Fan Fiction by : Rockerbaby

2nd Meeting on the11th Rock From the Sun

Dick Solomon, Sally, Harry, and Tommy stepped off of their car-device that got them back to their home planet. "Ah, Domistar. Home at last." Dick said, looking around the planet. "Yup, so here we are." Sally said, kicking a piece if dirt. "While we're at it, why don't we see why we had to come back?" Harry said, turning towards the building where Central Mission Control was. It was also where the alien who was in charge of missions resided. Tommy shrugged. "What the heck? It's worth a try." he said, starting to walk in the direction of CMC. Sally, Dick, and Harry followed him. Fifteen minutes later they reached the building. They opened the doors and walked down the long corridors until they reached a door marked Mission Control Master. Dick opened it. "What are you doing back on Domistar?? We never sent you a message telling you to come back!" the MCM said. "Didn't you send us a message to come back?" Sally asked him with a confused look. "No, I didn't. Now get out of here! Guards!" the MCM yelled. Dick, Harry, Sally, and Tommy ran out before the guards could get them. As they ran outside, panting. "Hi there, guys!" a figure said. He stepped closer and Dick got a good look at him. "*Liam!"

*The guy's real name is Liam Neeson, but in episodes Mary Loves Scoochie Part One and in Mary Loves Scoochie Part Two, he is more commonly known as Scoochie.