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Zac's lips moved slowly yet passionately against Vanessa's. Neither could believe the rush they felt inside with what was merely the contact of their lips. The moment they had been waiting for had finally arrived. Zac put his arms around Vanessa's waist and she cupped his face with both her hands in order to deepen the kiss. Suddenly they heard a large BANG and within a second, they both jumped apart with startled looks on their faces, swollen lips and wide eyes.

"Hellooooooo! Nurse Corbin is here!" Corbin shouted, right after he had slammed the door open. He stepped inside the room and came into clear view of Zac and Vanessa, both who were still a big tangle of limbs.

Zac and Vanessa both stared at Corbin in shock. He was wearing a short white dress with red trimmings and a red cross in a front pocket. On top of his big hair, was a small white hat. Corbin was dressed as a nurse.

"Oh my god Corbin! What are you doing? Why are you dressed like that?" Vanessa said, finishing hr sentence with a small cough.

"I came to take care of my two sick friends. Kenny kicked me out of the set today!" Corbin answered jumpily.

"It's about time he did that" Zac said.

Corbin opened his mouth to argue, but just as quickly closed it. He knew Zac was right.

"Yo! Corbin! How did you know me and Zac were here sick?" Vanessa asked.

"Ashley called me, she was worried because she came in this morning and saw both of you coughing, so she asked me to take care of her two favorite love birds!" Corbin answered knowingly. Zac and Vanessa blushed at the comment.

"Okay guys! I have a whole day planned out for us! First, its medicine time! Then we will all play board games I brought! Then you two will take a long nap with very big and thick sheets, so that all that nasty sickness will sweat away and then you guys can shower… and no, not together… and then you will be cured!" Corbin said very excited.

"Dude, do you seriously think after that we will be cured? I mean, look at us." Zac said, not trusting Corbin with their health. Vanessa tried to stifle back her giggles.

"Are you questioning Nurse Corbin?" Corbin said with raised eyebrows.

"Yes!" Zac and Vanessa answered.

"Fair enough!" Corbin said. "Okay guys, let the fun begin!"

Zac and Vanessa both groaned. They appreciated Corbin's attempts to make them feel better, but truthfully, they just wanted to sleep, and maybe sneak in a kiss or two between naps, but with Corbin there, they knew their PDA's would have to be limited. They were just beginning their relationship, and truthfully, they didn't want everyone to know until they were certain that what they were feeling was real.

The two love struck teens gave in to the orders of Corbin. They took their medicine, drank some chicken broth, this time without carrots and played two rounds of Trouble and one of Clue. After they were done, and Vanessa had won every single game, it was time for their much needed nap. As much fun as their previous activities had been, they were exhausted. Their colds were taking the best of them. Corbin wrapped them each in a thick itchy blanket, turned off the air conditioner and left the room. Zac and Vanessa both uncomfortably stared at the ceiling. Moving was practically impossible.


"Yeah babe?" He answered; sending butterflies once again through Vanessa's paralyzed body. He called me babe again!

"I can't sleep. This is too uncomfortable" She said, with a whiny tone.

"I know what you mean. Plus… I kind of got used to sleeping with you cuddled up with me" Zac said and blushed. Vanessa giggled.

"You know, we only cuddled a few times yesterday, you couldn't have gotten used to that so quickly!" Vanessa said and laughed.

"I know, I know, but I like to cuddle with you. You're cuddly." Zac said in a kid voice. Vanessa blushed.

"I like cuddling with you too. Too bad we can't move" She said and frowned.

"Nothing is impossible!" Zac said. He started rolling and shaking and moving around trying to untangle himself from the blanket. Vanessa looked at him amused. His attempts seemed to be working, but as soon as he got out of the mess of blankets, he fell to the floor with a loud thump. He quickly stood up and smiled sheepishly. Vanessa burst into giggles.

"You ok?" She asked, trying to contain her giggles.


"You really want to cuddle with me don't you?" Vanessa said, and laughed.

"You have no idea" Zac said with a laugh and moved toward the bed. He grabbed Vanessa's blankets and began to remove them from her body. When he was done he moved to stand up and take the blankets away but two small arms grabbed his shoulders and pulled him down. He found himself on top of Vanessa. Both of her arms were around his neck while he held on to her hips. His face hovered above hers. They could feel their breaths on each others faces. Finally, Vanessa pulled him in and kissed him. She teased his lips with hers and he responded gladly. Both deepened the kiss and began their first official make out session.

A few minutes passed and they both pulled apart breathing heavily and with huge grins on their faces. Zac looked her in the eyes and leaned in and pecked her twice on the lips, and then once on her left cheek. He rolled them over so they were lying on their sides, arms wrapped around each other. Zac took one of the blankets that lay at their feet and wrapped it around them. For what seemed like an eternity, they stared each other in the eyes and smiled contently before falling into a deep slumber filled with happy dreams of endless love.

Hours passed, and night fell. In his room all the way down the hall, Corbin looked at his watch. It was time to wake the sick kids up. He got on his feet and walked over to Vanessa's room. He opened the door with his extra keycard and went in. he turned on the light and smirked at the sight. There on the bed, Zac and Vanessa slept facing each other, completely wrapped around each other. He felt bad waking them up, but he knew he had to. He began to think of ways he could wake them up without being mean, but then decided that waking up nicely would be too uncharacteristic of him, and they would question him later.

"WAKE UP!" Corbin shouted in the loudest voice he could give out.

