Has Sakura found out yet?

"No. She is totally clueless to the situation."

"Good. And Gaara?"


The Hokage let out a sigh as she slumped back into her chair, relieved that her prized student didn't figure out her plan, "Y'know, I really was expecting them to find out in at least a day. Oh boy, those two really are clueless, aren't they?"

"Well," Kakashi said pulling out the latest version of Icha Icha, "It must be because of my awesome ninja skills."

"You wish," Tsunade said laughing.



Anger Management Equals Love


Green Hot Jalapeno Peppers

++Chapter 5: Moving Forward++



Sakura and Gaara were both eating at a nearby sushi restaurant that had just opened up a few weeks ago. It was, of course Gaara's idea to eat there, and it was quickly seconded by an overly eager Sakura. She was glad her days of paying for her own food and eating ramen were over. Now she had a magic wallet that she could bend to her will and magically come up with money to pay for every demand she made. He was Kazekage after all.

Picking up her chopsticks, Sakura slowly leaned over the wooden table and pick a tuna sushi roll off of Gaara's plate. Their friendship had so far progressed to the point where it was alright to drink out of each others cup or pick food off of each others plates. Sakura, who was wearing one of the biggest grins her face could support, opened her mouth as wide as she could and popped the roll into her mouth, eating it with one bite. Healthy, Yummy, and Fishful. What more could a girl ask for.

With calm eyes, Gaara watched as his last piece of food was quickly eaten by a pink haired moocher. He would've complained, but the expression on her face was enough to give him second thoughts. He neatly placed his chopsticks on top of his plate and motioned to the waiter to pick up their dishes.

It was weird how things were turning out. Ever since Naruto had been busy with wedding plans, Sakura had been spending every bit of time she could with him, clinging onto him like some cute lost puppy that needed to be fed every hour, and needed constant attention or else she would bite. They had only known each other for a few days and already Gaara knew a lot of little tid bits about her like her her favorite color down to the exact shade (dark blue), what restaurant she wants to eat at before she dies, or famous celebrities she wants to kiss (not his favorite bit of information).

"Ugh," she said throwing her chopsticks onto her plate, "I really, really really don't want to go to anger management today. I want to stay here and eat sushi for the rest of my life."

"Fine," he said, "go ahead. Nobody's stopping you." Sakura sent a glare towards Gaara. She should've known by now that it was pretty much pointless to argue with him anymore. Instead of being an normal friend who would lie to you and tell you to finish what you started, Gaara was blunt and to the point. He had no sense of hesitation. If you want to do something, do it. If you didn't want to do something, then don't. To him it was as simple as that. Everything was black and white. It was up to her to put some color in his life.

"Ok then. Maybe I will," she spat back at him. She crossed her hands over her chest and planted her feet firmly on the floor. Her actions almost identical to the 5 year old sitting two tables away from her who was throwing a tantrum.

"Do you want a medal?" he said, testing her.

"Yeah, Maybe I do," she fired back.

"Someone's grouchy today," he said lamely, not able to think of a better comeback. This was usually how their conversations went on a good day. They would start on a subject, and something small would usually come up resulting in a series of comebacks and sarcasm until finally one of them would run out of something to say. It was just one big circle

"You know what. I wouldn't talk mister; I'm only upset because SOMEONE just had to get their sand all over my carpet. I told you to make sure you got all of the sand off of your body before you enter my house. I had to vacuum for four hours this morning to get it off. And you know what pissed me off even more? The fact that I know you could've gotten it all off with just the flick of a wrist if YOU HADNT LEFT ME FOR YOUR BLOND BIMBO SECRETARY.

Gaara knew it would be best not to respond. He really did leave her for his blond bimbo secretary, but it wasnt for the reasons Sakura thought. Sure she was a blond, and was a bimbo, but she was his secretary and she told him that he was late for an important meeting. He had intended to miss the meeting entirely to spend the morning with Sakura, but apparently the old farts that help run Suna were demanding that he shows.

The waiter soon came back, a check in his left hand with a few breath mints scattered on top of it. He looked back and forth at the angry couple and slid the check between them. This action was soon met with the death glare of two very angry people, who were so mad that they would probably explode if they saw how pricey their sushi was. Sweat drops glistened on his forehead as he tried his best to not go insane under all the pressure he was under, "You know what," he said picking up the piece of paper leaving the mints, "it's on the house."

A now not so awkward silence settled between the two, and Sakura took a sip of her tea, while Gaara watched her. Sakura put down her cup and let out an "aah" sound before opening her mouth again to start the cycle again. "I think Konoha is better than Suna." She stated as a fact randomly out of the blue. A mischievous look in her eyes just wanting to start a fight.

"You're just trying to push my buttons again, aren't you?"

Sakura let out a grin, "Yeah."



