Ginny had just had one of the worst days of her life. She'd got extra homework from professor McGonagall, a weeks worth of detentions from Snape for answering back in potions and she had ripped her favourite top. She climbed through the portrait hole, glad that she could finally relax, when she ran straight into Harry.

'Oh, Ginny there you are, I've been looking all over for you. Can we take a walk? I really need to talk to you about something.' He said.

Ginny sighed. 'Can't this wait Harry? I'm really tired and I need to chill out.'

'Well not really,' said Harry, 'this is really important.'

Ginny sighed again. 'Fine.'

They walked out of Gryffindor tower, through the castle and out into the grounds. As they strolled out by the lake Ginny took Harry's hand and rested her head on his shoulder but Harry immediately let it go and moved away from her.

'What's wrong' Ginny asked.

Harry stopped walking and turned to face her. He looked up at the sky and rubbed his face nervously. 'I don't really know how to say this.'

'Harry you're scaring me. What is it?' Ginny asked.

'I-I cheated,' Harry said.

'What do you mean you cheated? Like you cheated in a test'

'No, I mean I slept with someone else.' He said, studying her face for a reaction.

Ginny let out a long breath and tucked her hair behind her ears, trying to take this information in. She opened her mouth to speak but then shut it. She was stunned. Of all the boyfriends she had ever had she was sure that Harry would be most faithful.

'Say something,' Harry pleaded.

'What do you want me to say?' Ginny said coldly.

Harry shrugged. He tried to take Ginny's hand but she pulled them away.

'Don't touch me,' she said.

'I'm so sorry,' Harry said, his voice choked with emotion, 'it was a mistake and it only happened once. It was the stupidest thing I've ever done in my life and I hate myself for it.'

'Who was it?' Ginny asked.

'Does it matter?'

'Of course it matters!'

'Fine, it was Lavender.'

'That slut! I'm going to kill her!' She screamed and set off in the direction of the castle. Harry ran after her.

'Wait!' he called, 'where does this leave us?' He grabbed her arm to stop her and pulled her around to face him. 'Do you forgive me?'

Ginny wiped the tears from her cheeks and looked away from him. 'I don't know. All I know is that I don't even want to look at you right now.'

She pulled her arm from Harry's grip and raced up through the school to the Gryffindor tower, Harry hot on her heals. She shouted the password down the corridor and ignored the fat lady's questions about why she was in such a rush. She scrambled through the portrait hole and looked wildly around for Lavender and saw her sitting in a corner doing her homework with Parvati. As she approached her she was stopped from behind by Harry who had grabbed her by the waist. He was panting loudly and he whispered in her ear, 'just wait until you've calmed down, please.'

'Get off me Harry!' Ginny screamed and wrenched herself out of his grip again. Everyone stared as she marched over to Lavender.

'You bitch!' Ginny shouted, 'you boyfriend stealing little whore!'

Lavender looked politely confused and said, 'what are you talking about?'

'You slept with my boyfriend, how dare you act all innocent, he just told me!'

Lavender laughed, 'and you're taking Harry's word?'

'Why would he tell me that you slept together if you hadn't?'

'Oh I'm not denying we slept together but Harry was far from an innocent party in this. I was the one that protested and said that I couldn't sleep with a guy who was in a relationship, but he persisted. He's been trying it one for months, begging me. I have to say it was everything I could do to stop myself but last week I just gave in. I know I'm not innocent but Harry did all the chasing.'

By this time the whole of the common room was listening.

'Liar!' Ginny screamed and slapped Lavender hard across the face.

Lavender staggered backwards into the wall, nursing the side of her face. She glowered up at Ginny. 'Why don't you ask your dear boyfriend?'

Ginny turned to Harry and said, her voice shaking with rage, 'Is she telling the truth'

Harry looked pained, but eventually he nodded. Ginny slapped him across the face too and ran, sobbing to her dormitory.

She paced around the room furiously. She was more angry than upset at the moment. Two of her friends Ally and Dena came in to comfort her but Ginny just wanted to be alone so she went back through the castle and outside. It was just beginning to get dark and there was a chill in the air. She had plenty of time until curfew so she wrapped her cloak tightly around her and set off n the direction of Hogsmeade.

