Anger Management Equals Love


Green Hot Jalapeno Peppers

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

Summary: After accidentally sending someone into a coma, Tsunade sends her to anger management. Sakura begins to learn more about herself, not to mention falling in love with a certain red hair boy.

Note: Italics are either thought or flashback. I'm sure you can figure it out.

Session 1: Give a big hello to…

Sakura was sitting on a chair outside of Tsunade's office waiting for her turn to be called inside. She sat there with her arms folded on her lap with her hair neatly tucked behind her ears. Looking around, she watched the people around her go about their business with no much interest.

Geez, I feel like I am back in elementary school and I'm waiting to be called into the principal's office. I am a grown woman for chrissake. A top medic-nin.

The atmosphere was tense, and Sakura could feel her impending doom when Tsunade finds out what she did. Her palms were sweaty and she could feel her face burning up. It didn't help that the only sound she could her was the ringing in her ears from the silence.

It's not like I meant to send him into a coma. He was just being so stubborn about taking his medicine and I was getting so mad at him. When I went to hand him his water he hit it off of my hand. How was I supposed to know that it would bounce off the floor, ricochet off of his heart monitor, and hit his face knocking him unconscious?

She sighed at the situation. No one was going to believe her side of the story. There happened to be a nurse who heard her yell at the man, and rushed in to see what the problem was only to see the cup hit him directly on the face. The nurse pretty much thought that she threw the cup at him, and sent her to Tsunade's office like a naughty child.

Sakura could hear the click of the door and saw the nurse exit. She had a big smirk on her face that said: You're in for it now. You are going to be in so much trouble. She brushed past Sakura and purposely bumped into her before leaving.

Sakura stuck her tongue out at her before she left the building, and heard Tsunade calling her into the office.

"Sakura, you can come in now."

Now Sakura definitely felt like a child. She entered the office shyly, even though she was good friends with the blond Hokage. Walking with her head down she took the seat in front of Tsunade.

"Now…in your own words, explain why you sent someone into a coma." Despite Tsunade's soft words, Sakura could see that aggravation was clearly written all of her face. Massaging her forehead, Tsunade took another sip of sake.

Sakura could understand why she was upset. Tsunade was the one who had to explain to the man's family that he is in a coma, and the headlines would be all over this scandal. Not to mention the reputation of the Konoha hospital was pretty much ruined. If she was Tsunade she would be spitting balls of fire also.

"Well…," Sakura started slowly, "I was doing my rounds, and the last person I had to check up on was Shintaro Katsu. The man who is unconscious. He kept complaining about how much he hated taking his pills, and that from now on he wasn't going to take it anymore. I calmly tried telling him that he has to take it in order to get better. I do admit I regret getting into a heated argument with him and yelling at him, but I didn't hit him with the cup. He finally took the pills. He took them, but he wasn't happy about it. So when I went to give him a cup of water, he knocked it off of my hands."

Sakura paused for a second. This was going to be the hardest part to say considering how farfetched it would sound. What were the chances of it bouncing off the floor, ricocheting off of his heart monitor, and hitting him directly in the forehead?

Tsunade raised an eyebrow, silently telling her to continue her story.

"I know this sounds farfetched but… the cup then bounced off the floor, ricocheted off his heart monitor, and hit him in the head knocking him unconscious." Sakura said as fast as she could.

Tsunade looked at her in disbelief, "…what?"

"I said-

"Yeah I know what you said but….wow…what are the chances of that. Amazing."

Sakura could feel like hitting her head on the desk. Only Tsunade could turn a serious situation like this into a comedy hour.

"So… you believe me?"

"Why? Are you lying to me?" She looked at Sakura suspiciously.

"N-No! It's just that I was so scared you wouldn't because well…it sounds so …farfetched."

"Sakura," her eyes softened, "You were my apprentice. I am pretty sure I can tell when you are lying and when you aren't. I have a lot of trust in you, and I wouldn't expect you to lie about something like this."

