Author's Note:

Welcome to the Kurogane Drabbles! These are going to be short and sweet, with little/ no plot (but that may change later). This one takes place during the third episode of the anime, where Kurogane finds Tomoyo as a schoolgirl and decides to chase after her so that he can force her to remove his curse. Enjoy!

Theme: Mantra


Chase the princess, get the curse off. That's his mantra.

Tomoyo reached a dead end: a cold wall stared back at her.

"You ought to know better than to run away. Not smart, Tomoyo. Not when you've got a ninja on your tail."

She gasped. "How do you know my--?"

Kurogane rolled his eyes. "Stop playing dumb. Now remove that curse."

"Hey you!" A different voice. "You were with that Syaoran guy, right?"

Gritting his teeth, Kurogane drew his sword with a clash of metal. Alright, change in tactics.

Protect the princess. He smiles. Sounds just like home.