The StarClan Courtroom

Tigerstar's Trial

"Order in the court! Judge Bluestar preciding (or whatever). Tigerstar, how do you plead?" Bluestar sat at the judge's bench, slamming her gavel repeatedly.

"Not guilty! I did nothing wrong! (Yeah right)" Tigerstar turned his head away from Bluestar. Bluestar snorted. She looked upon the jury of StarClan and the audience. Redtail hollered out from the jury.

"So killing your deputy isn't wrong?"

"That was only that once…" Tigerstar mewed. Runningwind leapt from the audience, hissing and spitting.

"And killing me was a good deed?" Tigerstar cowered in his chair.

"Well, maybe…" The prosecutions continued on with Brindleface.

"And killing me?" Tigerstar sighed. Yellowfang rose from the jury.

"Quiet now! Tigerstar didn't kill everyone. Remember…CINDERPELT?" Yellowfang hissed and spat at him. She bundled her haunches to leap at him, but Spottedleaf held her back.

"Yes, I remember that little apprentice! She should've listened to her mentor. Though I can't blame her. Firestar isn't very scary.

"So…let the jury decide…GUILTY! Your punishment wil be…" Bluestar bent down and muttered something to the judges, the laughed.

"You must spend an eternity NOT in StarClan and…wear a tutu and do ballet every hour for 39 minutes!" Yellowfang meowed and all of StarClan mocked Tigerstar as he put on the tutu and did a pirouette.