Chronicles of Light


By: Sokai

Disclaimer: I, Sokai, do not claim ownership to the workings of W.I.T.C.H. -- I leave that honor up to Elisabetta Gnone. Nor do I own Elyon's birth parents names of Wiera and Zaden. However, I can and DO claim to own this story and its inspired ideas FROM said series, as well as Wiera and Zaden's personality and history, and the original characters thrown into the mix. Remember this.

Note: Also note that I do not own the video game, "Chrono Cross," and what Princess Schala/Kid (who rocks LoL) says in the movie opener that you'll read in two seconds. I just always really liked it (the whole game and "Trigger," period, really LoL) and thought most of it kind of fit for something Wiera would say (or Elyon, if you want, although I personally see it as something Wiera had said or written, rather. I don't know LoL).

Anyhow, I'd always wanted to write a story that focused upon Elyon's past and how it led up to the present and future we all know it to be right now. More specifically? Elyon's birth family. And since I don't see a lot of them floating around on here, I thought, why not? I highly doubt I will get far or finish, as I do have others to finish (and will, no worries. My style of getting inspired for one story is to mulit-task with others. So YES, they WILL be updated, my other stories! Trust me LoL). But I thought I'd at least post the prologue.


This story was first thought up in April 2006 and actually written/created completely in August 2006.

What was the start of all this?

When did the cogs of fate begin to turn?

Perhaps it is impossible to grasp that answer now,

From deep within the flow of time . . .

But, for a certainty, back then,

We loved so many, yet hated so much,

We hurt others and were hurt ourselves . . .

Yet even then we ran like the wind

Whilst our laughter echoed,

Under cerulean skies . . .

-- Princess Schala/Kid, "Chrono Cross"

"Grandma Elyon! Grandma Elyon! It's time!" cried out a young girl in a flowing blue gown seemingly between the ages of ten to twelve excitedly while racing down one of the many long, brightly lit and lavishly decorated royal corridors within her home -- her palace -- of Meridian.

Her curly, shoulder length, sunlit hair bounced gaily beyond her as her happy, powder blue tinted eyes glistened with exhilaration and zeroed-in upon her objective.

It was approaching brunch time, during which the young princess and her beloved grandmother and queen would sit inside of the palace's private gardens and enjoy the beautiful scenery of their peaceful kingdom within the mystical world of Metamoor.

It was also when her grandmother would entertain her with various stories of her past adventures with the fabled Guardians of the Veil.

I can't wait until I come into my full powers, then I can go off and have as many cool adventures like the kind grandma used to have, the young princess thought anxiously to herself as she flew past the royal guards posted outside the open, tall ivory colored doors that led straight into the gardens.

"Grandma! Here I am! Don't start eating without me!" the girl called out the moment she'd spotted the familiar sight of the antiquated female sovereign within her own blue colored gown, seated patiently as well as gracefully beside a trickling fountain.

"Fallon, my love -- there you are," said Queen Elyon with a warm smile as her own, same shade of blue colored eyes watched her only grandchild take a seat next to her. "Still refusing to go easy on your gowns with all your inappropriate gallivanting while in them, I see?"

The young girl apparently known as Fallon giggled sheepishly at the older matriarch. She marveled at how much alike the two looked (even more than she did her mother), with the exception that Elyon's own blonde hair was more of the sandy-platinum nature and flowed freely like a river around her.

Secretly, it was Fallon's desire to grow up to be as courageous, bold and beautiful as her grandmother, and hearing the stories of her past was a good start in that direction.

"Sorry about that, grandma! It's just that this is always my most favorite part of the day! I love hearing all about who you were and still are!" gushed Fallon with extreme admiration while eagerly seizing a Ladyfinger from off of the silver platter in between them. "You seem to have gone through far much more than I ever will in my entire life!"

At this, Queen Elyon's warm simper began to noticeably fade as her eyes grew glassy with concentrated reflection.

". . . And hopefully you never will," she sighed with great sadness, eyes now downcast and away from her granddaughter's curious and questioning stare. "Hopefully you will break the cycle . . ."

"Cycle? Break what cycle, grandma?" pressed Fallon in growing fear, the bit of Ladyfinger within her mouth beginning to take on the bitter taste of sawdust. "Break what cycle? What aren't you telling me?"

This was the first time that the young princess of Meridian had ever witnessed her grandmother be anything but happy or forthright -- and quite frankly it was terrifying to witness.

Sensing her growing distress, Queen Elyon forced a small, reassuring smile upon her relatively smooth face at the same time that she returned her gaze back to Fallon and rested a vaguely withered hand upon the girl's lap.

". . . Perhaps it was a mistake to have shared with you only the positive stories from the days of my youth, little one," she began, her traditionally reinforced voice suddenly sounding quite tired and ragged. "However, I only wanted to spare you the knowledge of all the heartache, betrayal, and struggle I'd gone through . . . and moreover, what my mother had gone through . . ."

". . . You mean what Great-grandmother Eleanor had gone through?" queried Fallon in confusion, brows deeply furrowed as she tried to understand what her sullen grandmother was trying to relay.

True, young Fallon had never gotten the opportunity to meet the woman and did not honestly know much about her, as she had died long before she was born; however, it was to Fallon's understanding that Eleanor had been a very loving and giving person -- much like Queen Elyon, herself.

Queen Elyon slowly shook her head in response, unable to answer for a moment.

"W . . . Well, if not Great-grandmother Eleanor, then who --"

"-- My real mother, Fallon . . . that is, my birth mother, Queen Wiera," interrupted Queen Elyon in revelation, causing her granddaughter to gasp loudly in surprise.

Suddenly and for the first time in her young life, Fallon didn't know which way was up or down; left or right. It had never crossed her mind that anyone within her life -- especially not her grandmother -- would ever keep secrets from her.

And as hurt as she felt right then to learn that she in fact had all along, Fallon had to also keep in mind that Elyon had apparently done it with the very best intentions.

Moving directly beside the elderly woman, Princess Fallon wrapped her small hands around Queen Elyon's and smiled weakly.

". . . I can tell that this is obviously something that is hard for you to reflect upon, grandma," she whispered softly, studying her grandmother's face. "So if you do not wish to tell me, I will completely understand."

Sighing once more, Queen Elyon shook her sandy-blonde head firmly as she gazed bravely at her princess.

"No. Granted, this is not a part of our family history that I care to reminisce upon as frequently as I do everything else -- especially since it was something I had to learn within my dreams of all places, if you can believe it. However, I will do so for yours and your future childrens' sake . . ." she replied within her own whisper before drawing in a long breath to prepare for what would obviously be a very long tale . . . one unlike any other . . .

-- End of Prologue

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