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I rewrote this a couple of times, determined to make this the damn best, non humor non angsty moment I have ever written. I know, I know. I should've wandered into the depths of my mind for something humorous and pervy and lighthearted, but I wanted moment 100 to be like this ever since moment 1. Something that wraps everything up :D And God, I can't believe it's over T-T Right, questions!

WAITWAITWAIT. A lot of the reviews said 'How cute' and 'I can't believe it's ending!' so… I'll have Neji and Tenten answer those right here! Otherwise the moment would be 10 pages long… And er, I added in the reviews that had pretty much the same meaning, like you liked the moment, or you didn't want this to end. 'Kay? 'Kay.

'How cute!' –A lot of reviewers

Neji: You wouldn't think it was cute if YOUR wife-to-be didn't agree to marry you.

Tenten: Well, I had to make him add that… and yeah I got this huuuge lecture from old man Hiashi… Ugh.

'I can't believe it's ending… T-T' –A lot of reviewers

Neji: Believe it. Oh God, I sounded like Naruto…

Tenten: -tears- I can't believe it's ending either! I loved how I got to kiss Neji in almost all the moments… -sighs dreamily-

OKAY. QUESTIONS. And er, I did the reviews that actually had questions in them. Please forgive me if I missed yours, the question mark might've gotten cut off and I was too stupid to realize it was a question…

huh? what made them stop –mz.demon-inuyasha

Neji: …Stop what…?

Tenten: Um… stop kissing? Well we needed breath…

Aw! That was the cutest thing ever! And my question is How in God's name did you come up with 100!? That's just...WOW. No offence to her but I don't

even think my obsessed bff Neji's Fangirl could come up with that many! -yukisgrlfriend

Neji and Tenten: -stares at Serenity-

Serenity: …What the hell, I'll jump in randomly. How did I come up with 100? Well, with the help of Namida and Aoiro Kuma and of course my little NejiTen obsessed brain, it wasn't that hard. I was seriously debating on making this 1000 moments, but… well um. Namida kinda… slapped me with pixels…

And this: "but she could still feel white eyes, some Byakugans activated, and the rest of Konoha on her". I kinda had to laugh at that. Were some of the

Hyuugas perverted? XD Or I bet some old people couldn't see... What do you mean by this: "Do you know how hard blood is to get out?"

Sine cera, Yumizuki

Neji: ……………………………………..My family was using the Byakugan on her? ……Damnit.

Tenten: …..NEJI, YOU PROMISED NO ONE WOULD USE THE BYAKUGAN TO LOOK THROUGH MY DRESS. Stupid husband didn't protect me from perverts… anyway. When I said 'Do you know how hard blood is to get out?' I meant when Neji went on missions and if blood got on his ANBU or Hyuuga robes, I, as his wife, would have to wash that out, and blood really is hard to wash out…

Hey loved the story it sad that this has to end up yeah. so I have a question for Neji and tenten what are the names of your children going to be? Tenten can

Neji really cook? Neji do you like pie? my sister wants to know. She says that her and her friend made a bet that you did. any way... OH and where did you guys

go for your honeymoon? are either of you in the ANBU? If so what are your ranks? Alright i'm done. Loved the momonets and great times so

said that it's over. :- (-10xpandax10

Neji: Well I only like pie if… actually no, Tenten destroys pie. Pie is okay I suppose… the names? …I don't give a damn. Honeymoon? We went to Rain Country. ANBU? Yes, both of us are in ANBU, I'm the leader of a squad, Tenten's the junior leader.

Tenten: YES Neji can cook so damn well! So that's why we either have takeout or he cooks! If I cook, the house burns down! Names? Mm… I don't know yet, but I like Ama. And Kage. And Hiru. But I have to see what kind of a kid the kid is… -sighs- Neji won't help me name the kids!

Neji: The kids?

Tenten: Yes the kids! I'm pregnant! Didn't I tell you that?

Neji: …..Actually no…

Heh, it's pretty good. Yup, very good addition of Tenten's personality at the end. snickers Who would've thought that Neji could even get that dirty?

