Doumeki Shizuka was a man of many talents. The fact was hardly little known; it greatly contributed to his popularity at school. He always scored in the top five in academics, and he was a brilliant athlete. Archery, while his preferred sport, was something he'd only begun taking seriously in the past year or so - Doumeki had done nearly everything from tennis to kendo, and excelled at all of it. He could even play the violin (though that was something only a few select people – like his mother and grandmother – knew). But out of his extensive skill set, Doumeki had a few talents he valued above all.

The first of which was his archery. Beyond being extremely enjoyable (there was a reason he'd chosen to spend his high school years concentrating on archery alone), it helped him protect his Watanuki. Anything that helped him protect his Watanuki better was especially worthwhile, from his viewpoint.

Patience was requisite. Waiting for Watanuki at lunch, before school, after school, after work, to seeing his love… Even just waiting for Watanuki to grab hold of the stupid ribbon already. Yes, Doumeki did a lot of waiting, and so appreciated the amount of patience instilled in him. Really, it was the only thing that let him get through it all (especially the wait to see Watanuki the next day).

But most of all, he held pride in the fact that, even while having a fanclub of his own, he could hold Watanuki's at bay. Watanuki was his, dammit. All he had to do was prove that to Watanuki. And that damn pipe fox.