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My Hand In Yours

Incident One: The Bed

The door made a slight creaking sound as it opened, disrupting the quiet of the room. Domon's body went completely still, his breath catching in his chest as he fought to keep from gasping. The floor boards groaned under the weight of a person walking over them, and Domon winced with every step. The sound disappeared as the person stepped onto the large area rug in the room. Domon heard the slight sound of a dresser drawer being opened then closed. Though the sound was relatively soft, it was loud to Domon—both the quiet in the room and his enhanced senses amplifying the sound in his mind, causing the soft sliding sound of the dresser drawer to sound like screeching. He fought the urge to cover his ears.

Two feet ambled towards the bathroom. They stepped off the rug and onto the floor, causing the wood to creak once again as the person made their way to the bathroom door. It opened then shut, the shower starting a minute or two later. Domon's eyes popped open, he releasing the breath he had been holding.

She didn't know he was still awake. He was sure of it.

Domon raised his head, looking at the glowing red numbers of the digital alarm clock. He groaned at finding it was past eleven. God, had he really been lying in bed for more than three hours? He'd gone to bed early so he could fall asleep first. He didn't want to be awake when she came up—when she slipped beneath the sheets and laid her warm body next to his. It was too… awkward.

Too weird.

Yet it looked as if it was going to happen anyway. Domon had come up to the bedroom first, showered and lay down, waiting for sleep to come. However it never did. All he could do was wonder. Why hadn't he expected this? I mean, he and Rain were living together now. They had agreed to share a room. So why—why had he been so shocked when he saw those workers bring in the bed? Had he actually thought that they'd have separate beds?

Domon sighed, running a hand over his face. He didn't know what he'd been thinking. He and Rain were together—a couple. They hadn't been intimate as of yet, however that was sure to come soon—seeing as they shared a bed and everything now.

He blushed red.

Really, what was he supposed to do? He didn't know how to share a bed with someone. Was it like the movies? Was he supposed to hold her? Kiss her? Make love to her? Domon gulped. He didn't know how to do that either. But could he really sleep in the same bed with Rain—both of them in only their pajamas—and actually go to sleep?

No, he couldn't. It was too close for him.

So wrapped up in his thoughts, Domon barely noticed the water of the shower being turned off. He turned on his side—away from the bathroom door—and closed his eyes. He had to at least pretend he was asleep—even though he was certain he wouldn't be getting any that night. Maybe he'd go downstairs and get something to eat. Or watch some TV. He wasn't sure what he'd do to get out of the room, he just knew he wasn't staying in it.

The bathroom door opened.

Domon's body stilled once again. He heard Rain as she walked over to her dresser, opening one of the drawers and rummaging through it before closing it again. She took to few steps from the dresser to the bed, sighing as she pulled back the blanket.

She got in the bed.

The mattress sank down lower with the added weight, shifting as Rain moved around to get comfortable. Domon shut his eyes tighter, his breath coming out as a quavering hiss. Noise. Damn! She'd probably heard him! He bit his lip, hoping—no, PRAYING—that she hadn't heard. He figured she had though. She'd sit up and call his name in a few seconds—call him and ask him why he was still awake. It would happen anytime now…


Nothing happened.

Domon waited for a whole three minutes, yet nothing happened. Nothing aside from Rain's continued squirming. She hadn't heard him. He was safe. Wait—maybe she had heard him. Maybe she was just ignoring him. No, Rain wouldn't ignore him. She was probably waiting until he thought she'd fallen asleep to say something and scare the crap out of him. The conniving little—!

She moved her leg.

Her foot brushed against his calf.

Dear God, no! What the hell did she think she was doing?

A shiver ran down Domon's spine. Gooseflesh broke out all over his body. Crap! He should have worn those pajama pants she'd given him instead of the shorts! Crap, crap, crap! God, why him?

Just calm down, Domon, he told himself. Just keep calm…

Keeping his eyes shut and his breathing in check, Domon began inching away from the woman and her wandering foot. Slowly… very, very, slowly…

He fell off the bed.

It was a strange sound, Domon's skin making this sort of splatting noise when it connected with the hard wood floor, his body stinging from the contact. He lay in the same spot for a long moment, shocked by what had just occurred. He couldn't believe it. He'd fallen.

