Hanabi arrived home at around twelve in the night. She undressed and showered quickly. Not bothering to put on clothes she wrapped a towel around herself and walked down the stairs into the kitchen to get something to eat. Hanabi found Hinata's left over rice balls and decided to eat them. Hinata wouldn't mind and besides. She couldn't do anything about it.

Hanabi had just finished when someone walked into the room. It was Neji. "What is he doing here?" Hanabi whispered to herself. She quickly hid behind a large plant. Neji activated his byakugan and found her. Grabbing her arm he lifted her in the air.

"Stop it Neji!" Hanabi screamed, "You're hurting me!" He just cackled and hit her on the back of her neck, knocking her unconscious. A man pretending to be Hiashi came out from his hiding place behind the wall, "Good job pretending to be the boy." A strong tall man transformed from his Neji form to himself, "Let's get this over with," he muttered.

Hinata watched from her hiding place behind another plant as the men grabbed her sister. She closed her eyes for the rest, not wanting to see what would happen but she could hear zippers being undone.

Hanabi woke up the next day in her bed. She had a bruise on the back of her head and was completely naked. She remembered the night before. She cursed under her breath and wished Neji was dead.

Hanabi dressed and sat down on her bed to think. Much to her surprise Hinata entered the room holding a breakfast of rice balls and black tea. She had a look of horror on her face. "What is it?" Hanabi asked, "What did Neji do last night?" "Hanabi, you were raped last night!" Hinata exclaimed placing the food down. "Neji did what!" Hanabi was horrified. Pushing her sister out of the way she ran down stairs.

As usual Neji was talking to her father in the tea room. "You raped me last night!" Hanabi screamed. Neji shot her a puzzled look. "You did what?" Hiashi stared at Neji angrily. "He did!" Hanabi screamed. She didn't not know why she was doing this but she wanted Neji to die right now.

Hiashi activated the seal on Neji forehead causing him to scream in pain and fall to the floor holding his head. Hinata ran into the room, "Don't father. He's innocent. Plea… please." Hiashi sighed and deactivated the jutsu. Neji's breathing was reduced to shallow rasps. Hinata panted. Hanabi frowned. Hiashi stared at his eldest daughter.

"Last night," Hinata said, "Two men snuck in and raped Hanabi. One of them transformed into Neji and…" "Silence, get out of my sight Hinata." He left the room.

Sorry, this chapter is horrible but i was in a hurry.