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The school days were easier now. People had gotten used to Ryoma and Momo's project, since now most of the classes is doing it too. There were lots of pregnant boys in the halls. WHINING pregnant boys... It was obvious that nobody would make fun of them again. Ryoma and Momo got through the day easily, while Fuji kept bragging to everyone that he had a better husband. Eiji and Oishi were having their usual lunches when the other 4 teammates join him. Eiji was sad that he can't jump on Oishi anymore because of the preg-low. Fuji's eyes were closed and he was smiling.

Meanwhile, Kaidoh and Inui were transferred into Mrs. Tome's Health Class. When they noticed that she had more preg-lows, they were scared out of their wits. Especially Kaidoh, since Inui would smile that… CREEPY smile every time Kaidoh just happened to have his eyes land or cross over him.

Spying on the P-Ps (The team had decided to use this as a short term for 'Pregnant Parents') was not hard during lunch time. In fact, you can get up as close as you want, since there's like some kind of rule that all Seigaku regulars should eat together. This doesn't happen everyday, but today, they were sitting together at the same table, silently eating. Whenever Fuji tried to say something, Tezuka would shut him up but stepping on Fuji's foot under the table, or, throw him a glare. But Fuji open his eyes and smile. Shivers rolled down Momo's spine every time he saw Fuji in that mode.

But when Tezuka and Fuji left the table, the Spies began to panic. How were they going to find out what they were doing without arising suspicions?

"I have to go to the washroom." Inui said, standing up. Good idea! Inui!

The rest of the regulars ate. The other spies wished that Inui would pick up something.

A few minutes later, Inui came back. Seeing his fellow spies eyes him with curiosity, he revealed the fact that he had actually truly went to the washroom. The spies (Except Inui) Fell off their chairs. Not only that, but the P-Ps had heard it. Now they were a bit suspicious.

So the spies were off to a bad start. It was already sounding hopeless…

After school, the spying was harder. They found that they had to split up to spy on each of the P-Ps. And so Kaidoh was paired to Momo and Ryoma. Inui with Tezuka and Fuji, and Taka with Oishi and Eiji. The group set off with determined expressions.

While Taka was walking down the sidewalk following the Golden Pair, looking as normal as he can be, he overheard a conversation.

(Following convo was motivated by someone's post in the forums, which one, I forgot, who posted, I also forgot.)

"Mr. Crane, what do you think the Seigaku clubroom smells like?"

"Well, Ms. Swan, I think it'd smell gross."

"Yes. Me too. What about the Fudoumine clubroom?"

"Well, I think it'd smell like determination and gross."

"Uh huh. What about the Jousei Shounan clubrooms?"

"Hmm… That's easy. Coordination and gross."

"Very good points, Mr. Crane! What about Rikkai?"

"…That one is a bit hard, probably pride and gross."

"That's interesting, what about the Yamabuki clubroom?"

"Well, that's a bit tricky… Old people and gross. Why are you bringing all this up, Ms. Swan?"

"I was just wondering… Last one… What about the Hyoutei clubrooms?"

"Oh that's obvious, rich people and perfume or something…"

"You're right! That was what I was thinking!"

Taka thought that conversation was stupid. He really thought so. Until some goldfish cart beside him almost fell over and he caught some fish food in his hand. The fish food was shaped in a long cylinder.

"…" The shop owner stared.

"…" Taka stared. Then… "MOUUUUUU! YOUUUUUUU!" Taka revolved into burning mode ran round the corner and faced the so-called 'couple'. He stopped and dropped the fish food when he saw that it was Mr. Tome and Mrs. Tome. They were laughing their guts out. Then Mrs. Tome handed Mr. Tome some kind of coin. Mr. Tome smiled a victory smile. "You know, that was kinda fun…" He said softly.

Taka stammered a bit, but then gave up and backed away.

He went back around the corner and was greeted by the sight of the fish owner, asking for the money for the fish food. Taka couldn't think very straight from the embarrassment, so he paid.