"There you go," Hinata said, helping a student of hers put their backpack on, "Now run along to your parents"

"Thank you, Ms. Hyuuga!" The kid yelled turning around to wave good-bye to her before finally running to his parents.

Hinata let out a soft smile as she watched her last student walk away while talking happily to his mom. She couldn't wait to be a mother; it was why she wanted to become a elementary teacher. When she told Tsunade that she wanted to become an elementary teacher she was met with bulging eyes and an open mouth. All her years training to be a ninja going down the drain.

The Hokage tried to convince her to at least train the genin, but with Naruto's support, she remained firm on her decision. She wanted to teach children their times tables, not the ways to kill a man. It was wrong. It was so wrong to give a twelve year old a kunai and tell them to kill someone without them loosing their soul.

She was glad she remained strong for once. She was glad that, of once; she let someone down, because she loved seeing an innocent child's smile.

Hinata turned to go back into the building when she spotted a handsome yellow haired man slightly hiding behind a tree. He hid his hands in his pockets to shield them from the cold, and let his nose dig into his scarf. Walking up to her, he wrapped his hand around hers and flashed her his trademark goofy grin, the one that was reserved only for her, and began leading her somewhere.

"Hey Hinata," he finally said calmly.

"Hi, Naruto," she replied, "It's lunchtime, shouldn't you be meeting Sakura?"

Naruto laughed, "Not today. Today is a special day. I already told Sakura and she said it was fine that we miss our daily routine."

"S-Special day?" she repeated, her face lighting up with a curious air in the process, "Why is today so special? Our anniversary was four days ago."

He gave her another silly smile, and walked closer to her pressing his lips on her ear. Closing his eyes, he softly inhaled her scent. Jasmine. "You know, I've never seen you at your work. I have to say, it was so cute seeing you surrounded by children. I can tell you're happy."

"Yeah, I am, and it is all thanks to you," she whispered quietly

Naruto let out a sudden chuckle, as if it was a total surprise to him that she would say something like that, "Me? I'm just the goofy little boyfriend who can't even remember his girl's anniversary."

At the comment, Hinata immediately stopped in her tracks, "Stop it Naruto. Don't ever say that." She placed her hand on his cheek and looked him in the eyes, "You are my everything. I hate it when you degrade yourself. I know life was hard when you were younger, but now…now you have me. You don't need to change a thing. I love that you're my goofy little boyfriend who doesn't remember our anniversary. "

Ever since Naruto and she went out she noticed that he had a habit of doing that. At first she thought it was just a few playful comments, but soon they became more and more frequent. He began saying how useless he was, how much he hated living. It was then Hinata began to ever so quietly stepping her foot down. Every time he would say something even remotely upsetting to her she would immediately stop whatever they were doing and tell him that he was amazing. That he didn't need to change a thing about himself.

Hinata hate to admit it but she knew the reason why he was like that. It was all because of Sakura. Hinata didn't hate Sakura; in fact Sakura was her best friend. She loved Sakura so much because she was the one who brought them together; she was the one who gave her to push to ask him out. Naruto loved her so much that he was willing to give his life to her. It was such a tragedy that she didn't love him back.

"I'm sorry Hinata," he said placing his hand over hers. It felt so smooth and soft on his skin, "Sometimes I just get lost in my memories."

Hinata let a small pout form on her lips and did her best impression of puppy dog eyes, "Well don't do it again or else."

"Or else what,"

"Or else I'm telling father who really blew the hole through his dojo."

Naruto let out an over exaggerated sigh, "I miss the old Hinata. You know, the Hinata who was shy and timid and would faint at the sight of my manliness. I'm not sure if I'm too fond the empowered one who extorts her poor helpless boyfriend."

"Oh shush, you," she said lightly hitting him in the stomach. They continued walking, and to where Hinata had no clue, but every time she would bring up the subject he would magically sidestep the subject. In the end she didn't really care where they were going. It was just nice to actually spend some time together with him.

Hinata took a good look at the scenery around her and found out that they were back where it all began. Picking off a cherry blossom from her shoulder, Hinata couldn't help but admire the rows of cherry blossoms as the petals slowly fell from the tree. Hinata was speechless, "Naruto…what…I…"

Hinata looked up and found Naruto also admiring the view before looking down at her with flushed cheeks. He gave her a gentle smile, almost the ones Hinata saw him give Sakura when she wasn't looking. Finally as if he was suddenly shocked, Naruto quickly fell out of his stupor and untangled his sweaty palms from hers. "I have a poem I wrote you. I want to read it." He nervously patted his pockets trying to figure out where he put it, when with a glee of happiness found it in the pocket inside his jacket.

"Is that why you took me here? To read a poem you wrote in your spare time. I didn't know my boyfriend was so deep,"

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I love you

Will you marry me?