Zac and Vanessa jumped up and squinted, the light affecting their eyes.

"Gosh Corbin, why do you have to be so loud? Wait, I take that back, it would be weird if you weren't" Vanessa said, and Corbin smirked. Zac just sat there still asleep.

"Okay you two, V, go take a shower here, Zac; head back to your room and take one too. That will help you guys"

"Yes sir!" Vanessa said, laughing. Corbin smiled and left the room.

"Sooo, I'm gonna go follow Corbin's orders" Vanessa said. She got out of the bed and began to walk toward the bathroom. Zac smirked and grabbed her hand to turn her around to face him.

"Can I join you?" Zac said while raising his eyebrows up and down and with a suggesting smile.

"You dirty minded boy! No! But you can go take a shower yourself. You kinda stink." Vanessa said, while putting on a disgusted face. Zac laughed.

"Really?" he said while moving toward her. In one swift movement began tickling her sides.

"Zac stop it!" She said, while struggling to get away.

"Fine" he said and wrapped his arms around her waist. She snaked her arms around his neck.

"Wow. I didn't think it would be that easy to get you to stop." She said and playfully smiled at him.

"Yeah well, I have other things on my mind" He said and suddenly became very serious.

"Like what?" She asked and looked him intently in the eye.

"Like this" He said, and leaned in to put his lips against hers. They kissed and kissed and kissed until she pulled away laughing.

"What?" Zac asked, laughing as well.

"As much fun as it is, we really gotta shower. I'm sure the rest of the cast will be back soon, and I feel a little antisocial after two days of not seeing them all." She said.

"Alright. Meet me in my room when you're done. I would come back here, but this room looks like a war zone. Its pretty obvious we haven't moved from it in two days." Zac said. Vanessa giggled at his comment. He smiled at her and pecked her lips, before going to his room.

Half an hour passed and Zac heard a knock on his door. He had already showered and gotten dressed. He went to the door expecting to see Vanessa there, but instead found Ashley, Corbin, Lucas, Monique, Chris, Ryne and Olesya all smiling.

"Hey guys! What brings you all here?" Zac asked, surprised to see all of them there.

"We just got back from the set and decided to have a movie marathon, and we thought we would have it at your room since we haven't seen you in practically two days. Where is Vanessa?" Ashley said, speaking really fast.

"She's taking a shower. She should be here soon" Zac said. Deep inside, he couldn't wait to see her. Sure, he had seen her half an hour ago, but he loved spending time with her.

The cast settled into Zac's room, some sitting in the bed, others on the floor, and the rest on the small couch, leaving the loveseat for Zac and Vanessa when she got there. They began to watch regular TV while waiting for Vanessa so they could pop the movie in. A soft knock was heard on the door and Zac quickly made his way toward it. He opened it to find a clean and beautiful looking Vanessa on the other side. She smiled one of her radiant smiles at him and pecked his cheek. He looked so cute with his damp hair sticking to his forehead. She looked gorgeous with her wet hair cascading in soft waves down her back. He took her hand and led her inside. The cast immediately noticed their chummy behavior and exchanged secret glances and smiles.

"Hey guys! You're having a party and didn't invite me?" Vanessa said laughing.

Ashley took a dorito form the bag that Chris was holding and threw it playfully at her. Vanessa laughed and threw it back at Ashley. Zac pulled Vanessa to the love seat. He sat down and pulled her on top of him. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and he wrapped his around her waist, pulling her to him and making her lay her head on his muscular chest. They both snuggled against each other and happily sighed.

"Um, excuse me, what is this I see?" Ashley asked. The rest of the cast added "yeahs" and "huhs?" Vanessa looked at them confused.

"What do you mean?" She asked, but deep inside she knew. Zac just laughed.

"You two are being very…. couply" Monique said. Zac and Vanessa began laughing.

"Just put the movie on!" Zac said, avoiding the casts suspicious looks.

Lucas went over to the DVD player and popped in the movie. Halfway through, they were all just laughing and talking. Their attention span was very short. Zac and Vanessa sat there looking at each other and smiling, both in their own little world. Zac couldn't believe he was holding her in his arms. She felt so good. Vanessa couldn't believe Zac was hers. It all seemed to unrealistic. Both smiled at each other, and as if they could read each other's minds, leaned in at the same time and shared a soft kiss. No one had notice their absence from the conversation, until Ashley decided to ask Vanessa something, but when she looked at her, she just smiled.

"Hey guys, look at Zac and Nessa!!" Ashley half squealed and half whispered. They all turned their attention toward the couple making out in the corner and just stared with eyes wide open. Zac and Vanessa became aware of the lack of noise and pulled apart. They looked at their friends' shocked expressions and began laughing. The rest of the group soon overcame their surprise and joined in on the laughter.

"Dude, it's about time!" Chris exclaimed. Zac laughed and looked at Vanessa in the eyes while smiling.

"I agree" He answered, and smiled at Vanessa, she smiled back. They both leaned in a shared a short kiss, receiving a roar of whistles and howls from the group. Once again they all laughed.

"Man, and to think, it took a stupid cold to get you two together" Corbin said.

"Yep!" Zac said, and tightened his grip around Vanessa's waist.

"I guess runny noses aren't always bad" Vanessa said, and they all smiled at the new couple. Zac and Vanessa both felt much better. As cheesy as it may sound, love can sometimes be the perfect cure for any sickness, and indeed, runny noses aren't always bad.

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