Inui was having very good luck on Tezuka and Fuji. They were in a library, reading books. Inui liked to go to the library, so they wouldn't suspect him even if they saw him. Inui smirked and his glasses glowed evilly. His plan was flawless.


Upon hearing Tezuka's stern and a bit angry voice, Inui stiffened and looked his way.

"Why are you staring at us with binoculars and notebooks and night vision glasses?" Tezuka demanded.

Yes, Inui was piled head-to-toe with spy gear. He gave a low chuckle and made up something. He wasn't even sure what. He was too busy saying 'intolerable!' to himself. But it seems as though the excuse worked as Tezuka and Fuji returned to their 'GARFIELD MAKES IT BIG' comic.

Inui sighed in relief and Tezuka and Fuji's heads shot up like arrows and their eyes pinned themselves on Inui again. Inui inwardly scolded himself for showing such weakness. "Look, I'm so sorry…" Inui started to explain. "It's not what you think, I was worried and…" Inui was interrupted when an irritated voice called from behind him.

"FOR THE LAST TIME… PLEASE RETURN THAT BOOK BACK TO THE SHELVING AREA." A lady with blonde and brown curls practically screeched at Tezuka and Fuji from over Inui's shoulder. Inui's eye twitched under its glasses. "Fine." Tezuka took the book the shelving area, while the librarian dusted herself off and smiled apologetically at Inui. Fuji still had his opened eyes stuck on Inui.

Tezuka came back with 'GARFIELD EATS CROW' and sat down to read. But before that, he glanced at Inui again. "What were you saying, Inui? We got distracted by that woman before you even started." Fuji took the words right out of Tezuka's open mouth. Inui felt stupid. He sank in his chair and refused to talk by the embarrassment. He hoped that the other spies were having better luck.

Kaidoh was hiding in a bush, spying on Momo and Ryoma, who was on a bench, eating MORE HAMBURGERS. "Ne, Momo senpai, if the song goes like, 'What's that a'peeping through your kitchen door? What's that a'sneaking cross your bedroom floor?' I'm sure the song ends with 'It's a goblin'." Ryoma said through bites of hamburgers.

"I still think it should say 'it's a hobo'." Momo replied, stuffing burgers.

"Ne, Momo senpai, wanna see me run around the world?" Ryoma threw away the wrapper to his hamburger. It seemed like he was in the mood for a joke.

"Okay, in your condition, I'd like to see it."

Ryoma stood there.

"Well?" Momo asked, a bit irritated and confused.

"You wanna see me do it again?"

Kaidoh chuckled a bit. Luckily, it was just quiet enough to escape the hearing range of Ryoma and Momo.

Then, all of a sudden, Momo started sniffing. Ryoma raised a brow. "What?"

"I smell strawberries." Momo muttered.

"Woah, you've got a good nose!" Kevin appeared out of nowhere right behind Kaidoh and the bush, successfully freaking him out. Kaidoh yelped, and then covered his mouth. As Momo was distracted with Kevin, Kaidoh sneaked away on all fours. People around started laughing at this sight.

"I knew you smelled like strawberries…" Momo started bragging, scratching the back of his head.

"But why did you have to memorize my scent?" Kevin frowned and Momo twitched. Ryoma twitched also. Was Kevin easier to remember than he was?

Ryoma instinctively grabbed Momo down from the collar. "WHAT DO I SMELL LIKE?" He demanded. Momo stared. Kevin stared. "Lavender." Momo suddenly squeaked, getting chocked by Ryoma's death grip and stares.

