Title: Health Project

Author: Kikumaru's Beam

Summary: Fuji, Eiji and Ryoma have to pretend that they're pregnant for a health project on pregnancy. The 'husbands' are Tezuka, Oishi and Momo! Hell breaks lose! TezuFuji, MomoRyo, and OishiEiji. Yaoi.

Disclaimer: If I owned Prince of Tennis, all the guys would say "Aku gay" at the beginning of the series. (Aku Gay I'm gay)

"I can't believe we're in the same health class, Momo-Senpai… Aren't you… Older?" Echizen Ryoma asked, taking a seat beside Momoshirou Takeshi. Why? Because there was a name tag with his name on it there. "Eh, I don't know either." Momo started, stuffing sushi into his mouth. "I guess this was picked randomly amongst classes." He continued, stuffing more food into his (already full) mouth. Ryoma could only stare.

"Nyaaaaaaaaaaa!" Kikumaru Eiji was sitting beside his doubles partner, Oishi. So predictable. "Yes, Eiji?" Oishi turned to the redhead from his books. "What're we learning about?" Eiji asked, slightly confused. "I heard we're learning about…" Oishi looked around, unsure of he should continue, but he had to trust his best friend. "The reproductive system." He whispered in Eiji's ear. Eiji's eyes widened for a while and Oishi was glad that he didn't go screaming about it. "You know, Eiji, thanks for not screaming that we're learning about the-" Oishi couldn't continue, because Eiji had snapped out of his trance and screamed, "HOI HOI! WE'RE LEARNING ABOUT THE REPROUDUCTIVE SYSTEM?" When he was done, he blinked innocently at Oishi, whose head fell on the desk.

"Hmmm, the reproductive system, eh?" Fuji Syuusuke opened his blue eyes and stared at the person sitting beside him, Tezuka Kunimitsu. Tezuka pretended he didn't hear anything. He knew that Fuji had something in mind, and it can't be good. There were worried gasps and shouts coming from the classroom, as well as laughs and giggles. Then the teacher stepped in. Everything fell quiet as if a radio was turned off. "Hello, everyone, my name is Ms. Tome and we're going to learn about the reproductive system today!" She said, clapping her hands, as if expecting loud complaints. But there were none. Everyone already knew. Ms. Tome cocked her head to one side and dismissed the thought.

For a while, Ms. Tome explained how a child was made. About sperms and egg cells, (ovaries) and the conditions of pregnancy, after a while, about Puberty, which was not really related… There were slight mentions of sex, but only of the male and female sex organs. After several girls puked, Ms. Tome decided that it was time to do a project. "Okay, everyone, time to do a little project!" Ms. Tome clapped her hands again, drawing the attention of a few students. "Everyone, please get into boy-girl pairs!" Ms. Tome continued. Everyone had a bad idea where this was going, but they acted as they were told anyways. After a while, everyone was paired up except Ryoma, Momoshirou, Tezuka, Eiji, Fuji and Oishi. "My, my, we have more boys than I'd thought! …Well then, please pair up between yourselves." Mrs. Tome said.

The boys blinked. "Ehhh… I think-" Before Ryoma got the chance to finish, Momoshirou had drawn the boy towards him. Eiji grabbed Oishi's arm and pulled him out of the centre of the classroom, where everyone's attention was at. The only ones standing there like an idiot was Tezuka and Fuji, who looked at each other. "Well then, it's Tezuka-Kun and Fuji-Kun, then…" Ms. Tome took then to a side of the classroom, then returned to the centre to explain some rules. Tezuka looked at Fuji. Fuji was smiling with his eyes closed, as always, and Tezuka looked expressionless, as always.

"Okay, I'm coming around to hand out a bag too each pair. Each of you has to take turns taking something out of the bag. The bags contain 9 blue cards and 1 red card. Each of you can take something out of the bag only 3 times, and every time you take something out, you have to put it back in and shake the bag. Understood?" Ms. Tome asked, lucky her, she'd finished explaining the game the moment the last bag was handed out. When everyone nodded 'yes' the game started.

Four minutes passed, and Ms. Tome stopped the game. "Now, everyone who picked a red card, stand up." Ms. Tome said, and only Tezuka, Oishi and Momoshirou stood. The rest of the class was sitting on their chairs like their life depended on it. "How many times did you pick out red cards, Tezuka-Kun?" Unlike other teachers, Ms. Tome wasn't afraid of Tezuka Kunimitsu.

"Once." Came the reply.

"How many times did you pick up a red card, Momoshirou-Kun?"

"Twice." Momoshirou answered, still standing.

"And how many did you pick up a red card, Oishi-Kun?"

"Twice." Oishi replied obediently.

"Well then, congratulations! Fuji-Kun, you're pregnant with Tezuka-Kun's baby!" Everyone in the class screamed except Fuji and Tezuka, Fuji opened his eyes. Tezuka opened his mouth but no sound came out. "And Echizen-Kun, you're pregnant with Momoshirou's TWINS!" Ms. Tome squealed with twice the glee. Everyone in the class screamed louder. Ryoma wacked Momoshirou on the head. "YOU KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!" He shouted, and Momoshirou could only stare. Eiji knew what was coming next. "And Kikumaru-Kun, you're pregnant with Oishi-Kun's TWINS!" Ms. Tome squealed with the same glee as she did with the Momo-Echi pair. Most girls in the class fainted and Eiji's eyes seemed to pop out of their sockets, even though he knew what was coming. "Ehehehe, that's why I wanted you to pair up as boy-girl," Ms. Tome laughed. "Now, Echizen-Kun, Kikumaru-Kun, and Fuji-Kun, please come here." Ms. Tome pointed to the spot in front of her. Ryoma and Eiji gulped. Fuji was already standing in the spot, Ryoma and Eiji sloooowly followed.

