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I know… I have a thirty oneshot story thing open, but this one is going to be dedicated to Neji and Tenten! I might do a Sakura Sasuke one later. Ah well. On to the drabble!

Moment 1: I Spy With My Little Eye… Neji!

"Don't make any noise, DON'T make any noise… do NOT MAKE ANY NOISE TENTEN!" Tenten silently hissed to herself as she crawled through the tree and made herself comfortable on a branch.

She giggled and looked through the window, "I hope Neji-kun doesn't notice me…"

She peeked through the window and saw a familiar Hyuuga standing there, brushing his teeth.

"I missed his shower…"

(A/N Don't yell… let's say Tenten is really obsessed, ne?)

She made a face, "Oh well…" she sighed.

"Ah… height is 160.1 centimeters… he weighs 46.8 kilograms…" she murmured staring through the window.

For a moment, she thought Neji looked her way, but probably her imagination.

"T-Tenten-chan…?" a soft timid voice asked.

Tenten jumped and fell from the branch, landing in a nearby rose bush, "ITAI! Oh, Hinata-chan!" she exclaimed jumping up, "Um, hi!"

"A-are you sp-spying on N-Neji-nii-san?" Hinata said softly playing with her fingers.

"Er… Hai…"

Sweat drop.

Hinata smiled slightly, "F-follow me, I'll sh-show you h-his room…"

Tenten grinned, "Cool!"

The weapon mistress followed the Hyuuga heir around the Hyuuga household, until she stopped by a window, "Th-this is Neji-nii-san's r-room…"

Tenten smiled, "Thanks Hinata!"

"Don't l-let him ca-catch you…" Hinata said softly and disappeared to her own room.

Tenten smiled and looked into Neji's room to find he wasn't here.

"Nani…?" she said softly.

"Why, hello Tenten-san, coincidence to see you here."

Frozen, Tenten spun around a let out a nervous giggle when she saw everyone in the Hyuuga household standing before her, except for Neji.

"Tenten-san!" Hanabi said happily.

"Tenten-chan…" Hinata said exasperatedly.

"Tenten-san, may I ask why you are spying on Neji?" Hiashi asked raising an eyebrow.

Tenten let out another nervous giggle. WHAT DO I SAY?

"I invited her over."

All eyes turned to the Hyuuga prodigy.

"Excuse me?"

"I invited her over," Neji repeated putting his hand on her shoulder.

Hiashi looked at Tenten. "Is this true?"

"Um, er, oh, yeah! I, er, couldn't find the door… so… I decided to ask him by coming to his room!" Tenten exclaimed.

"Well… all right…" Hiashi said suspiciously and went back into the house, with everyone else following him.

Tenten let out a breath of relief. "Thanks Neji-kun!"

"May I ask why you were spying on me?"

"…You knew?"


She giggled nervously yet again and spun around, "Um… I… wanted to?"

"And you couldn't find the door."

"What was I supposed to say?"

Neji's eyes narrowed, "Well… see you later, I guess…"

Tenten grinned. "See you tomorrow!"


Trip over a rock.

Land in Neji's arms.


Tenten blushed furiously when she felt Neji's arms stop her from falling.

"Th-thanks Neji-kun…" Tenten stammered and steadied herself.

Neji smirked, "You sure you're not drunk?"


Neji's smirk remained as he turned around, "Oh, the main entrance is right behind you…" he added and disappeared around the corner.

Tenten started to make her way toward the entrance, then suddenly felt a piece of paper in her palm.

Curious, she continued walking, but read the small note.

Next time you want to spy on me, just ask me. I'll let you in.

She flushed.


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