Ryoma let go of Momo. "HA! IN YOUR FACE!" He pointed to Kevin and started laughing, completely losing his cool. Oh well. He could blame it on the mood swings. Kevin started to stiffen a laugh, but after receiving the glares of Ryoma and Momo, he couldn't help it. "MOMO AND RYOMA, SITTING IN A TREE! F-U-C-K-I-N-" Kevin didn't get too finish his sentence, for Ryoma had thrown an empty can of Ponta at his face. There wasn't much impact. Then Ryoma threw away the unopened Ponta in the garbage bin. He stared at the garbage bin. "DAMN!" Ryoma cursed, stomping his feet.

Kevin had the little joke in English, so Momo did not understand. But he did catch the 'Momo and Ryoma' parts… He raised a brow and glanced at Ryoma, who was trying to dig the ponta out of the large garbage bin. It seemed like nothing else mattered except for the Ponta now. Kevin and Momo stared in amazement. Kevin made a mental note that he would use Ponta to blackmail Ryoma later.

Momo threw his hands up in the air in disgust and went over to help Ryoma. Kevin blinked. Momo pulled Ryoma out of the garbage bin and retrieved it for him. He handed it to Ryoma, who was just as dirty as he was. Then Ryoma took it and threw it back into the garbage. "You touched it." Ryoma said and walked away. Momo chuckled. Ryoma was so weird sometimes, usually Momo would go up to him and yell, but today, he felt cheerful and happy about this.

Kevin was officially freaked out about this scene and he decided to turn around and run, but then he almost stepped on a white cat. The cat had big, blue eyes and it looked a lot like Karupin, Kevin pondered. For he had seen a picture of Karupin somewhere, he wasn't sure where. And while he was thinking, he started putting his foot down without knowing, until he heard a very slow "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Coming from somewhere beside him.

Kaidoh ran out of his hiding place (A tree house) and caught the cat before Kevin's foot landed on it. Kaidoh petted the kitty lovingly and shot Kevin a glance. "ARENT YOU THAT SNAKE GUY FROM SEIGAK-" My, my, Kevin was getting cut off a lot lately, as Kaidoh dropped the cat carefully and put his hand over Kevin's mouth tightly and muffled the boy. Ryoma and Momo's heads shot in Kaidoh's direction and he suddenly had a sinking feeling that he had screwed up. BIG TIME.

Momo seemed deep in thought. So was Ryoma. After a while, after several tumbleweeds and the 'ahem'ing of the people around them, who had made a circle, surrounding the boys. "OH! I know! You were playing hide and seek and Kevin was revealing your position! Right!" Momo grinned, proud of himself. Ryoma snapped. "Oh. That makes sense."

In normal cases, Kaidoh would say something insulting. But now he was on a secret mission, so he resisted the urge, let go of Kevin, and ran. Kevin dusted himself off and convinced himself that he WASN'T just about to get kidnapped.


"Sooo… how did everyone do?" Inui was eager to be the last one to share, since he was convinced that he did the worst. The others were convinced that THEY did the worse. "Uhh…" Taka stared. He looked into his bag and brought out his fish food. "I bought this." Taka showed it to everyone, but then accidentally went into burning mode. First his eyes went wide. "BURNNINNG!!! KIKUMARU AND OISHI WERE MAKING OUT IN THE WASHROOM!!!! YOU SHOULD'VE SEEN THE BUUURRRNINNNG PASSIONNN AND LOOOVE!! IT WAS GREEATTOOOO!" Kaidoh poked the Fish food out of Taka's hands and he calmed down, completely aware of the fib he just told. Taka started to blush and opened his mouth to apologize and tell the truth, but…

"I SAW TEZUKA AND FUJI READING GARFIELD." Inui blurted like it was something specifically important. "…So?" The others asked, abnormally calm.

The three were standing in an amusement park, the place that they'd arranged to meet. There were random time intervals of screams and shouts of excitement as roller coasters roared, children laughed and music played.

"Never mind." Inui said, poking up his glasses. Not because he needed to. It was because he could.

"What did you see, Kaidoh?" Inui turned his attention to Kaidoh, giving him the creeps. "I saw Momo sniffing Ryoma and two-timing with Kevin." Kaidoh replied. Really! That's what he thought he saw!

