Broken Rules and Broken Hearts

Welcome to yet another new fic by Starsaa! To all my loyal readers of Silent Departure, please prove your loyalty and give me that extra little shove I need to get back on track with it. Until then, I present you with my new fic, Broken Rules and Broken Hearts.

Chapter one: My Life, a Loosing Game

Samantha Manson cringed as the curtain was pushed aside and the sunlight shone through. Immediately, she snapped up and screamed at her parents. It wasn't a smart move, but she was already feeling bitchy today. Why? Well, because young Samantha Manson was becoming a woman.

Having that annoying maternal instinct, Mrs. Manson shooed her husband away, then returned to her daughter's room to find the teen duct taping her black shades over the accursed window. Mrs. Manson sighed.

"Samantha, I..."

"I thought I told you to leave me alone today!" the gothic child hissed.

"I know, dear..." Mrs. Manson grit her teeth trying not to snap. This was not a time to wonder where she went wrong in raising the girl. "But I know what's going on."

Sam froze, considered the possibilities, then climbed onto her bed and hugged her knees to her chest. "What good will it do me? I don't even wanna have kids."

"Well, sure, you say that now," her mother replied, "But maybe when you get older..."

"What, Mother?" she growled. "When I get older, what?" she rested her mouth behind her knees and said the rest to hereslf, "I've wasted too much time as is..." then she got up.

"Where are you going?" her mother asked gently. Sam tensed.

"To the fucking BATHROOM!" she spun around. "I happen to need to PISS if you must know!"

Her mother scoffed in distaste. Not even it being Samantha's first Time of Month was excuse to let her swear without punishment.

Samantha decided to take a shower. A long, long shower. It was a good thing she had her own personal bathroom (her mother wouldn't let her keep her makeup in the family one). Just as she'd hoped, her mother had gotten frustrated and left. Samantha got out and did something she hadn't done in over a year - she put on black pants instead of her purple leggings. Not black jeans, just comfy black pants. Her grandmother had suggested her parents buy her a pair when she hit the teen years because she might not want to wear her favourite skirt during That Time. Samantha made note to thank her grandmother for that... her grandmother was the only close relative Samantha even liked. Of course she loved her parents, she had to... even if sometimes she did wish she'd never been given the gift of life. Whenever Samantha's grandmother managed to get the girl out from under Mr. and Mrs. Manson's overbearing rules, she let the girl do whatever she wanted. Whenever Samantha snuck out to meet Danny and or Tucker, her grandmother covered for her. There were many times when Samantha wanted to tell the elderly woman why she had to be with Danny so much - the woman didn't even make stupid cracks about her obvious crush on the boy - but that was Danny's secret, for Danny... and fate... to decide who should know.

Then again, the sudden crashing of a certain teenage ghost through a certain window just might be cue that fate has decided it's time for Samantha's family to know.

"Danny, what are you doing!" Samantha said more accusingly than she'd meant to. She knew he wouldn't intentionally throw himself through her window... or she hoped.

"Ghost fighting," Danny replied, snatching a spare Fenton Thermos off of Samantha's beside table. "Thank you."

Samantha sighed as she watched him fly back out the way he'd came. Samantha's parents, barged in.

"What the hullabit's going on here?" her father exclaimed. Samantha rolled her eyes in disgust. Her parents really didn't know how under rated swearing was. He gasped. "What did you do to your wall?"

"Oh, right, make a huge doorway for the sun to enter my room," Samantha spat, "That's soooo something I would do."

"Well how did this happen?" her mother asked. Before Samantha could answer, there was another collision, this time with the side of the building next to the window. The wall didn't shatter like the window, but the room did shake a bit. Her parents ran to the window, and all Samantha could do was smack her palm to her face. This was going to be a fun day. Her tone a mixture of fear, anger, and accusation, Mrs. Manson exclaimed, "It's that ghost child!"

"There are two ghosts, honey!" her husband pointed out, literally pointing at a floating girl with pale blue skin and a pink and blue guitar. The ghost boy aimed what looked like a soup thermos and it glowed green, but the ghost girl strung her guitar and a green fist shape came out at him. He curled into a ball then spread his arms and legs, making a green square in front of his body... a shield, they determined, as the fist hit it and fizzled into nothing. The shield faded and the two ghosts flew at each other. The boy emitted some green ray from his hand and it hit the girl, knocking her off balance, then he quickly flew around behind her and came back down, kicking her in the back and sending her down towards a parked car. He seemed worried and took out the thermos thing again. This time, when he aimed it, it shot out a blueish ray and enveloped the ghost girl just before she collided with the car. The bluish ray turned her into some unidentifiable shape and pulled her into the thermos. He capped it and went to fly back into Samantha's room, only to find her parents glaring at him. He turned quicky and flew in another direction. They turned and glared at her as if she's done something wrong.

When he was out of their view, Danny took out his cell phone and dialed Sam's number. Her cell phone rang, she glanced at it, then snatched it off the charger and ran back into her bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

"Why did you try to come back?" she snapped. "Do you know how much trouble I'll be in if my parents know I associate with Inviso-Bill?"

"Well, hello to you, too," he said, obviously annoyed. "How was I supposed to know they were there? I was too busy trying not to get blasted, if you didn't notice."

"So what am i supposed to tell them?" Sam asked, feeling a tiny bit guilty that she was being so selfish but too angry to really care.

"I don't know, tell them I forgot the house was.. AHH!"

"You forgot the house was ahh?"

Danny landed atop a building, beneath a billboard which he'd almost just flown into. "Note to self, don't fly and try to talk on the phone at the same time."

Sam wanted to laugh, but she couldn't. She couldn't even smile. "So just tell them you forgot the house was here?"

"Yeah.. like I got confused on which direction I was going and almost flew into the building."

"So tell them I think you're a moron?" Sam grinned.

"Ha-ha-ha," Danny mocked. "It's better than telling them the truth, isn't it?"

"Yeah, they don't think highly of either of you anyway."

"So I noticed. They're still going out tonight, right?"

"Probably not!" Sam sighed. "They're going to want to get my wall fixed."

"They don't need to be there to monitor it, do they?"

"Danny, they're my parents. What do you think?"

"Good point. So should I tell Tuck movie night's cancelled?"

Sam thought a moment. She'd been meaning to talk to Tucker alone... "No, I'll tell him. You get back home before your parents suspect anything."

"Okay, thanks, Sam... and, sorry about your window..."

"Yeah, whatever," Sam said, then felt bad again, "I mean... it was an accident... it's no big deal..."

"I swear, someday, I'll make it up to you and Tucker... everything I put you through... I don't deserve friends like you guys."

"Yeah, well," Sam trailed off, trying to hide the sadness in her voice.

"Well what?"

"Nothing, you should get going, and I need to talk to my folks."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Bye, Sam."

"Bye, Danny..."