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Chapter 22


The next day, Mayu went to talk to Joubu about the transformation she went through when she fought with the demon.

"Uncle Joubu," Mayu began. "The other day when I was fighting the demon-"

"I know" said Joubu. "Yui and Tama told me while you were unconscious. So your celestial powers have finally awakened."

"You say that like you were expecting it" said Mayu.

"I was excepting it" said Joubu. "Every 100 years, a girl born into the Kigaro Clan becomes a celestial maiden. The day you were born is exactly 100 years since the last ten'nyo was born. So we all knew that you would be the next one to have celestial powers. But the strange thing is the powers normally awaken at age 16. Oh well, you were a late bloomer growing up anyway."

"I didn't come to talk about my teenage years" said Mayu. Her uncle's comment made her years she was going through puberty. Then she found herself praying that Kika wouldn't tell Kakashi that she didn't get her first real bra till she was 16. 'If she says anything about my years as the flat-chested wonder, I'll so kill her.' Mayu thought. 'Or could just tell everyone that she stuffs her bra.'

"Right," said Joubu. Then he took the Sword of Light out of and pointed out the symbol on the handle to Mayu. "This here is the symbol of the Ten'nyo. The reason why this sword has been in good shape for so long is because it is not of this world. It was made in Heaven. The celestial maiden, Venus whom we descendents of brought this sword down to earth with her to slay the demon that was attacking innocent people. During her time here she fell in love with a human man and married, thus beginning the Kigaro Clan. Since you are the new Ten'nyo this sword will now go to you." Then Joubu put the sword back in its sheath and handed it to Mayu.

"Thank you Uncle" said Mayu. Then she bowed respectfully then left the room.

In the next room, she found Kika talking to Kakashi. She was glad to see that were having a civilized conversation. She was about to leave the room when she heard Kika say, "You know Mayu, didn't get her first real bra till she was 16." Kakashi's visible eye widened.

'That's it! She is so dead!' thought Mayu. Then she said, "I wouldn't talk Miss Stuffs Her Bra."

"Shut up!" Kika shouted blushing. Then the sister got into a heated argument. While they were arguing, Kakashi got out of the room as fast as he could, not wanting to get involved. When Mayu finally noticed that Kakashi left the room, she shouted at Kika, "Now look what you did! You scared him off!"

"Me!" exclaimed Kika. "You started it!" Then the two sisters continued to argue for hours.

Over the course of the next few days, Mayu and Team 7 enjoyed their time in the Hidden Light Village. Mayu along with Kakashi, Tama, and Yui would visit Keibo everyday to see how he was doing.

Kakashi played a few games of checkers with Grandma and lost every time.

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura would just hang out with Yuki, Maya, and Miori. Both groups were happy that Yuki and Naruto could hang out without it being awkward. Even though they agreed to be just friends, they knew that they would always remember their first kiss. It was not only Naruto's first kiss from a girl, but it was also Yuki's first kiss.

Sasuke challenged Maya to a rematch, but got his but kicked again. Then he beat up Naruto for laughing at him. Then Yuki beat Sasuke up for beating Naruto up. Then Sakura beat Yuki up for beating up Sasuke. Then Miori beat Sakura up for beating up Yuki. Then Naruto beat up Miori up for beating up Sakura. Then finally Naruto got beat up by both Yuki and Maya.

The day before Kakashi and his students were planning to return to the Hidden Leaf Village, Mayu decided to show Kakashi a place she visited often when she was growing up. They worked their way through the Forest of Light. This was the other forest near the Hidden Light Village. The reason why it was called the Forest of Light is because it is believed that's where the Celestial Maiden first appeared.

"So, where are we going?" Kakashi asked Mayu.

"You'll see" she said.

They continued to walk through the forest until they arrived at the spot. In this place there was a 20 foot rock cliff right next to a lake. The rock cliff was positioned so perfectly that one could jump off it into the water. Seeing this place again after so long, made Mayu think of her favorite memory of this place.


10-year-old Mayu was sitting on the edge of the rock cliff. At the time she had recently become a Chunin, and at that age, her hair was about the same length as Sakura's. She was trying to figure out how to cheer Keibo up, because he didn't pass the Chunin Exam. Then her older sister Chiyuu, who was 15 and a new Jonin at the time, showed up looking for Mayu.

"Hey!" Chiyuu called up to her younger sister. "Dad's back from his mission!"

'Alright, Dad's back!' though Mayu. She was such a daddy's girl back then. Mayu was about to climb back the cliff, then thought why take the long when you can take the short, fun way. So then she cannon balled off the cliff in to the water.

"You are such a little showoff" said Chiyuu. But then she noticed that Mayu didn't come up from the water.


Chiyuu waited a few more minutes and Mayu still didn't comeback up.

