When they drew near Ethtenchartea's landing area, Randon noticed it was pretty busy. As he landed the ship Kure took a great intake of air, and swore. "What's wrong?"

"If I'm not mistaken, one of those ships is Menace's. Another is a Jedi I am unfortunately familiar with." The ship was safely on the landing ramp but she could see he was hesitant to open the doors. "We are going to discuss things with him calmly and rationally." "If he's here for you."

"Oh, he's here for me." Kure growled, and then pushed the button for the doors to open, and the passengers spilled out.

Dameon ran over to Randon and she picked him up as she followed Kure out. She looked about and saw Jullian out of the ship talking quietly with Krystal and Fenla. It seemed Laylosota and Duza had disappeared. Moni and Kiana raced to her and Kure's side quickly. She frowned slightly, Moni looked rather anxious. Randon stopped walking and Moni bumped into her.

"Is something wrong?"

"I have to stay out of sight." He said lowly.

"So you're hiding behind my wife?" Kure asked sarcastically, hinting at Randon's extreme shortness compared to him, and even Moni. Randon narrowed her eyes slightly at him then said, "because of Menace? Don-"

"No. Well, yes... but… There is a Jedi. Her name is Natlya… I … knew her once."

"Oh." Randon looked around, switching Dameon to her other hip, and saw a woman in Jedi robes making her way toward them. Dameon wiggled out of her grasp and ran to the Jedi. "Hi, hi!" He cried, grabbing onto her cloak. "Damie!" Randon hissed.

Moni tried to hide behind Kure, dragging Kiana with him, so Randon assumed this must be Natlya. Natlya turned and gently picked up Dameon. "Hi… and who would you be?"

"Dameon!" Kure coughed and Natlya looked up. "He's er... my son. Kind of." "Kind of?" Natlya echoed skeptically. Randon glanced back at Moni as he peered over Kure's shoulder. Natlya saw him and smiling, she Force-grabbed him and hurled him to the ground.
"Ha! Got you!"

Dameon clapped his hands together in delight. "Cool!" Randon frowned; she did not like her son being held by that Jedi… or any Jedi. Then she realized they would be surrounded by Jedi from now on, and she had better start getting used to it. Kiana went quickly over to Moni and helped him up.

"So, will the young man trying to hide identify himself?" Natlya asked, giving Dameon a smile then turning her attention back to Moni. "Errr…" It seemed he was trying to think of a good enough answer. "He's my wife's prisoner." Kure answered immediately. Moni stood straight. "Yeah." He said softly. Natlya gave him the I-Know-Who-You-Are-So-Stop-Pretending look.

Randon wondered how they knew each other. She nodded slightly. "Yeah, he is. Put my son down." As soon as the words left her mouth a comlink rang out. Moni's, though Randon had it. She answered it with a sigh. "Who is it?"

"Skylar Jade."

Moni jumped slightly and ran over. "Hi, Skylar Jade!" Randon gave him the comlink and backed away slightly. She noticed Natlya still hadn't put Dameon down. "You have ten minutes to talk." Randon told Moni.

Natlya's eyes widen slightly and she moved closer to Moni. "Skylar Jade is alive too?!" Nobody answered her. Moni put it in image mode so they all could see the frantic Skylar Jade.

"Moni, where are you?" she cried.


Moni replied calmly. "Kure has decided to turn the whole place to the Light Side. Oh yea, Natlya's here too." Moni paused. "Girl, I have too many masters." Skylar Jade tried to calm herself down.

Randon glanced at Natlya; she still held Dameon. Slightly annoyed she went over and snatched her son away and glared at Natlya. The Jedi gave a sweet smile in return. "Moni, I think Menace may have forgotten about you, for now. But I can't. I'm coming, if you want me too."

"I want you to."

"Then I'll be there soon. Moni…" Skylar Jade trailed off. "See you soon, SJ. Be safe." "I will, you watch yourself, Moni Vos." Then she disconnected.

Everyone was silent for a moment. Then Natlya announced, "I almost forgot. I'm here to take you to your quarters. Please follow me." It seemed all present looked at Kure for directions. He ran his fingers through his hair. "Lead the way."

Natlya turned on her heels and the group that had started out as just the passengers on Kures ship grew to everyone from Kure's complex and followed the Jedi through the streets on Ethtenchartea. As Randon followed, with Dameon playing with her hair, she thought about Skylar Jade had said, "I think Menace has forgotten about you." She wondered if that was true. If so, then why was Menace on Ethtenchartea?

Randon realized that Kure was far ahead of her and she hurried ahead to be at his side. "Kure?"

"Yes?" Kure kept his long strides, making sure not to lose Natlya in the crowd.

"Do you think Menace has forgotten Moni?"

"Not by a long shot, I'm sure."

Randon took Kure's words and sighed. "Hey, no sighing." Kure commanded. Randon rolled her eyes.

"Yes, my lord." Kure looked down at her with a funny smirk on his face. Before he could speak however, Natlya announced they were there. Husband and wife, Lord and Lady of the Shadows, turned their gazes to see their new home.

Randon looked it up and down. "It's livable." Kure finally said. Randon agreed. It was huge, but certainly nothing compared to the Sith complex. This had five floors about, and many, many windows. Stairs lead up to four big doors.

With a sudden look of mischievousness, Kure raced up the steps and turned to lookout out everyone. Randon looked up at him up there and wore a proud visage. Then Kure began to give out room assignments. Randon waited for Kure with Dameon still on her hip.

"Hey." A voice behind her said. She jumped and saw Jullian, Krystal, and Fenla all standing right behind her. "Hello." Krystal gave her a smile and asked, "So, how long do you think this is going to take?"

Randon looked over at all the apprentices gathered and gave Krystal a long blink. Krystal smiled sheepishly. "Ok, so it will be awhile." Randon rolled her eyes. "I just hope it's not that long." Jullian stated.

"Hmm." Randon answered vaguely, just watching Kure give out orders. This was what he liked doing; being in charge and making it known he was the master.

After what was probably a half an hour, maybe less Kure came down the steps to them. The small group around Randon plus Moni and Kiana were the only ones left without rooms.

"Jullian, your room is on the second floor somewhere, Krystal and Fenla, your room is next to his. Moni and Kiana, your rooms are beside each others on the second floor. Dameon, your room is next to your mother and mine on the second floor as well."

He gave everybody a number for their room and they all headed upward.