"…" The others had their mouth opened. "MOMO'S TWO TIMING WITH KEVIN?" They shouted, totally shocked.

"No he's not." A familiar voice behind them made them jump. They slowly turned around to see Kevin, on a white horse, looking wistful as a breeze swept through.

"Uhhhh…" Even Inui was stumped for once.

Kevin got off the pony merry-go-around and went towards the three. They were like stone statues, crumbling. "Hi." Kevin waved as if nothing was wrong.

"…" The piles of cumbled stone statues were still on the floor.

"Momo wasn't two-timing with me, he just happened to catch my scent." Kevin said, mouth still occupied with slurping ice tea.

"I see…" Inui collected himself as the others did too and wrote in his journal. "There is an 85 percent chance that Momo will learn to distinguish a ball by its smell…" Ahhh, the old Inui was back. Everyone seemed relieved except Kaidoh. He liked it when Inui was on the floor, and couldn't do anything but stare.

"Want me to join your little team?" Kevin finished his eyes tea and was looking up at the three.

Inui, Kaidoh and Taka noticed that Kevin had binoculars, a digital camera and… What's this? A tampon?

"Why do you have a tampon in your pocket?" Kaidoh pointed at Kevin's pocket, blushing.

"YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO ASK ME THAT!" Kevin screamed like it's the end of the world.

"Ooookkkaaay…" So the number spies were increased to 4.


Tezuka and Fuji were borrowing about 28 GARFIELD comic books. Tezuka was more straightforward with Fuji now, since he didn't really have much to hide.

Fuji had humiliated him to the deepest and most unspeakable point by touching him, talking with him, even being with him.


Momo and Ryoma were taking a bath in the public baths. Nothing interesting there…. Except the HUGE trouble they stirred up when they arrived. The troubles were their smell; and guess what! Now they have the whole building to themselves! Except they were in different shower stalls. That made Momo sad.

Ryoma came out way before Momo, probably because his body was smaller; or probably he didn't want to get his privacy invaded.

When Momo came out, Ryoma was dressed in new clothes, and reading a book that seemed to come out of nowhere. 'Julie of the Wolves' it said. While Momo dressed, he kept looking over to Ryoma, but sadly, Ryoma didn't even glance at him.

After leaving the bathing stalls, Momo and Ryoma decided to retreat for home. It was, after all, pretty late.


Eiji and Oishi were having the greatest time. Eiji was watching Naruto, the episode where Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto have yet to graduate from the ninja academy. They were watching this in an almost-empty drive in movie theater.

Realizing that the golden pair would be the most trouble, Kaidoh and Inui took over the job of Oishi and Eiji. Surprisingly, Inui said that Kevin should go alone to spy on Ryoma and Momo. Since he knows Ryoma the most. Kevin cackled evilly. Taka was to go with Fuji and Tezuka. When the pairings were decided, the spies set out with renewed determination.


"Damn!" Kevin cursed to himself as Ryoma led Momo into his house. Soon, the lights in the Kitchen turned on, the lights in Ryoma's room turned on, the kitchen lights then turned off again and the staircase light lit up. Then it turned off and the only room that had lights on was now Ryoma's room.

Kevin noticed a tree going up from the ground to Ryoma's room. Pulling his wolverine Parka over his head (It WAS cold today, but whoa… Kevin is… Wow.) and climbed the tree slowly. When he neared the top, he slipped on a branch, and willing himself not to make a sound, regained his posture in a cold sweat and climbed up again. When Kevin seated himself firmly on a branch, he took out night vision binoculars, curtsey of Inui, and began to spy like he'd never spied before!!!

Because of the open window and the length of the space between the tree and the house, Kevin had an excellent view through his binoculars and a great hearing range. And best of all, Ryoma and Momo wouldn't see him because he covered himself with leaves.

