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The next day was Christmas day and Ginny woke early, excited about the ball. She scrambled to the end of her bed and began ripping open presents. The usual jumper and a silver bracelet from her parents, a box of assorted skiving snackboxes from Fred and George, a new pink quill from Ron and sweets from all of her friends. Next she opened Harry's present and was disappointed to find only chocolate frogs. She had saved up and bought him a new gold plated cauldron with their initials carved into the bottom as his old one was wearing thin. Sighing, she threw the box aside and turned to her last present, the box from Draco.

She ripped off the packaging and looked inside. On top of a thin layer of tissue paper was a note. In a delicate cursive was the message, 'knock his socks off, Foxy x.' She smiled and pulled off the tissue paper and gasped. She pulled out the most beautiful dress robes she had ever seen. They were a chocolate brown, the exact shade of her eyes, with gold hemming and a gold band under the bust. She quickly pulled off her nightgown and put them on. They were sleeveless and had a plunging neckline that stopped in the just right place. The bottom came to just below her knee and the fabric clung against her curves in all the right places.

'Oh Draco,' she whispered to herself, admiring herself in the mirror.

'You look beautiful!' the enchanted mirror said to her, 'this Draco is obviously a keeper.'

The rest of the day passed in a blur to snowball fights, carols and general Christmas festives. At six o'clock Ginny started getting ready for the ball with her friends and they were only just ready by eight o'clock. She was wearing the robes Draco had given her, teamed with a pair of Dena's strappy gold heels. She wore gold accessories and had curled her fiery red hair.

As she walked down the stairs to the common room many people stared at her in awe. They knew she was beautiful but she looked so radiant tonight. She beamed at Harry who was waiting for her near the portrait hole.

'Where did you get those robes?' he asked, 'did you steal them? You'd never be able to afford something like that.'

'They were a gift actually,' said Ginny, annoyed.

Harry looked sceptical, 'you don't know anyone that rich. Are you lying?'

'Of course I'm not lying! Do you really think I'm a thief?'

Harry shrugged and then said, 'well we'd better get going, we don't want to be late,' and he strode off ahead.

Ginny was upset that he hadn't complimented her or even been nice to her at all. She was considering weather or not to turn back and not go at all but then decided against it. No matter how badly behaved Harry was being, she wasn't going to miss the ball. Besides, she wanted to speak to Draco.

The great hall had been transformed over night into a Christmassy wonderland. The usual huge Christmas trees surrounded the perimeter and snow appeared to be falling from the enchanted ceiling, even though it was raining outside. The usual house tables had been removed and replaced with smaller, circular tables. Harry and Ginny sat at one with Hermione and Ron, Seamus and Pavarti, and Fred and Angelina Johnsson.

They ate their meal and made small talk. After a while Ginny noticed Harry straining around all looking at all the other students.

'What are you looking for?' Ginny asked.

'Nothing,' he said quickly, returning his attention to the table.

Ginny looked discretely over in the direction he had just been looking and saw Lavender sitting at a table with a handsome Ravenclaw seventh year she didn't know the name of. Ginny stomach jolted. Why had he been looking at her?

After the meal the tables cleared to make room for dancing. Harry excused himself, saying he needed the bathroom despite Ginny's pleas for him to stay for the first dance. As students began to assemble onto the dance floor Ginny looked around to find Draco but he was nowhere to be seen. Now she thought about it, she hadn't seen him at the meal either. She approached Blaise who was sitting alone drinking butterbeer on a corner table.

'Is Draco here?' she asked.

'Nope, he wouldn't come. I tried to persuade him, told him it would do him good to get out but he said he couldn't face it.'

'What do you mean? What's wrong with him?'

'You don't know?'


Blaise looked at her incredulously. 'Well I suggest you ask him that, I don't think I should say.'

Ginny left and decided to get a drink while she waited for Harry. She sat alone at a table sipping her butterbeer for what seemed like an hour. After her second drink she decided to go and find him. As she turned the corner to head down the corridor that lead to the nearest bathrooms she walked straight into a couple who were pushed against the wall, kissing passionately.

'Oh sorry! I-' but she stopped short when she saw Harry's annoyed glare and Lavender's stubble-rashed face staring back at her.

She let out a small sob and turned on her heel.

'Ginny wait!' Harry called as she rushed off but Ginny didn't stop until she was outside in the pouring rain. She knew her new robes would be ruined and her hair messed up but she didn't care. She ran through the grounds until she couldn't run any further and collapsed into the mud, her tears mixed with the raindrops streaming down her face.

She sat and cried for what seemed like ages. When she managed to stop, her anger started to creep in. Way hadn't she just dumped him when he started treating her like shit? She was so grateful he took her back that she forgot to have some self-respect. She deserved to be with someone to treated her like a princess, who loved her and no one else, who she could trust and rely on.


The name came into her head with such speed it shocked her. She had never even considered Draco as real boyfriend material but it just made sense. All of a sudden memories rushed back to her. He had gone quiet when she talked about Harry, he bought her an expensive Christmas present, he left the room when Harry took her back and he hadn't spoken to her since, he was miserable at the Christmas eve feast, he didn't show up to the ball because he didn't want to see her and Harry together.

He liked her too.

Just then she felt someone's presence behind her. Panicked, she turned around and saw Draco standing in his dress robes, soaked though, his blonde hair matted to his head.

'You look beautiful,' he said, 'I knew you would.'

Ginny snorted. 'Don't lie, I look awful.'

'Not to me,' he replied seriously.

'What are you doing here? Blaise said you weren't coming.'