As it was a Wednesday evening the three broomsticks was fairly empty. She ordered a firewhiskey and lemonade and sat alone in a corner, thinking about what had happened. She loved him with all her heart and she couldn't just stop that. She wanted to forgive him but she also wanted to make him suffer. She wasn't going to give in easily. He had hurt her more than she ever thought he could.

She was jolted from her thoughts by the sound of the door opening. A group of Slytherins came in and sat on the table next to her. Blaise got up to buy everyone drinks and Pansy and Millicent, the only girls in the group, started giggling an pointing at Ginny.

'I heard Potter cheated on you with Brown,' Pansy said with a smug smile on her face.

Ginny smiled sweetly back and said, 'yeah but I wont have any trouble getting a new boyfriend. You, on the other hand, couldn't pull a blind troll.'

The Slytherins all glared at her and she heard the girls whisper, 'bitch.' But she couldn't care less. She noticed that Draco Malfoy had smiled for an instant at her remark before glowering at her with the others.

Ginny went to the bar and ordered another drink. She was drowning her sorrows tonight. As she sat at her table all alone it was all she could do to stop herself form crying but there was no way she'd let the Slytherins see her vulnerable. She was still in two minds about what to do about Harry. Should she forgive him or not?

After several more drinks her head became fuzzy and all thoughts of Harry were swept out of her head. At midnight Madam Rosmerta stopped serving. The Slytherins left just before Ginny and all glared at her on the way out. She struggled to stand up and drunkenly wove her way through the tables and out of the door. The cold air sobered her slightly and she could see the Slytherins walking up the hill ahead of her. As she started to stagger forwards she heard Malfoy's voice carried on the wind.

'I've got to post a letter,' he said, 'you lot go on, I'll meet you back in the common room.'

He turned and walked back down the hill to where Ginny was.

'Weasley,' he said softly, nodding at her as he approached.

Ginny didn't say anything, she just kept walking.

'Here let me help you, you're swerving all over the place,' Malfoy said, taking Ginny's arm to steady her.

'Get fucked,' said Ginny angrily, snatching back her arm.

'I was hoping I would,' said Malfoy, smirking.

Ginny stopped and swayed on the spot. Her gaze drifted down to his lips which were bright red with cold. She had a sudden urge to kiss them but the stopped herself, remembering who he was. Then the alcohol took over and she lunged forward, kissing him passionately on the mouth. Without breaking the kiss he led her silently into the trees off the path for privacy. He pushed her roughly against a large tree and pressed his warm body against hers and she moaned softly into his mouth, her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. Then Malfoy broke the kiss. He took her hands in his and lifted them up above her head so that they were stretched out. Then he ran his hands down her arms, leaving hers aloft, giving room for him to caress her pert breasts through her robes while his mouth dived to her neck, biting and sucking at the pale skin. Ginny groaned with abandon. Her mind was swirling and all she could think was that she needed pleasure, she had forgotten who was giving it to her and nor did she care. She pulled her arms down to Malfoy's trousers and quickly undid the button and zip, letting then fall to the ground in a heap at his ankles. He yanked his boxers down too and grabbed Ginny's thighs. He expertly lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist, her heaving breasts pushing into his chest. He supported her by holding her bum and pushing her hard into the tree with his pelvis. He ran his hands up her short skirt, caressing her inner thigh, whilst hitching her skirt up around her waist. Then he ripped off her flimsy underwear, dropping it to the ground. He grabbed his rock hard cock and roughly inserted it inside her. Ginny gasped as Malfoy started to pump into her at a speed that Harry could never have accomplished. They were both sweating and panting even though the night was cold and their breath was foggy in the moonlight. They were both too out of breath to kiss. Ginny watched Malfoy's face and she ran her hands through his sweaty hair.

'Harder!' Ginny cried and Malfoy obliged, thrusting furiously.

Ginny tightened her legs around Malfoy's waist so that he penetrated deeper inside her and before long she was biting her lip as an intense orgasm swept over her body. Her body jerked and her hips cramped as she waited for Malfoy to come and not long after he did, throwing his head back and screwing his eyes shut as he groaned.

Once they were dressed Malfoy started back up the path leading towards Hogwarts.

'See you around Weasley,' he said, leaving her half naked and exhausted against the tree.