–Quiet Moon

Neji: …What do you mean how could I get so…

Tenten: Admit it Neji! You were gonna leave out that kunoichi can be just as tough as shinobi in the end!

Neji: Actually you made me add that you would be my first priority.

Tenten: …..WELL, uh… dang.

Sure. But, are you sure you're going to stop at 100? hopefully not. . . Yeah, Neji, about that blankie that Tenten mentioned in the first

Question and answer segment. . . WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? Show us a picture, Tenten! And no, Neji, you can't talk your way out of this one.

Oh, and do you really do it with Tenten THIRTEEN TIMES A WEEK? Oh. My. Gawsh.

You gotta answer!

Ja ne!

--Xanie XD

Serenity: LMAO, XANIE YOU ARE AWESOME. Right, I shouldn't be here.

Neji: …………….Invasion of privacy…………

Tenten: -snickers- Well, Neji tore up the picture… but it was light blue with yellow ducks on it! It was soooooo cute! I think I have it some—

Neji: You have it?

Tenten: Yeah! Hinata gave it to me!

Neji: ……Agh. Do I have to answer the second one?

Everyone: YES.

Neji: Ugh… well… yeah… sometimes a bit… more… Well it's Tenten's fault for seducing me.


OOH! OOH! OOH! I WENT TO MY COUSIN'S WEDDING ON SATURDAY! And um... the priest talked to us a lot, and we sang a lot, and a bunch of family

members made speeches, and the priest talked really quietly to Matt and Becky (the bride and groom) and they kissed, and yeah. Um. That was extremely

vague. Sorry, I didn't pay a lot of attention to the wedding... eheheh...


Okay, calm down, self, there's still three days until it ends... okay... (talking to myself) calm. I am CALM. And I will STAY calm. Okay, okay, everything's

good... –Dancer of Wind

Serenity: Stop glaring at me! Anyway, I know there wasn't a question in here, but I missed her question at the question and answer segment at moment 50 so… yeah :D

Neji: Yeah there's only 1 more moment. Thank God because I was sick of having people know about what Tenten and I do all the time…

Tenten: The priest dude didn't say that much, but Hiashi did give a huge speech, then a huge lecture, and then this whole thing about condoms and crap..

…Course I didn't listen though… :D

I got lazy. I only answered the ones with questions LOL. Okay, that's over… onto the final moment!

Moment 100- Memory

It's funny sometimes, how the person you start out hating, ends up being the person you marry.

"Neji! Um, I, um, hate you! But… I love you too."

Okay fine, she loved him but hated him.

"Tenten, do you take this man, Hyuuga Neji, to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"…I do."

Marriage. Tenten saw it as a way so no other man would flirt with her, that she was officially Neji's.

Hyuuga Tenten. She liked the sound of it.

Tenten stared at the bed, "…Left or right."

"Does it really matter?"

"…I don't think so, but you start on a side, right?" she asked, jumping onto the bed.

Neji raised an eyebrow as his wife hitched up her nightgown revealing her creamy legs, and a strap of her nightgown accidentally… 'slipped'.

"Neji…" she purred seductively.


Tenten adjusted her position, showing him the tiniest amount of the black thong she was wearing.

Yeah. She wore thongs.

…Or maybe she did for tonight. After all, they were, apparently, easy to rip off.

She smiled cutely and undid her hair, letting locks of her chestnut hair fall onto her shoulders softly.

Neji glanced at her and gulped, but remained in his 'I'm-not-going-to-fall-for-that' stance. Despite the fact that his pants er…

Tenten smiled prettily again and softened her eyes, as her hair covered her right eye slightly as she tilted her head.

After ten minutes, Tenten decided to take charge. She pulled out a lilac and maroon scroll and spread it open expertly with her right hand, while biting her left hand, and smearing dark red blood on the scroll.

Summoning a random whip, she grinned and whipped it at Neji, missing his ear by a couple centimeters, "Hyuuga Neji, as your wife, Hyuuga Tenten, I demand you listen to me," she said simply, walking towards him on the bed.

Neji smirked as he glanced at her whip, "Hm… a whip?"