Ryoma began digging noisily into a chest. Kevin frowned and squinted harder to see what he could be looking for. Then Ryoma stood up and they both moved away from the window. "Shoot." Kevin couldn't see them. Oh well, at least he could still hear.

"What are you doing? Rubbing my balls?" Momo asked casually.

Kevin's nose instantly shot out blood. He took the tampon out of his pocket, shakily brought it up to his face, and stuck it up his nose. His actions reminded him of that movie that he just couldn't remember.

Inside Ryoma's room…

Ryoma was rubbing Momo's dirt covered TENNIS BALLS. Momo was just confused on why he would have to do that. (I disclaim this idea!)

-Let's see how Eiji and Oishi are doing!-

Kaidoh and Inui snuck into the drive-thru movie on foot. Luckily no one was there to interrupt them. (I know nothing about these drive ins, so bear with me.)

Kaidoh and Inui were just there to see someone push Naruto into Sasuke and their lips locked. Kaidoh and Inui never watched Naruto in their life and didn't see that 'someone' had bumped the two into each other. They quietly made a note that Oishi and Eiji were watching grayish movies. As much as it hurt them to do so, but it had to be done for the sake of sanity.

Kaidoh and Inui had no interest in Naruto anymore, so they decided to leave with what information they had. "TO THE SUSHI SHOP!!!" Inui pointed at a direction and began walking that way. Kaidoh raised a brow as Inui walked verrrrrrrrrrryyyyy sloooooooooooowly, still pointing oh so pride fully at the direction of the sushi shop.


Tezuka and Fuji were nearing the exit of the library, which is also the entrance. "Kuni chan, did you know it's already 5 days into our project?" Fuji asked out of the blue.

Tezuka had almost forgotten about the project, as he got used to seeing Fuji like this… Wait… He was USED TO IT? Tezuka wanted to slam his head against a wall.

Taka was daydreaming at the library entrance. Spying REALLY wasn't his thing, but since he's the one who suggested it… Taka snapped out of his thoughts as Fuji and Tezuka came out of the entrance. They were dressed in stiff jackets and looked very much like a couple. Taka watched them go by from the rim of his coffee mug with had hot chocolate in it. When Fuji and Tezuka passed, Taka noted that nothing went out of the ordinary there.

Taka followed the two a good distance until he saw a cover page of some book from Tezuka's book bag. It was a boy… Sucking a WHAT? Taka almost dropped dead. He willed his leg to move and breathed deeply. He felt the blood rush out of his head as he stopped faaaaaaaaaar away from the two.

Great. Now Taka's going to have perverted thoughts. He didn't see that the book's title was 'How to make popsicles' and the picture was a boy sucking a peach Popsicle. Too bad Taka was too far away. Heh.

Meanwhile, Kevin couldn't stand his nosebleed and fell out of the tree, landing with a loud 'crunch'… … … … … … … … … … IN A PILE OF LEAVES. Ryoma and Momo glanced out the window, suspicious. They went downstairs and opened the front door and saw Kevin, with a bloody tampon up his nose. "Kevin? What are you doing?" Ryoma asked with a raised brow. Kevin chuckled nervously. "Uhhh this is my nosebleed stopper!" He pointed to the tampon.

"…" Kevin could tell that Ryoma and Momo weren't buying this. He could only wish for the worse now! "… Can I have one?" Momo and Ryoma said in unison. Kevin didn't show his shock, but his heart was leaping. He was laughing at the two inside as he told them that he didn't have anymore and backed away. Thank god for idiots.


Interaction with the Characters:

Billy: I never knew you did that, Kevin…

Kevin: The tampon thing?

Billy: Yeah… It's gross, Kevin, you shouldn't stick that up your nose…

Kevin: Where should I stick it, then?

Billy: (Blushes furiously and is transformed into a beet by some random passing fairy)

Kevin: … Oh wow! I'm going to have beet soup for dinner!

Billy: (Thinking: Maybe he'll eat me from the bottom up?)


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