"Naruto, that didn't even rhy- Hinata stopped mid sentence as the cheesy poem slowly sunk in. Now when a boy wanted to propose to a girl it was usually at expensive restaurant with candles, flowers, and some cute little catch phrase that makes the whole thing romantic.

Hinata looked at Naruto who had already gotten down on one knee with his bright red face as he fidgeted with the ring in his hands holding it up to her. There were no flowers, expensive food, and as much as she hated to admit it the poem sucked, but her heart was racing. Threatening to overflow with love. She loved how the ring shook in his hand, his sweaty palms, red face, and disoriented marriage proposal. She loved it more than white weddings and honeymoons to exotic places. That was why she loved Naruto.

"Well…" Naruto said slowly, "don't leave me hanging here. Marry Me?"

"Oh y-yes, you don't know how much I would love to marry you."

"Oh really," Naruto said picking himself up, and carefully holding her hand to place the ring on her finger.

The ring had barely touched her finger when, Hinata pushed herself away from Naruto. Her face was unsure, and Naruto could visibly tell that she was mustering up the courage to tell him what she was about to tell him

"There is one condition though. I don't want you to have lunch with Sakura anymore. I-I know you guys share a special team bond, and I would be upset if you asked me to stop talking to Kiba. I-It's just that sometimes I feel like you spend more time with her than you do with me. We're the one's going out, not you and Sakura. I let it go on for so long, now please…please promise me this one thing. You're marrying me, and I want you to only have eyes for me. Only me. Promise me this, and I will marry you."


"Naruto…please…I love you…move than anyone else ever will…more that Sakura."

Naruto let out a sigh of defeat, "Ok…I promise."

Hinata knew she was being selfish. Sakura was Hinata's best friend, and she hated to tear their friendship apart because she was probably over-reacting or being the jealous girlfriend. It was just that it was true. Naruto did spend every second he could with her, and Hinata always felt that she had to plan around their schedule to spend some time with HER boyfriend. There were rumors spreading all over the village about how much they clung to each other.

Their grace period was over.

They could linger over the past for only so long.



Naruto let out a smile as he walked down the marketplace with his soon to be wife in his arm. It was around lunch, and he was Ickiraku is the other way around." Hinata had been spending her lunches with Naruto planning to take her to a local sushi place that had just opened up a few weeks ago. It was a change of pace from all the ramen he used to eat with Sakura. He needed a change.

Hinata had a slight blush on her cheeks as her fingers were messily interlinked with Naruto's. "Naruto," she said gently with a confused look on her face. It was enough to make him want to gobble her up, "where are we going?

Naruto "Oh Mrs. Uzumaki I'm afraid that is a secret, but I will give you a hint. It begins with s and ends in ushi."

"Sushi?" came Hinata's educated guess. It really didn't take an educated person to figure that out.

"WHAT!?" Naruto whined, "How did you figure that out? It was supposed to be a surprise, and everything. I told that stupid Lee to keep his big mouth shut or else. Oh he is definitely going down."

Hinata put a finger on Naruto's lips to quiet him, "Lee didn't tell me, Naruto…it was uh… a cute little angel that fluttered down from the heavens, landed on my shoulder and whispered secrets into my ear." It was the best Hinata could come up with in such a short time that wouldn't hurt her fiancés pride.

Naruto relaxed slightly at Hinata's explanation, "Was the angel a boy or girl?" His jealous instincts coming in when Hinata just told him an angel was whispering sweet nothings into her ear.

"I swear" came her exasperated reply, "you are so clueless sometimes."

Naruto decided to drop the subject and continue walking in the peace they had managed to keep up. He, however, made a mental note to kick the crap out of Lee at the scrimmage they had tomorrow.

The pair had finally reached the restaurant and Hinata couldn't help but gasp at how gorgeous the restaurant was. She wasn't trying to belittle Naruto, but since Naruto was poor most of their dates ended up at the Ichiraku. "Naruto…I can't. It's too expensive, and I know you'd much rather eat some ramen."

"Hinata, I want today to be special, and eating ramen like we do every day isn't special. I saved up money for us today so don't you worry a bit about the prices. I can afford them," Naruto said, holding onto Hinata for all dear life before she ran back to the Ichiraku.

Hinata sighed at the hopelessness of the situation, and her growling stomach wasn't really disagreeing with the prospect of eating some sushi, "Fine, but we aren't going to spend more than fifty dollars."

Naruto couldn't help but let out a small chuckle. Hinata always thought of other people before herself. He truly believed that Hinata was an angel sent to him from the heavens. He didn't deserve her. "Ok, I promise."

Wrapping his hand around her waist, Naruto proceeded to lead Hinata into the restaurant. The inside of the restaurant looked even better than the outside with its Japanese style atmosphere. In the background, Naruto could hear ambient music from a violin and harp being played by musicians in the corner.