"Hell yeah," she grinned, tugging on it, "I'm not a good little girl," she whispered huskily into his ear, "Hope you like bad girls."

He smirked and gently traced her jaw line, "I'm not sure… there's a good little girl waiting for me…"

"Well she just turned bad," Tenten replied, smirking devilishly, "Still love it?"

He grabbed her chin and kissed her roughly, pushing her down onto the bed, murmuring against her lips, "I've always loved your dark side."

How do we know exactly what they were doing? Well this fellow passerby's yell should tell us.



Tenten closed her eyes and curled up next to her husband, gently nuzzling his neck, "Neji…"


"I love you."

"I do too," he whispered, kissing her forehead.

"Even though I spied on you?"

Next time you want to spy on me… tell me. I'll let you in.

"Tch, I know I'm irresistible."

"Oh shush. Are you sure you made the right choice dumping Sakura for me?"

"I was never really serious with her… I wanted to see… if you liked me."

"It was to see if you liked me."

"Tsk tsk, so cold. Well, I guess it's like revenge… I did have everyone beat you up."

Sakura grinned, but frowned, muttering an "oh yeah" as she grinded her foot onto Neji's heel.

"Yeah. I learned that day, that not only Haruno's fist was to be feared. I love you, and don't you dare change."

"Where's the woman I love?"

Tenten giggled lightly, "I won't… remember the time my water bottle wouldn't open?"

"Yes. We went through everyone, until I opened it."

Neji frowned and twisted the cap the opposite way that everyone else was twisting.

"You're a genius for a reason. Anyway, I never did kill Hiashi for killing my goldfish…"


"Hiashi-sama killed your goldfish?"

"Well it was special!" she whined softly, "Anyway, that doesn't account for the time you bought a bra."


"I was going to use it as a sleeping mask!"

"Neji that is just wrong. Are you…"

"NO. I think Uchiha stole it…"

"…What would Sasuke do with a bra?"

"I don't know, and frankly I don't think I want to. Anyway, what about when you were selling yourself?"

"I needed money!"

"So are you still for sale?"

"And besides! You were asking if I was still for sale!"

"Tch. Do you… remember the time you were almost blind?"

Tenten's smiled faltered as she pressed herself against him, "I do. You brought me to a pretty place."

She smiled slightly and turned to him, "Thank you for bringing me here."

"I'll take you there tomorrow if you'd like."

"Okay! Remember……. The first time you saw my hair down?"

Neji's lavender eyes rolled upwards as he blacked out.

"You fainted."

"I was surprised. Anyway, what about when you wore that 'Kiss Me, I'm Tenten' shirt?"

Neji smirked, "I'll do what the shirt says."



"You listened to a shirt," Tenten said with a serious expression.

"…Well it was destiny to," he muttered, as he leaned in and quickly kissed her, "Just as it's destiny for us to be married."

Tenten sighed happily, "Reminds me of the time I stuttered all the time."

"…How do destiny and stuttering relate?"

Neji smirked, "You're cute when you stutter."

"I dunno, I'm special that way," Tenten answered, smiling and relaxing as she felt his arms around her, "Just as I'm special in knowing Chinese."

"Cong wu sui de shi hou wo jiu kai shi ai shan le ni!" 从五岁的时后我就开时爱上了你! Ever since we were five, I started to love you.

"You said it before you knew I understood Chinese as well. Wo ye ai ni," he muttered. 我也爱你 I love you too.

She grinned, "Wo you shi hou hen ni, ke shi wo hai ai ni." 我有时后狠你, 可是我还爱你. Sometimes I hate you, but I still love you.

"And of course, our training…"

"Why don't we… practice avoiding injuries today?"

Tenten laughed, "Not like we train all the time, right?"

He smirked, "True. And by the way, I still hate ice cream."

He leaned forward and kissed her, smirking at her aghast expression, "Ice cream is better shared.

"You said it was better shared."

"It is. But I still hate sweet things. Oh yeah, you're still not a very good story writer."

"After Tenten confessed her love, Neji kissed her," Neji whispered, as he pulled her in for a kiss.

