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Chapter 1

Urgent Message

Mayu Kigaro sat outside her tent, reading Make-Out Violence for the third time while waiting for her boyfriend, Kakashi Hatake to show up for their daily sparing session. He was late…again. As much as she loved him, his lateness was the one thing about him that seriously annoyed her. The whole time they've been dating, she had been trying to cure him of that habit. But, every time she tried, he would just say, "Don't try to change me baby."

They have become quite a well-known couple in the Hidden Leaf Village. Mainly because they were seen together a lot. No one has ever seen them kiss, but they have been seen walking arm-in-arm and holding hands.

But with Mayu being from another village, not everyone approved of their relationship. But they didn't let that bring them down. Heck, Kakashi didn't even care that the Hokage frowned upon their relationship.

Despite that, they had some people rooting for them, like Kakashi's students, along with Kurenai and Asuma. Part of the reason for their support was because Mayu helped them get together. After Mayu's return to the Hidden Leaf Village, she got to know Kurenai and they became good friends. Mayu could see that Kurenai and Asuma were into each other, so she talked Kurenai into finally tell Asuma how she feels, and everything just clicked from there.

Mayu put down the book and looked up at the sky. Even after all this time, she couldn't believe the results of the journey she started over a year ago. She definitely didn't except to find love that was for sure. Part of the reason she choose to stop at the Hidden Leaf Village, because she had heard rumors about the Copy Ninja. She originally wanted to see how her skills matched up with his. She really didn't expect to fall in love with, or for him to fall for her.

Unfortunately falling in love made things a little complicated. She wanted to be with Kakashi, but she knew she would have to return to her village someday. She had scent a letter to her family to let them know she would return as soon as she defeated Kakashi. But so far, all of their matches ended in draws.

She hated to think about what she would do when that day comes, if it ever comes. But she had to admit that she missed her family and friends. She wondered how they were doing. Just then Kakashi appeared in a puff of smoke. "Yo.", he said in a casual tone.

"You're late…again." Mayu said in an annoyed tone.

"Sorry, but I-"

"Let me guess," Mayu interrupted. "You got lost on the path of life again."

"Uh yeah." he responded.

"Well, I guess I can forgive you." she said as she made sure no one was around. Then she lowered his mask and kissed him. They always made sure no one was around before they kiss, so no one else would see Kakashi without his mask. Mayu never got what the deal with the mask was. But she respected his wishes, mainly because she didn't want any other woman going after him.

After kissing for a few minutes, Kakashi pulled away.

"Oh yeah." he said as he put his mask back on and pulled an envelope out of his pocket. "This letter came for you." He then handed it to her. Mayu noticed that it had the word URGENT on it in red letters. Mayu quickly opened the letter and read it. Kakashi noticed the worried look on Mayu's face.

"What is it?" he asked.

"It's from my village." she said. "They need me to come back."

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