'Well I wasn't going to but then I decided I couldn't give up.'

'Give up on what?'


Ginny stayed silent, letting pleasure wash over her like warmth.

'Draco continued. 'You mean everything to me Ginny. I know this started off as two enemies plotting to get the thing they wanted but I've changed, you've changed me. Every time you mention Harry it tears me apart. When I see you together I want to hex him into a million pieces. He doesn't deserve you Ginny! He doesn't treat you the way you deserve. I love everything about you. I love the way you call me blondie, I love the way you blush when I compliment you, even though you thought they were fake compliments, I love the way you kiss my neck that sends shivers up my spine, I love the way you are passionate about the people you care about, I love the way you look tonight in that dress I bought you, but most of all I love the way you make me feel when I'm with you, like nothing else matters, not blood type, not houses, not families, nothing. I know I shouldn't be saying this because you're with Potter and I know it's not going to change anything but I had to let you know.'

He turned to leave, his once-shiny shoes squelching in the mud.

'Wait!' said Ginny.

She got up, wrapped her arms around his neck, tilted her head upwards and kissed him on the mouth.

'What was that for?' Draco asked as the parted.

'Because I love you too,' said Ginny, blushing.

'You do? But what about Potter?'

'Potter's a wanker. He cheated on me again tonight and made me realise that he doesn't deserve me. You do though. I'm only sad that it took me this long to realise it.'

Draco grinned. 'Come on, lets get out of here. Everyone's at the ball so we can go to my dormitory if you want?'

Ginny nodded, enclosing her small fingers around his manly hand.

They went down into the dungeons, through the Slytherin common room and up to Draco's dormitory. Ginny was surprised to find it quite nice. As soon as they were over the threshold Draco started to kiss Ginny with long, languid kisses. This was a new experience for both of them as their sexual encounters had always been lustful and rushed. Draco's hands slid up from Ginny's waist and into her hair, pushing the wet strays back from her face. Their soaking bodies rubbed together with friction and Ginny shivered with the cold.

'I think we need a shower to warm up,' said Draco. He pulled Ginny's sodden robes up slowly over her head. She lifted her arms so that they came off easily, leaving her standing in her underwear.

Ginny pulled off Draco's robes and they kissed their way to the bathroom. As Draco turned on the shower Ginny removed her underwear so that she was completely naked when Draco turned back around.

Draco groaned blissfully as he drank in her feminine form, loving every bit of her. She helped him remove his underwear and they stepped into the blistering hot shower together. They continued to kiss under the torrent of water pouring over them from a serpent's head. They massaged shower gel into each others skin, watching the bubbles slide southward over their slick, naked bodies. Draco's hand slid over Ginny erect nipples, teasing the hard nubs as Ginny kissed Draco's neck, the way he said he loved. Her mouth travelled down to his neck where she sucked at his left peck, leaving a pink love bite.

Soon they switched off the shower and slowly made their way back into the bedroom without drying off. Still soaking wet, they landed in Draco's four-poster and dived under the covers. Draco slid his tongue from Ginny's mouth and moved downwards. She shivered as it ran across her right nipple, down her stomach and over her belly button. He held onto her hips as his head travelled over her light brown pubic hair and then down to her crotch. He licked at her clitoris, which was already swollen with arousal.

He teased her for a moment, barely touching her, and then brought his head back up to hers with a loved-up grin on his face. Ginny ran her hands through his soaking blonde mane and then wrapped her arms around his back. She squeezed him tightly as she rolled him over so that she was now in top of him. His erection was pressing urgently into her lower stomach so she slid down his legs slightly and rubbed her breasts over the tip, coating them in pre-cum. Draco watched her in awe as she writhed on top of him, her eyes closed as her hard nipples teased his member.

When he couldn't bare it any longer he pushed her back to her knees and scrambled to her end of the bed on all fours. He pulled her legs from underneath her so she was sitting against one of the posts. He gently spread her legs wide, lay on his stomach and began to suck and lap at her clitoris again. Then he inserted his middle finger into her moist folds, sliding it in and out, running it along her inner walls. Soon she was wet enough to add another. His index finger curled forward as his middle finger stretched to the back while he continuously licked her sweet spot.

Ginny's breathing increased to panting as she watched her lover pleasure her like no man had ever done before. Just before she came Draco pulled out. As she looked at him with anger for stopping too soon he just smiled. Then he pulled her up onto his lap and wrapped her legs around his waist. As she sat down on his lap he inserted his throbbing, eager manhood into her. Catching on to the idea, Ginny ground her pelvis down into his crotch, then bobbed back up again. This time as she lowered herself she was met with a thrust from Draco's hips, ramming his member as far as it would go inside her.

Draco supported her with one hand and let the other hand find her clitoris again. This sent her over the brink and she could no longer hold on, surrendering into and intense orgasm that swept over her entire body, leaving her shuddering and spasming on Draco's lap.

After a couple of seconds that he left her to rest, he pulled her up and lay her back on the bed, her head on the pillow. Then he spread her legs and inserted himself again, letting her lay back as he did all the work. After a couple of minutes Ginny regained some strength and began to thrust her hips back up to meet his. The increased friction allowed Draco to come in heaves inside her.

Both spent, they lay back on the bed together. Draco stroked Ginny's bare stomach and watched her as she regained her breath.

'I can't believe we're actually together,' Ginny said at last.

'I know,' Draco agreed, 'we're probably the most unlikely couple at Hogwarts.'

'I kind of like it,' Ginny said, smiling. 'Oh by the way, I forgot to ask. Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?'

'You're all I wanted, so yes.'