"Well maybe, but I got a kiss, so it must've been decent! And you know what, I can do everything!"

"Tenten, you can do a lot of things but you can't make me stop loving you."

"You can't get me to stop loving you. So no, you can't do everything."

"Nn…" she pouted, "No fair. I can get you to eat sweet things."

Tenten gently pressed her lips against his, and used her mouth to move the raspberry into his mouth.

"I still don't like sweet things."

"Well too bad! But I have to say, my favorite was our wedding."

"I… don't. Hyuuga Neji, I know what you're trying to do!"

"You caused quite a scene."

"At least I know I'm your first priority."

"You were always my first priority, and you always will."

Tenten smiled, "I know, but it's always nice to be reassured."

"…" Neji snickered.


"I remember the time you were gangster."

Neji watched Tenten as she left. He had to admit… Gangstah Ten was quite… sexy.

Tenten flushed, "Oh come on! It was fun!"

"By the way, you still owe me lunch. From my birthday."

"I saved up from all the missions to treat you here one day!" Tenten said happily.

"Well, I will! One day…"

"…I remember when you pounced on me."

Tenten gleefully launched herself on Neji, just to be pushed off.

"Yeah, then you rejected me. Thanks."

He smirked and kissed the tip of her nose, "I was trying to fall out of love with you after you rejected me."

"I'm glad it didn't work," she murmured, cuddling closer, "This is the best feeling in the world…"

The best feeling in the world would be being in Neji's arms, having him hold her tightly, and never let go.

He smirked, "The best feeling for me is to have you in my arms, and no one else around."

They stayed in silence until Neji started snickering. Again.


"…Tenten, guess what I really guessed what ILYSFM stood for."(1)

"I love ying, or yang, so f---ing much."

"…The ying yang thing?"

"No," he smirked and leaned over, whispering in her ear, "I love you so f--- me."

Tenten flushed, "Neji you pervert!"


"I have another acronym for you," she said charmingly, a coy smile on her lips, "ILYSFMIH."

"…What?" Neji asked dumbly, staring at her, "Tenten, I'm not very good with acronyms. That day when everyone was using acronyms was hell."

"Neji! Tenten! Hanabi tells you to GMOIARLA!"

"Hanabi comes up with the weirdest acronyms…" Tenten muttered softly.

"She's a weird person. Now what does ILYSFMIH stand for?"

"I love you so f---ing much it hurts," she whispered, a small blush forming on her semi-pale complexion.

He smiled, yes a real smile that only Tenten ever saw, and kissed the sensitive skin on her neck, "Still hurt?"

"Yes, but" she grinned, "It's the kind of hurt that I like."

"…Tenten I don't like paradoxes."

"Well I do!"

Tenten sighed happily as she felt Neji's grip around her shoulders tighten, being pulled towards his chest, "I'm glad Hiashi let the two of us marry…"

Hiashi stood up and stuck out his hand, "Welcome to the Hyuuga family, Tenten."

Neji smiled, "I am too. Traditions should be broken, and as far as I am concerned, you haven't tainted the bloodline at all."

Tenten grinned, "Maybe not, but you do know, my clothes did get tainted with mud when I fell for you."

"I fell for you, literally and figuratively."

"Literally or figuratively?"

"Both! And anyway Neji, do you believe now?"

"In what?"

"Love. The two of us."

Do you believe the two of us can love?

Neji sighed, "I'm in a bed with you. What do you think?"

"Oh shush!"

They two fell silent again. It was one of those comfortable silences, where nothing had to be said, it just felt… right.

"Weird how much we've been through," Tenten whispered, "99 crazy times."

"They create a life time of memories."

"Hey remember those three dreams we had together?" Tenten asked suddenly.

"…..The penguins, chickens and weasels, and pandas?"

"Yeah. What if we have another one?"

He chuckled, "I won't mind if I get a kiss when I wake up."

99 moments.

99 small, almost invisible, tiny moments in our lives.

Pieced together, they create…

A life time of memories.

xO End of Neji and Tenten: 100 Moments Ox

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(1) …A lot of reviews said that so… who said Neji wasn't a perv?