remember I have thing to do." Yuna made an excuse and ran away like the trio in that earlier just now.

Yuna quickly ran inside the school and hide away from Natsuo from a time being. "I am almost kissing her. Damn I can't remove the lipstick." she cursed the doctor to put a prototype love lipsticks on her. The doctor did say it would be testing research to check the person affection and how long it will last when Yuna kissed someone. The problem was she couldn't remove the idea to having a guy chasing by another guy. It was unnatural thing for her.

She tried to remove the lipstick by simply wiping it off with water and soap but the lipstick still intact on her lip. She had to waited to wore itself.

"Yuna, where have you been? You left to school without me" Rina stood in front of her. She looked upset a bit that she had to walk to the school by herself. "Sorry, Rina. I got thing to do. So I left earlier." Yuna said, put a weak smile. "Okay, I am heading to the teacher office. Do you want to follow?" Rina asked her sister to tag along.

"I will see in class later, I got thing to settle" Yuna shook her head as she walked off from Rina.

"Okay. " Rina answered back.

Yuna walked along the school corridor, with her thought to become a guy once more. Just a day to go, she would getting a new mask. "What going I am to do after that?" Yuna would become Randoh and began to slipped into her imagination

The dark cloud hang above the school, it was a sign of the devil had returned to his former glory. The school students were shrouded by fear as he walked past them. No more dumb protection from the trio which themselves couldn't protect their own.

As today he would began his conquest mission.

Inside the judo club, the guys there didn't even notice upon his returning until the door open to spoke itself. A cold gust of wind entered to gave an eerier presence as a huge shadow stood there. "Who the hell are you?" The captain judo asked with an angry voice to the stranger had took a step in their sanctum territory. "I am your worse nightmare, I am here to claim your place for my taking" Randoh growled.

"How dare you? Guys, let teach him some lesson for be so cocky" The captain ordered as the member rushed toward Randoh like a pack of hungry wolves. Randoh grinned as his fist hunger for action. "Come to me" Randoh shouted, as the lighting flashed reveals his face to them.

The judo guys stopped their advance and gazed at inturder face for a moment. "Terrify already, huh?" Randoh asked them with his arrogant voice. Suddenly the guys started laughing and some of them lying in the ground as they hurt themselves with an outraging laughter. "What the hell is going?" Randoh confused with their action.

"Randoh wearing lipstick. He looks like a sissy girl." One of them said. "Randoh touched his lip, found a red stain on his finger.


"That devil" Yuna murmured, as tried rubbing it off with her white uniform sleeves. She hoped never kiss anyone for today only until the effect wore off itself or forcing the doctor to remove it. She also promised to herself to turn the doctor as a living dead zombie after she completed her task.

"Hey, Yuna. Sweet heart" A voice from behind her backs and surprised her. She turned around and kissed Miki Soujiro, a guy had a crush with Yuna since that incident. As she kissed Soujiro, the time frozen for a moment and the environment turned to gray.

"Oh shit, I kissed him. I am deep problem now." Yuna shocked as her mouth touched Soujiro mouth. Some of the student gasped and whispered after seeing Yuna and Miki Soujiro kissing.

"Yuna, I knew it, you really love me. How could resist my devil charm." Miki Soujiro said happily that Yuna had accepted his love. "Yuna, I promise you. I will put you as my first rank in my love chart." Miki Soujiro announced his love to let other student or his die hard fans know that he found a new profound love.

"I kissed him, what have I done? " Yuna looked blankly, wondering the prototype was working or not. "Come Yuna, let's skip school. Let ride the chariot of love with me." Miki Soujiro spread his arm wide open, tried to hug Yuna.

"Why you, I give you a ride to fly to the moon" Yuna gave an uppercut punch, sending him unconscious to the dream world where he could ride chariot of love by himself. Yuna walked away hastily from the crowd, tried to hide away from the people attention and also leaving Miki unconscious with a smoke on his chin.

She ran to the public phone, calling the doctor. She covered her face with a telephone book and listening the dial tone ringing. Even it was a short wait but it took forever for the doctor to pick his call. Then voice of rumor began to hunt Yuna down. The whispering voice about the hot topic about Yuna and Miki.

"I heard from student Yuna had kissed Soujiro." A schoolgirl told about the rumor to her friend as they walked along and didn't noticed Yuna stood there.

"What? That popular girl in our school. With Soujiro, that hottest guy. Are they dating together?" One of them sound excited as the gossip continues." What a perfect couple." Slowly they disappeared from sight but not the whispering.

Yuna couldn't believe it spread like wildfire. Soon or later the whole school knew about it. What she going to do about it? Yuna image tarnished because the kiss. She had to wear a paper bag over her head forever.

"Hello, this is Dr. Manabe. The best surgeon in the world at your service." The doctor greeted politely in his professional way. "I will be the best undertaker in your funeral" Yuna shouted at the phone.

"Yuna, no err Randoh, is that you? What happen?" The doctor recognized the harsh voice.
"Because your prototype lipstick, I kissed someone today." Yuna said angrily. "Really, that is fast. I thought you never kiss anyone yet. It is Rina-chan or Natsuo-chan" The doctor asked, anxious to know about the lipstick effect.

"Not them, but a guy." Yuna said, even she knew it was an embarrassment to say but she hoped to know the duration of the lipstick effect. "Hold up a second." The doctor put her on hold. "Doctor" Yuna could hear a weak laughter in the opposite side on the phone. The doctor returned back to the phone with his heavily breathing.

"Well, you kiss or you being kiss. Which one?" The doctor asked. Yuna couldn't make any sense of the doctor question, what is the different anyway. The most important is Yuna kissed someone. "I kissed that guy. It was an accident. I…" Yuna said, shuddered her shoulder.

Hold up a second…" The doctor put her on hold again in second attempt to laugh his mind off.

"I will turn your days into a miserable life if you are laughing at me." Yuna warned the doctor, her anger started to build up. "Okay, I am sorry but I couldn't help it. You kissed a guy. It is normal for girl does that. Well, your case are different. At least you are pretty hot girl now…" The doctor apologized.

"Doctor, any cure for that, I don't like that guy chase me around." Yuna asked for help. "Well, there is no cure for that yet. Yuna" The doctor replied with an uncertain voice, made Yuna stood on edge in a difficult problem.

"But it wear off soon, I guess in one or two days later. " The doctor said. Yuna breathed out in relief, knew it would come out a day of two. She could come with an excuse to being sick and out from school.

"Or it takes three month or depending the situation of that person affection." The doctor continued. Yuna opened her mouth wide, the word of three month craved on stone being to floating above Yuna head and fell in minutes later.

"What? I am going kill you. "Yuna slammed the phone and turned around. The students gathered around her without Yuna noticed, too busy on the phone. They being waiting Yuna to answer all their burning questions.

"Yuna got a boyfriend, "One of the students whispered.
"Is it you kissed Soujiro" One of female fans of Miki Soujiro asked with a crying voice, hoping that isn't not truth.
"Are you going to kill your ex-boyfriend?" One of geek took his note of Yuna reports and began to write down.
"This is crazy. A kiss created chaos. "Yuna ran away as the crowd followed behind her, down the corridor like a some kind of superstar being hunted down by mob of crazy fan.

To be continues