Sakura could feel a huge weight lift off her shoulders. She was terribly sorry about what had happened to the man, but she didn't want to get suspended from the hospital or worse…go to jail for something she didn't do.

Thinking she was off the hook, Sakura got off of the chair. She took a few steps when she was interrupted by the Hokage.

"Where do you think you are going? You aren't off the hook yet. Sit your tush back down."

Sakura nervously turned around and sat back down, awaiting her doom.

"Unfortunately the man is unconscious so he cannot testify what happened, and I am pretty sure I am going to be the only one who is going to believe you so I have to give you a punishment. You are to have three months of anger management."

Sakura groaned and flopped onto her desk, "Tsunade, anything but that….please!

Tsunade interrupted her, "No buts. You should thank me. I'm the one who has to sort out this mess and all you have to do is withstand three months of anger management. It could be so much worse. Believe me.

If it makes you feel better, you probably need it with the way you loose your temper sometimes. You might learn something out of it."

"Thanks Tsunade. You REALLY know how to make someone feel better. Is that all?"

"Yes. You may leave now." Tsunade continued with her work and Sakura was about to leave through the door when Tsunade interrupted again.

"Oh and by they way Sakura. Your sessions start tomorrow."


Sakura sighed as she leaned over her bowl of ramen. Picking up her chopsticks she began picking at the noodles.

You are to have three months of anger management.

Just the thought of spending pointless hours talking about her "feelings" made her feel like punching something. She began taking her anger out on the noodles, stabbing at them furiously.

"Whoa there Sakura-Chan. Put the chopsticks down and take three deep breaths," Walking inside the Ichiraku, Naruto took a seat beside his friend. After spinning around in his chair for fun, he finally ordered a chicken bowl.

He could feel anger seething out of Sakura, and he silently began to wonder if it was the right choice picking the seat right next to her.

Every Friday Naruto and Sakura would meet at the Ichiraku to catch up on each others lives. Sakura knew that they were growing up and they would be seeing less and less of each other so she made Naruto promise that they would have lunch together every day at the Ichiraku.

"What's the matter Sakura-chan? Seeing you take your anger out on my precious ramen must mean you are super pissed off today," Glancing around suspiciously Naruto leaned closer to Sakura, "Is there a guy that is harassing you? Do you need me to take care of him?"

Sakura sighed again, "No it's not that… it's just…why don't we talk about it later. How is Hinata these days? Still going steady?"

"She is good. We just celebrated our six month anniversary last night."

"Oh really? What did you get her?"

"Well Hinata isn't much of a material person so I just promised her I would spend the rest of my life with her…then she fainted.

"Let me guess. You forgot it was your six month anniversary, and you didn't have any money to buy her anything."

Naruto hung his head in shame, "Yeah…but how am I supposed to keep up with you ladies and your monthly anniversaries."

Sakura smirked at his comment and asked what he got from Hinata. She could have sworn she saw Naruto turn twenty shades of pink. He gave her his hand and she noticed that there was a bracelet around his wrist. It was a piece of pink thread and on it were a bunch of pink heart and the letters h and n.

Sakura let out a loud laugh when she saw how cute Naruto was being about it.

"It's bad enough I have to wear it you know. Hinata made me promise to wear it all the time, even when I go on missions. Why did I have to decide the keeping my promises is "my way of the ninja"?"

Sakura laughed even louder and Naruto decided it was time to change the subject, "So how was your day at the hospital?"

He knew he hit a sore spot for her when he noticed that she kept quiet and continued picking at her ramen, much to Naruto's displeasure.

Naruto had noticed that she has been really irritated ever since her meeting with Tsunade. He had heard what had happened with Sakura and her patient. Word spreads fast when you live in a village.

"Aw. C'mon Sakura-chan, it can't be that bad. What is your punishment?"