He'd fallen off the bed.

So much for all that focus he claimed to have. He was so going to have to work on this in his training.

The man groaned. Rain definitely knew he was awake now. He rolled onto his back, gasping audibly at what he saw.

Rain was standing over him.

Domon couldn't see her too well, the light being off and all, but he could see enough of her. Her hands were fisted on her hips and her ocean blue eyes flashing with emotion as she glared down at him.


"Okay, this is ridiculous!" she said, clearly annoyed. "What's wrong with you? I didn't say anything before, but now it's getting out of hand!"

Wait a second. She knew?

Of course she knew, he told himself. She'd heard him, remember? The fighter frowned. He knew she'd do something like this, the little—

"It's only a bed Domon!"

Thought cut short, the man's brows shot up to his hairline. Only a bed? Did she know what she was talking about?

"I don't bite either."

Domon rolled his eyes. "I know that," he said, speaking up for the first time. What did she think he was, stupid?

"Then why are you acting so childish?" she nearly shouted. "We're just going to sleep! I sleep on one side, you sleep on the other!" she pointed to both sides of the bed before running her hand through her hair, clearly irritated. After a moment or two of breathing deeply, she sighed. "I'm going to bed," she said, disappearing atop of the bed.

Domon laid there on the floor for a long moment, stupefied.

'We're just going to sleep!'

Sleep? That's all?

Domon blinked, smacking himself in the face. He'd taken the whole thing too seriously. They were just going to sleep. Together. On the bed. Like normal couples.

Domon picked himself up from the floor and stood at the side of the bed for a long moment, looking at Rain's back.

'We're just going to sleep!'

Well, then. He could do that.

Domon grinned, and with the smallest bit of remaining apprehension, he got into the bed. I'll stay on my side and she'll stay on hers, he thought, his eyes drooping closed as sleep finally claimed him.

The following morning, Domon awoke at dawn—just as he always did. Though awake, his eyes remained shut, his body somewhat reluctant to leave the peaceful slumber it had just recently enjoyed. He breathed deeply, the smell of wildflowers filling his nose. Domon smiled at the smell, rubbing his face against the silky material beneath his cheek. It was so pleasant; so refreshing; so Rain.

Wait a second—Rain?

Domon's eyes snapped open, his brown irises wide and fearful as he looked down into a mess of cinnamon hair (silky material—ha!). There was no doubt about it; that was definitely Rain in his arms, she lying on her side and facing away from him. Domon closed his eyes momentarily, a shaky breath escaping him as he fought to keep control. He opened his eyes once again and looked down further, his gaze sliding down Rain's tee shirt encased shoulder to her arm, where it rested by her waist. His eyes got even wider when he saw his OWN arm wrapped around it.

Oh God.

Domon gulped. How the hell had they gotten so wrapped up in each other during the night! They were just sleeping, right? They couldn't have done anything else. He wouldn't remember, wouldn't he?


I have to get out of here, Domon thought desperately. I have to get out of here. I can't be here. Slowly, he began loosen the grip he had on Rain's waist—which was rather tight. Once he'd released her, he began to draw his arm away.

Suddenly, Rain began to shift in her sleep. Domon went rigid, his eyes shutting tightly. She turned over, her face coming to stop directly in front of his. Her hands grabbed fistfuls of his tee shirt, her head falling forward and her forehead coming to press against his chest.

After a few minutes, Domon opened his eyes. He didn't know why, but he just kept expecting something to happen—something more. It's what had him on edge last night—this morning. He wasn't exactly sure what he was expecting, however it wasn't until now that he saw that it wasn't going to.

He looked down to the top of Rain's head. She was just sleeping. Shaking his head at his immaturity, Domon bent his head and placed a light kiss atop her hair. Then, though a bit hesitantly, he swathed his arms around her waist. Closing his eyes, he released a breath through his lips. Just sleeping, he told himself, just sleeping. He became aware of the breath leaving Rain's lips and blowing against his chest; of the heat emanating from her body to his; of, once again, the pleasant smell of her hair. Domon smirked. He could get used to this.

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