"Close your eyes." Ms. Tome said, the boys did. But Fuji already had his eyes closed anyways, and is grinning. Ryoma and Eiji decided that they shouldn't see their torture. Ms. Tome threw up the boys' shirts, earning laughter from the class. The boys daren't move. Ms. Tome tied something that looked like a pillow with high-tech straps on Fuji's belly. The only difference was that it was harder than a pillow and completely round, like a pregnant woman's stomach. Inside felt like metal. Ms. Tome then put down Fuji's shirt, and smiled at her work. "This is a 'preg-low'." Ms. Tome smiled. When Fuji opened his eyes and stared down, he looked like a pregnant woman. Tezuka shifted uncomfortable in his seat.

"Somehow I get the idea that this is something that'll scar us for life, O'chibi." Eiji whispered to Ryoma, still with his eyes closed. "Mada Mada Dane…" Ryoma muttered back, ignoring the comment. Then Ms. Tome placed another slightly bigger 'Preg-low' on Ryoma's stomach, earning a twitch from Ryoma. Students in the classroom are starting to laugh, HARD. Momoshirou was laughing the hardest. Ryoma opened his eyes and closed them again, audibly counting to ten. Ms. Tome strapped another Preg-Low that was the same size as Ryoma's onto Eiji's stomach, Eiji was shaking. But when he opened his eyes, he screamed.

When Eiji finally calmed down, Ms. Tome continued, "Now you boys have the carry this around for a week."

"WHAT!" Ryoma and Eiji shouted in unison. Fuji was still grinning, but he had his eyes open. "Yes, and in this week's time, your 'Husbands' will have to take care of you. You cannot eat watermelons, green beans, cannot drink beer, or anything alcoholic. And in this time you cannot run, you cannot jump or do anything athletic, and in this time, you may NOT bump your stomach ANYWHERE or fall or make ANY sudden movements BECAUSE ALL OF THESE CAN CAUSE YOU TO MISCARRY! And, IF you miscarry, you will get an F on your report card on 'health'." She lectured the boys, pacing back from Fuji and Eiji. Momoshirou chuckled. Tezuka was expressionless, and Oishi was blushing furiously.

"But it'll be so embarrassing, nya!" Eiji pouted loudly with a hint of irritation to it. "Well, I don't care." Ms. Tome shrugged. Everyone wondered how she'd turned so mean all of a sudden. "Inside the Preg-Lows are sensor chips, which can detect anything from having a small bump to PLAYING TENNIS." Ms. Tome directed that last statement to the 'pregnant' boys, changing her tone on the words 'PLAYING TENNIS'. Tezuka, as the team captain, glared at her with his death-glare, but she didn't notice.

"Remember- you have to wear it no matter what, unless you're in the shower. The sensor will indicate how long you leave it untouched by your body's warmth. And as for the eating, I trust that you'll all be honest with me and don't eat anything like that for a week. This'll get you a small taste of how painful pregnancy is. Also, if you do anything that ends to miscarridge, the straps on the Preg-Low with squeeze you and believe me, it's going to HURT. " Ms. Tome stared at the boys again, she was expecting a fist in the face, but that never came.

"Wow. That's high-tech." One of the boys in the class muttered.

The school bell rang.

"Class dismissed." Ms. Tome smiled and collected her things and walked out the door. She decided that this was the best thing to do right now.

Everybody in the class laughed for what sounded like the millionth time except Oishi, Tezuka, Eiji, Ryoma and Fuji. There were three boys that looked like pregnant women, standing right in front of them, how could everyone NOT laugh?


So how was that? It's the first yaoi fanfic to be posted by me! I hope I did okay… . Please don't yell at me because you don't like the pairings! (Is sad) And I know the 'Preg-Low' thing was horrible, but there was nothing else to make this happen! (Cries)

-Interaction with the Characters-

Ryoma: Why did it have to me, Fuji Senpai, and Kikumaru Senpai?

Kiku: Because you guys are my favourite! (Hugs Ryoma)

Ryoma: GACK!

Momo: (Pushes Kiku away and puts his hands around Ryoma's waist and puts his head on the 'Twins')

Everyone else: (Sweat-drops)

Eiji: I'M TOO YOUNG TO BE PREGNANT, NYA! (Sobs in Oishi's chest unknowingly)

Kiku, Ryoma, Ms. Tome and Momo: Awwwwwwwwww…

Inui: Ii data… (Scribbles in notebook)

Eiji: (gasps)

Oishi: (Sweat-drops)

Fuji: Let's go show the world that I'm pregnant with your baby, Kunimitsu! (Runs)


Ms. Tome: Good, Tezuka! (Stares at Inui and you) … (Hands you and Inui a bag) Pick, please!

You: (takes blue cards every time)

Inui: (picks red cards every time) … (cackles)

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