At first Sakura thought of not telling anyone about her punishment. She really didn't want it to be spreading around the village anytime soon, but Naruto's curiosity made him determined to find out what it was. He annoyed her until she told him.

Putting down her chopsticks, Sakura motioned for him to come closer, "I'm going to whisper it to you, but you have to PROMISE that you won't tell anyone."

"I promise"

"Well… I have to take three months of anger management." She whispered into his ear."

"Uhh… sorry, I missed that."

"You idiot," she said whispering it into his ear again; "I have to take three months of anger management."

"Geez Sakura I can barely hear you. Speak up."

Sakura could feel her blood boiling, "I SAID I AM TAKING ANGER MANAGEMENT CLASSES!"

Naruto's eyes widened for a few seconds before everything sunk in and he was grinning like the Cheshire cat. She could hear him snickering before finally falling on the floor laughing.

After finally getting the punch of death from Sakura, Naruto finally picked himself up and sat in a chair at least five feet away from her. He knew she was pretty much in a homicidal mood for laughing at her. "You know Sakura, as much as I laughed, it really didn't surprise me."

She sent him a glare, "What could you possible mean by that? I'm one of the nicest and not to mention calmest people in Konoha…aren't I?"

"Of course you are Sakura-chan…it's just that sometimes you can get…scary. Especially when you are mad."

Sakura gave him a look of disbelief, "When have I ever been scary?"

"Remember when you found Sasuke and Ino at the café having coffee together. You went crazy and jumped through the glass window, when you clearly could have gone through the door-

Sakura cut through, "Yeah but this is love and all girls go crazy when it come to love."

"You grabbed Ino by the ponytail and you almost drowned her in the nearby fountain. When Neji and Lee tried to stop you kneed them both in the "you know what's". In the end it turns out that Ino and Sasuke were going on a mission together and they were just going over what the plan was."

"Ok, maybe I overreacted that time, but I mean it was only that one time."

"What about that time you went on a date with me and I accidentally spilled water on your skirt. You flipped over our table and literally picked me up and threw me out of the restaurant-

"It was a brand new skirt," She interrupted again.

"Sakura…you threw me threw a brick wall. It was only WATER.WATER DRIES! I was out for a week. I swear I have never been so scared and I don't think I ever will be more scared."


"And don't think I don't know about Inner Sakura. When you were sleeping I heard you talking to her while we were out on a mission, and let me tell you. I really don't ever want to meet her."

Sakura gave up. She knew everything Naruto was saying was totally true. She was lucky she hasn't been already sent to anger management yet. Maybe she really did have a problem

Naruto noticed that his friend was getting upset with what he was saying. Wrapping his arm around her he gave her a hug, "I am not saying you are a bad person because you definitely are one of the nicest people I know. I am just saying don't consider this punishment as a punishment. You never know what you can gain out of it."

Sakura wiped a tear out of her eye and look at Naruto and pinched his cheek, "Since when have you been so grown up."

He let out a loud laugh and she could tell that his cheeks were tainted a little red with embarrassment, "Two more bowls, old man!"


Sakura was standing in front of the entrance to her group session and sighed. There were so many doubts and fears running through her head and she knew the once she opened the door there would be no turning back.

She gave a second glance at her dress, trying to decide whether she was too dressed up for the occasion. She was wearing a white dress that was two inches above her knee, and had pink flowers around it. Hearing the rain hit the windows; Sakura knew that if she went out to change her outfit would be soaked anyways.

It's now or never.

Slowly opening the door, Sakura popped her head inside. Her face immediately lighted up when she saw a familiar face standing in the middle of a circle of plastic blue chairs.


Upon hearing his name being called, Kakashi turned around and was just as surprised to see Sakura as she was seeing him. Flashing her a smile through his mask he gestured for her to come in.

"Hey Sakura, fancy seeing you here."

Sakura stepped inside and took a good look around. The whole place was empty except for a group of chairs that were placed in a circle, and various posters reminding people to "Be happy" or "Don't get mad…get glad."