"You better be okay Mayu," said Chiyuu "because I'm not going in that water after youuu!" Just as Chiyuu said "you" a hand came out of the water grabbed her leg and pulled her into the water.

A second after Chiyuu came to the surface, only part of Mayu's face came to the surface with a mischievous gleam in her eyes.

"Mayu, you are getting too old to pull prank like this." Chiyuu lectured her younger sister. Then the rest of Mayu came up to the surface and spit water in Chiyuu's face.

"Eeewwww! That's it!" yelled Chiyuu. Then an all out water war ensured between the two sisters.

When they finally went home, their parents wanted to know why they were all wet.

End Flashback

"I used to come here a lot as a kid." Mayu explained to Kakashi when they arrived at spot. Then Mayu removed her light green jacket, took off her open-toed shoes, removed her headband and then unraveled her braid. All she had on was her pale yellow tank top and tan pants.

"What are you doing?" Kakashi asked her.

"You'll see" she said. Then Mayu climbed up the rock cliff. "Trust me, you haven't lived till you're tried this!" she called to Kakashi. Then she cannon balled into the water. Kakashi waited for Mayu to come back up and she didn't.

"Oh nice try Mayu, come on out now from where ever you're hiding." Kakashi said. He waited a few more minutes and still no sign of Mayu. Kakashi got closer to the water edge. He was beginning to wonder if he would have to jump in after her. Then he felt a hand grab his leg. Before he could do anything, he was pulled into the water. Then Kakashi and Mayu came back up to the surface, both of them all wet, to the point where Kakashi's hair wasn't sticking up. (Like the time he got wet when he fought Zabuza.)

"Oh ha ha, very funny Mayu." Kakashi said sarcastically.

"Oh lighten up" said Mayu. Then she splashed Kakashi. Kakashi splashed Mayu back, thus beginning an all out water war between the two. By the end of the water war, they were both laughing. Kakashi made sure no one else was around. Then he removed his mask, headband, vest, shirt, gloves, and shoes and laid them out to dry. Mayu smiled. 'I have the hottest guy in the world, shirtless all to myself' she thought.

Kakashi noticed the look on Mayu's face and asked, "See something you like?"

"Just enjoying the scenery" said Mayu, eyeing Kakashi's abs.

Since it was starting to get dark, Mayu built a fire for them to sit until Kakashi's clothes were dry. As they sat by the fire, Kakashi held Mayu in his arms. Being in the strong arms of the shirtless and mask less Copy Ninja, made Mayu feel like she had die gone to heaven.

They noticed some fireflies in the distance. Mayu remembered the time all the times when she and her siblings would go out to catch fireflies on summer nights. She remembered how Chiyuu always caught the most, and then let them go, how Kika would have a hard time just catching one, and how Tenshi almost rivaled Chiyuu at catching them, and how he would always complain about having to come back in for bed before the girls.

Mayu looked at Kakashi, and from to the look on his face, she could see that the fireflies were also causing him to reminisce. It made him think of one night, when he was kid, where he, Obito, and Rin were out catching fireflies. They were seeing who could catch the most. Kakashi won, leaving Obito disgruntled and Rin fawning over him like a fangirl.

"What you thinking about?" Mayu asked Kakashi.

"Nothing" he said. Then he and Mayu kissed.

They didn't get back to the Kigaro house until it was the middle of the night, so they had to sneak back in. Thanks to their ninja skills, they didn't get caught.

The next morning, Kakashi and his students were getting ready to head back to the Hidden Leaf Village. The Kage had wanted to see Mayu that morning so they waited for her to get back before they left, because they still didn't know if she was going back with then.

When Mayu finally returned, Kakashi asked "What did your Kage want?"

"She assigned me a new job" said Mayu.

"What is it?" asked Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura.

"She wants to stay in the Hidden Leaf Village as a representative of the Hidden Light Village, in order to establish a peaceful relationship between our villages."

"That's good to know" said Kakashi smiling.

Mayu's family looked sad to see her go, but she promised to come back and visit whenever she could. Mayu and Team 7 said their goodbyes to the Kigaro Clan, Tama and team of genin girls, Yui, and Keibo. Then headed for the bus station to board the bus heading back to the Hidden Leaf Village and of course, Mayu took the Sword of Light with her.

On the bus ride back, Mayu suddenly exclaimed, "Oh crap! Where am I gonna live when we get back? I need an address they can reach me at. I don't think tent near the forest counts as an address."

Kakashi looked from his orange book, which he was glad that he was finally able to read again. "Maybe, you could stay at my place?" he suggested.

"Are you sure?" asked Mayu. She knew that moving in with him would be a big step.

"I'm sure" said Kakashi.

"Great" said Mayu smiling.

The first hour of the trip back home was quiet, then Naruto starting singing 99 Bottles of Sake on the wall. 'This is going to be a long trip home' Kakashi, Mayu, Sasuke, and Sakura thought.

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