"DON'T EVEN TRY AND BLAME IT ON ME YOU THREE EYED FREAK!" There was a violent mistake on the violin at the disturbance, and everyone including Naruto and Hinata turned to look at where the disturbance came from.

"Sakura?" Naruto said, immediately releasing his grip from Hinata, and began walking towards her. Hinata made a slight effort to prevent him from going to by holding onto his hand, but stopped when she realized that she shouldn't have to feel the need to do so. She just sighed as he continually picked the one girl who meant more to him than her.

Naruto walked up to Sakura, and could already feel his blood racing. He hadn't seen her for days, and it felt like forever to him. "Hey Sakura," he said nervously.

Sakura looked up and a warm smile formed on her face, "Naruto!" She immediately pushed herself off of her chair and wrapped her arms around her old friend. "I missed you so much, you idiot. What are you doing her? Certainly not for lunch." She joked.

"Well for your information I am here with Hinata AND we're both here to eat as much sushi as our little tummies want."

"Well if you're here to eat why don't you pull up some chairs and eat with us. We need to catch up on old times," Sakura was already pulling up the chair next to the table in her excitement.

"Sure." Naruto said without hesitation, "Let me just get Hinata. Wait…where is she? Probably at the bathroom."

"Sakura," came a low voice from the person sitting across from her. Naruto had been so excited at the chances of meet his best friend that he didn't notice the company she had. Gaara. For a second, Naruto looked at him with a deadly glare, threatened that his place in Sakura's heart was being threatened.

"Sakura," he repeated a little louder. She was too busy rearranging the table to hear him the first time.

"Hm?" she said giving him half of her attention, "Oh Gaara, what is it?"

"We can't eat with Naruto and Hinata. We have to leave now. Session is going to start soon," he said calmly.

"Oh yeah," she said sadly, gently placing the chair down. She gave Naruto a look of regret. If only they had come earlier, "Well, I guess we could catch up like old times some other time."

"Yeah. I guess." Or not, he thought, "Well I have to go look for Hinata so I guess I'll see you some other time.

"Yeah. See you."

"Bye" Naruto said before turning his back and walking away from her. He went back to the spot where he left Hinata, and he still couldn't find her. After searching the bathroom (even the girls), Naruto found her sitting with her hands folded on her lap on a bench. Taking a seat next to her, Naruto could tell that she was upset, "Hinata, are you mad at me?"

Mad was an understatement in Hinata's opinion, "Naruto, why did you leave me for her again?"

"Not this again," he said with a slight groan. All the time, she was always questioning his love for her, and accusing him of picking Sakura over her. He couldn't stand it anymore. He had promised to stop spending lunch with her for Hinata, and it still wasn't good enough, "I haven't seen her for days Hinata. Can you blame me for being a little bit excited?"

"No," she said a little unsure, "but how do I know that you didn't plan to run into her. For all I know, you knew she was going to be at the sushi house for lunch today."

"I can't believe you would think of something like that. You have no idea what Sakura and I have been through. No idea. I didn't ask you to marry me just for laughs. I love you Hinata, and I'm running out of ways to prove it to you." Naruto was begining to lose control of the volume of his voice and before he knew it he was shaking with anger and found himself almost yelling at her. He had never yelled at Hinata before.


"No! I don't want to hear it. If you can't trust me then maybe…maybe we aren't supposed to get married. Maybe it was all a mistake." He couldn't look at her in the eye anymore. After giving one hard punch to the bench, he walked away hoping that she would stop him. But she didn't. She never really tried.

Hinata watched as she watched Naruto walking away. Hoping that he would stop in the middle of the road, turn around and say that it was all his fault. She watched his back until he was finally gone from her view. Perfect love was only what you saw in the television.



"Today is going to be an extra special day today," Kakashi said, dumping a heavy chest in the middle of the circle of chairs. Despite its small size, it landed with a big thump, causing some of the empty chairs to slightly rise off of the ground

As soon as Kakashi's students head the words extra, special, and day a ripple of groans could be heard from each of their mouths. "Please don't tell me we are going to have another hug and cry session where we spend most of the day…hugging…and crying." Mizzy said disdainfully while picking at her chipped nail polish.

"Wrong," Kakashi said with a smile on his lips, "It's going to be even better than that."

Another loud groan could be heard from Sakura, "You know, whenever you say better it usually means better for you and worse for us."

"Very perceptive Lola. You deserve a prize. I think you should be our mother," Kakashi said, opening the lock with a loud click.

"Mother?" Sakura had a very confused look plastered all over her face, "What the hell could you possibly mean by that?"

With an almost mischevious grin, Kakashi looked up at his group giving everyone but Gaara chills down their spines, "Oh you'll see. You'll see. Heh Heh Heh Ha Ha HA MWAHAHA."

Everyone else was creeped out again by their teachers manical laugh...that is except Gaara.

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