"Where is everybody? Am I too early?"

"Yeah, kind of, but it is good because I get to spend time with my favoritest student in the world."

"Honestly Kakashi. You really have had only three students. Me, Naruto, and Sasuke…Not much competition to tell you the truth.

"Well a certain pink haired girl and loud annoying boy have been making sure that I won't be having a new team any time soon.

Sakura smiled as she remembered the time when Naruto and she found out that Kakashi was going to train a new team.


"A new team?" Naruto screamed as Sakura broke the bad news to him.

"Yeah…Team 6. Can you believe it? I feel like we are being replaced. We aren't going to be his Team 7 anymore."

"Well six is pretty much an unlucky number, and three sixes means the devil…Kakashi is definitely not the devil soo… we have to break the team up! Are you with me?"

Sakura was confused at Naruto's sense of logic, but looking for any excuse to break the team up, Sakura agree to his plan, "Yeah I am definitely with you in the "Ruin Kakashi's chance at having a normal team" plan!"

Picking up a stick from the ground, Naruto began drawing a diagram on the floor. "Ok. Here's what we are going to do…"


"Aw Kakashi, you know we only did it because we love you. Anyways we did those kids a favor."

Kakashi made a gesture at his heart as if an arrow was shot into his heart causing Sakura to chuckle.

"What brings you here anyway?

Kakashi smirked at this comment, "Well you know this and that"

"Don't tell me …you beat someone up because they tried to steal your Icha Icha Paradise."

"Eh, Sort of."

Sakura hated how Kakashi always had that way of answering questions, but leaving so much out. It's like every time you ask him a question you find yourself frustrated and having more questions to ask then you began with.

Sakura and Kakashi spent the rest of the time they had alone together talking about what has happened in their lives since Team 7. When Sasuke left, Team Seven was eventually broken up, and the three remaining ninjas went their separate ways. She told him how she was currently under the training of Tsunade and how she is taking anger management because her patient accidentally knocked himself unconscious and everybody thinks it is her fault. She listened to Kakashi tell her about his interesting life sleeping and reading his book.

"You know Kaka-

She stopped herself mid-sentence when she could hear laughter erupting from the stairway. She could hear the voices coming closer and she knew that they were going to be her "group" buddies. She immediately took a seat next to Kakashi who pulled his book out of his pocket and continued reading it.

"Oh by the way Sakura, we don't refer to each other by our actual names so I suggest you come up with a nickname for yourself. We do it so that there is some sort of privacy between us and so people won't be as afraid to say what is on their mind."

Sakura saw the people enter and take a seat. Looking around she was really surprised to see that the people in the classes weren't these tough buff guys with tattoos covering their arms but normal, everyday looking people. She noticed that there was one seat left empty.

"Hey, who's the newbie with the pink hair," Sakura saw a guy with a Mohawk say. He looked at her with mild interest as he slouched on his chair.

"Shut up, you punk before I make you." Sakura found herself retorting before she had any time to stop herself.

She could see the guy starting to get mad, and opened his mouth to say something back. Before he could get something out of his mouth Kakashi told everyone to be quiet, before finally saying, "You will find out when class starts."

Sakura looked at Kakashi

Wait a minute…don't tell me….Kakashi is the leader of this group session?

She could feel her face heat up with embarrassment. Great... Now I bet Kakashi now thinks I am some violent, psycho crazy chick.

Sakura decided not to say anything until class started again.

"Ok, we have a new student in our group session. She is new and I want everybody to be nice to her. Why don't you introduce yourself?"

Sakura got up from her chair. It made a screeching sound against the wood as she pushed it backwards a little. She looked around at the crowd of faces who were staring at her with interest except the boy with a Mohawk who looked like the second coming of Christ wouldn't even interest him

She gave them an awkward wave and cleared her throat before saying, "Hi…my name is…Lola."