Author's Note: Thank you everyone who reviewed! I am new to this section. I just started watching 3rd Rock which explains why I didn't know that they did not have human bodies on their planet and their planet is in another galaxy. I just started watching since two episodes before the Season Six Finale. :o( Oh well. To the story!

Second Meeting On Eleventh Rock From the Sun


"Liam, what are you doing here? How did you get here? Why are you here? Why aren't you a monkey?" Dick asked Liam, not realizing until he was finished that he had asked too many questions. Quite a bit before Dick and the rest of the Solomons had came back to their home planet, Dick had turned Liam into a monkey because he had sent Mary, his girlfriend, love letters. "Well you see Dick, you didn't know it, but there was a device that reversed the device that turned things into monkeys. I simply found that, used it on me, and came here." Liam said with a sly smile. "But what are you doing here?" Sally asked Liam. "I thought you would have guessed by now! Since Dick wouldn't let me turn Earth into Planet Monkey World, I plan to turn Domistar into Planet Monkey World!" Liam said, then laughing. "But you won't! We'll stop you!" Harry said. Could the Solomons stop Liam from turning Domistar into Planet Monkey World?