She was five when she first came to Darth Trilliniouse. She had come with three women and a man. One of the women was her aunt. She watched over her, held her, sang to her the whole trip there.

When the droids brought them before the Sith, the little girl clung tightly to the older women's hand. Darth Trilliniouse stared down at the five servants in distaste. He began to wave his hand to dismiss them when a droid went up to him and said something only he could hear. Darth Trilliniouse suddenly looked interested.

"Child step forward." She stayed back until her aunt pushed her forward. "They say you are Force-sensitive. What is your name?" Darth Trilliniouse was twenty-one, and young. He was always trying to prove himself.

"R…Randon." "You, little Randon, are going to stay here and be trained as my apprentice." Randon's large brown eyes began to slowly water. "Will I still see auntie?"

Darth Trilliniouse stood. "No. I don't need her. I am sending the rest of those things away." Little Randon stomped her foot. "Then I won't stay!" His eyes sparked. "Listen to me. I am your master you will do as I say. And over time if you do something as you just did, I will do something drastic. Unless I find favor in you, and you do show promise."

Randon clenched her little fist, and then pushed her dark brown hair out of her face. "What if I don't find your favor?" She asked in her young childish voice.

"Then this will happen." Darth Trilliniouse turned slightly, then using the Dark Force picked up the child's aunt. Then he threw her into a nearby fountain. Still using the Force he pushed her under water. Randon's eyes widen and her feet were frozen to the ground a scream stuck in her throat. Darth Trilliniouse let the women go, but she didn't get up. She just laid there limp. Then Randon tore her eyes from her aunt to Darth Trilliniouse. "She's dead." He informed.

Dead, Randon knew what that ment. Her parents were dead, her uncle was dead. But now, her aunt, the only relative she had ever actually ever known, was dead She began to cry, hard. "Take her to her room." Darth Trilliniouse ordered.

Three Years Later

A servant scurried into the room. "Miss Randon. Darth Trilliniouse wants you at his side immediately." Randon jumped up. "Me! I haven't seen Master in two years. I thought he had forgotten me." How dearly she wished he had.

"I guess not miss, now come along." Randon followed the servant willingly down the halls. They came to a stop and the servant opened the doors, and pushed Randon inside. She hurried up to him. A servant motioned for her to bow. Reluctantly she did so. "Arise." Darth Trilliniouse boomed.

She stood and stared up at him. "Lower your eyes. How old are you now Randon?" Randon lowered her gaze. "Eight master." He looked her up and down. "You're going to be a pretty young girl you are. Some of the servants have said you sing while you meditate." Randon looked up at him quickly. "I'm sor-"

"Lower your eyes." She did, and shut her mouth. "You are going to sing for me, if it pleases me." She just nodded not wanting to get yelled at once more. "Now come by my chair and sing." Randon walked to him, and stood next to his chair. "What do you want me to sing, master?" She asked in a small voice. "What you normally sing. I hear its worth something."

Randon swallowed hard, and then began to sing, what her aunt used to sing. The oppression of being a slave. In her room Randon would meditate on the words thinking them through, until she understood what she was singing about. When the song ended Darth Trilliniouse took Randon's arms roughly.

"Good. Your getting a new room. A nicer one to protect those lungs of yours." He pushed her off the platform where he sat and she stumbled off. She picked herself and the servant showed her to her new room.

"It seems you are his next favorite. Most young girls here try and try, while you get it dropped on your lap." Randon stood next to the servant. "Is being favorite good?" The servant was quiet, then she said. "It has its advantages….as well as its disadvantages." "What are they?" The servant patted her hand. "Don't worry about it child. That is what you are. A child. You don't have to worry till you're older." The servant went to the door. "Hopefully much older." With that she left, leaving Randon to her thoughts.