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Hyugga Hanabi walked home. She had been training with her father all day and had gotten angry at Hinata and left the house. Not looking where she was going and blinded with fury she tripped and fell on her face. Blood leaked out of a cut in her bottom lip.

She lifted her wounded body up off the ground and cursed, saying the only words a ten year old would know. (I don't know how old Hanabi is.) "Uhg," she groaned, clutching her gut, "Bleh." Vomit spilled on to the ground, splattering her shoes and the bottom of her pants legs. Shoving her long hair out of her face she continued home.

Hanabi trudged up the stairs and into her room. Her bare feet soar with bruises and blisters that had popped. She slammed her door, hoping the servants wouldn't scold her and went over to her mirror.

She slowly undressed, being careful not to touch one of her wounds. She looked at her newly budding breasts with displeasure. She could still pose as a boy but, that wouldn't last for very long. She just hoped she wouldn't end up like her sister.

Knock, knock. Hanabi covered her chest with her hair. She knew it was Hinata, her shy older sister. Hanabi opened the door and surprisingly let Hinata in. Hinata looked shocked for a moment and then smiled sweetly, "I thought you might want me to bring up your dinner so, here." Hanabi accepted the food and smirked, "I knew you'd make a good maid." Hinata bowed her head and left the room.

Hinata was used to being hated. She was known in the Hyugga household as weak and worthless. Being the oldest she was supposed to be air to the family but since Hanabi succeeded at every thing she could not, her father was reconsidering.

Hanabi washed herself off and bandaged her worst wounds. She dressed in a clean shirt and crawled into her messy bed. Sleep did not easily find her so she got out of bed and went to her window. She looked outside. The streets were empty.

Knock. "Hinata, is that you?" Hanabi asked, mock sweetly. Hinata opened the door and Hanabi threw a pillow in her face. "Eek!" Hinata fell to the floor. "Pathetic," said Hanabi, "That's what you are. I'm better than you, I'm stronger than you, I'm smarter than you, I'm prettier than you and father likes me more than you. You don't even deserve to be called Hyugga." Hanabi pelted Hinata with pillows.

Hanabi walked over to her dresser and picked up a kunai. She sliced her arm to check its sharpness and held it to her hair. Hinata stood up and rushed over to her younger sister. She grabbed the knife and threw it on the floor, "Don't cut your hair," she said softly.