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Boot Camp

Chapter One- The Beginning

Kain Fuery stood in the doorway. His mouth agape, his breathing short, his eyes twitching, his hands shaking, his knees buckling, and his parents watching him, as he nearly went into a seizure.

And all because of a little piece of paper he had in his hand.

" Y-you didn't. Did you?" He stuttered as he held up the paper to his parents. His stern fathers eyes watching him, and his mother's kind face in a sad, but all knowing smile. "This is j-just some sort of joke right?" His mother let out a sigh and walked over to her son, putting an arm around him. " M-mom?" He looked at her with the biggest eyes he could muster. And his father cleared his throat.

" Look Kain," His father started. " You need this experience." Kain looked back and forth at his mother and father before his mother gave him a reassuring pat on the arm.

" We've both been talking about it for quite some time now " She said giving her son another squeeze. " We both think it's good for you."

"B-but it's the army!" Kain wailed as he sunk to the floor his eyes full of tears. His father had no pity on him as his son sat crying on the floor.

" This is exactly why you need this son." He said walking over to Kain looking down on him. " You always like to quit, you like to give up when it gets hard, or you don't like it." Kain scurried over on his knees toward his father and his pleading eyes.

" But I can do other things Dad! I-I promise! I'll find a job somewhere where they need a mechanic! Like the train station or in Rush Valley!" His father brushed off the idea in an instant.

" Are you insane?" His father said, His voice nearing a yell. " There overrun with those crazy money-grabbing freaks! You wouldn't last a minute out there!" Kain winced a bit at his father's tone of voice. " You need a good toughening up. Plus the army can use people like you with your skills."

" But I could be killed!" Kain started to yell. "Blown up! Executed!" His father smirked a bit and let out a chuckle.

"They would never send someone like you out to the battlefield." He said. " Your to valuable elsewhere."

Kain fell backward on the floor and stared off into space.

" I can't believe your making me do this..." He moaned as he hit his head back onto the ground and his father let out a long sigh.

"Well, maybe the army will make you let go of your terrible attitude." He stepped over Kain and made his way to the kitchen. " Dinners ready."

Kain rolled his eyes to see his mother standing there giving him a shrug.

' What can I do?' She mouthed before following her husband leaving Kain alone with his recruitment conformation letter in his hand. And Kain let out a long desperate sigh.

' I can always just quit when it gets to hard…" He thought looking over at his letter. ' They can't make me stay for training…' Kain sat up and walked out the front door closing it behind him. And he looked out into the deepness of the pale sky. "Stupid Dad…" He muttered as he shoved his hands into his pockets and started to walk down the street. "How did they get my signature on that paper anyway?" He thought out loud as he came to a stoplight.

He thought about it some more, then remembering how his mother made him sign a blank birthday card for his Aunt a few months back.

" Oh man!" Kain yelled to himself as he smacked his forehead. " They forged my signature!" He let out another long sigh before crossing the street. " Some parents I have…." He grumbled. " How would they know if I would be on the front line or not…" It hurt him that his parents would do something like that to him. It also hurt him that they thought he had a low self-confidence, and was quick to give up on things.

But he knew very well they had read him like a book.

Kain had made it to his favorite spot in the town, a grassy hill where he could overlook Heissguart and some of the surrounding farmland. It was also where he came to think when he had problems in his life.

" I think this definitely qualifies as a BIG problem." He muttered as he flopped down on the grass and breathed in there smell. " I wouln't be seeing you for a while."

He took out he letter from his pocket and read it over.

Kain Fuery

Age: 17

DOB: 19-6-1899

You have been accepted into the military academy Date of Training- June 21st 19-

" Ug! I can't read this anymore!" He yelled as he crumpled up the paper and threw in down the hill out of sight. And he flopped down onto the grass again, breathing heavily. He sat there for a few minutes before he calmed down. And he ran his fingers threw the cool grass. He closed his eyes for a moment and sat up.

He grabbed a blade of grass and looked at it up close. " I'll miss this town." He whispered as he rolled the piece of grass between his fingers.

The wind blew and he let the piece of grass blow out of his hand and fly into the air, and he stood, adjusted his glasses, and looked into the sky.

" God." He prayed out loud. " This sure is a terrible birthday gift you've given me."


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